We have already WON the Bitcoin war! Today’s prices DON’T MATTER!

Once more one other day of BULLISH information. One other day to solidify that we’re in a BULL MARKET. And nonetheless everybody desires to obsess about the worth of Bitcoin as a substitute of being attentive to the performs which might be occurring.

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  1. What are good cryptos to buy right now that the market is down?

  2. Thanks for helping me from bleeding out my pussy asshole.

  3. I keep rewatching your videos, and will donate to your Patreon eventually.

    I also wonder if it will get delayed again once we hit the last week of September.

  4. If the price doesn't matter why are you making videos about the price?

    If the price doesn't matter, transfer all your coins into my wallet then.

    If the price doesn't matter, then when it hits 100k sell it to me for $1.

    Of course price matters, don't listen to this guy.

    By the way we can read these articles ourselves, what is this crypt story time?
    Are your subscribers illiterate?

  5. The big investors are proving a point. Once the government approves etf, things will balance out.

  6. Great video my friend!!

  7. the price doesnt matter at all, what matters is how many coins you have when the price is low you can get more coins, quit looking at this the wrong way. Accumulate coins.

  8. If you did NOT buy Bitcoin, you already won…..

  9. The postponement was an obvious political ploy… mass deployment to bitcoin is a must in the banking system…. saves shitloads of moneys… daaaaaaa

    Just watch…

  10. Please will you look into something for me. Protocol Ventures is the very first crypto Hedge company. The man who runs it, I can't remember his name decided to change directions to Mass adoption in payments into retail. He backed out at the peak of last year. I think that is so suspicious that they change direction at the very height of Bitcoin. They are working with bakkt I wonder if these are the Giants doing manipulation?

  11. sold and will buy cheaper not hodling for dear life.

  12. one word those who buy high 20k r dead bitcion wont hit 20k again ever,its pump and dump time

  13. Good info here, thanks for your effort!

  14. I subscribed you should giveaway .05 Bitcoin at 20k

  15. closed tradingview tab immediately LOL

  16. Finally! yes now they buy up, why did china ban bitcoin when ath? americans shorting it hardly, buying dumping, buying more.. and "all had the same chance" the marketcap is so low, so just a question who will buy it up all / did already.. so much free money for them. this is the best ever could happened, specially now with the trade war and chinese not investing oppurtinitys, also they will need no governments just sattelites! look george soros investments.. but buy in time.. dont care for some longer time!

  17. i would't say dont worry if you are day trading with leverage 🙂

    Hodlers shouldnt care about news because soon enough their investment in btc will make them rich.

    Traders should absolutely care about the news because they could double or zero their position in a blink of an eye

  18. some are enjoying my usd. i am holding worthless something not existing. can u wait for another 30 years. u talk sheeet.

  19. 600 billion gone. they enjoy our usd. we hold something worthless.

  20. Is it right time to start mining rig..?

  21. Plus Hester is a new POTUS Trump appointee – our future looks bright!

  22. just bounced from $6189 still goin up

  23. "Bleeding from our assholes"…haha

  24. Good video. I think you're right that the sec doesn't want to crush the next frontier in technology.

  25. wish u could tell not to buy any from 400 to 70. u talk sheet. u dont care. people got 80% loss.

  26. the crooks took 600 billion and enjoy it. without hard working. just play crypto casino 24/7. lucky them.

  27. u really talk sheeet. this is pump and dump.

  28. What people have to look at is Bitcoin will be used as a store of value, people will hide their assets in Btc Btcc, Ripple will become the mass adoption for Global exchange currency ethereum will become the everything of smart contract but I will go as far as to say that ethereum classic well pass ethereum.

  29. Maybe time to buy now.After 6 months , buy again maybe at $3,000.Then hold for another 6 months and buy again at $500.Maybe after the last buy Bitcoin goes up to $25,000 then you gain.

  30. i'm going to stash when they going to reject the etf in september

  31. Is it worth to invest in this company ? Rockwall Investments – Cloud Mining 🙂 Please bro let me know, thank you.