Bitcoin CRASH After News Of ETF Being Delayed! Fundamentals Vs. Technicals | Altcoins Bleeding!!

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin News At this time: After the ETF information from the SEC, the Bitcoin value crashed $500. I am going to check out the SEC report, and the choice of the SEC to delay the CBOE ETF one other 45 days. How will this influence the value? Additionally, the altcoins are bleeding, and are they a purchase now? To listen to my opinion, watch the video!


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  1. Many are disappointed at SEC postponing once again..however I recommend you guys look up on Tokenpay $tpay and read into their ecosystem..lookup on their connection with Tokensuisse

  2. A silent minute for the altcoins… God Speed! Next you will be handing out numbers for mental health… Key indicator for capitulation – lol

  3. Typical government, always extending shit and putting shit off till the last moment. I think these SEC fucks want to keep the price as low an as long as possible so their wall street goons can gobble all of it up then make the announcement to price people out of the market!

  4. 2 things will bring this market UP
    1 sm institutions investing fast a couple HUGE green candle in a row and ETF….the rest is just noise right now everything is Emotional……mid September will be at 7 to 8….then wait for the announcement of SEC…….and here we go again UP or DOWN.

  5. crypto dont need this ETF shit

  6. No worries, Carl. Children don't understand that strong support doesn't imply a guarantee of impenetrable support.

  7. carl in his moms benz again

  8. so many contradictions and illogical thinking
    it seems you have no idea about most what you're talking about

  9. What is going up needs to go down and… what’s going down is going to go up!

  10. Buy all the way to zero

  11. This is getting more and more similar to that gold before ETF chart.

  12. Alessio is the only one saying if we are above 6k we are still bullish.

  13. SEC members manipulating Market… shithole USA

  14. Thanks for the video, even on vacation! I'm just an average jane, live paycheck to paycheck, so I'm glad the price is lower, I hodle and buy a little more every week!

  15. wait wait…so alts like Ontology and Wanchain r scams, or even ETH? come on man, u can do better than that

  16. Bitcoin is actually worthless because no one is accepting it anymore, and a troll wannabe hacker easily hacked people's phones, which allowed him to get in the wallets, stealing millions in Bitcoin. It's actually safer to carry bills or use a bank, than bitcoins. Least if someone steals that you can call the cops, FBI, or the federal reserve to investigate and get your money back, with bitcoin you are shit out of luck, your problem, not ours

  17. btc soon bout to bottom again, let's be real

  18. Waiting for Cardano to reach 8cents then going in hard!

  19. Its like waves in the sea. You wouldn't say a wave is panic selling as it passes its peak, or blame SEC, ETF, manipulation. A wave is a wave is a wave…

  20. it's a falling wedge folks. I've been saying for months that BTC will not see any serious price action for another 2 years. We will not have any bull run till then. The current investors are paranoid and will not allow the market to go up 10% before shorting to collect profit. The last crash messed with their psychology.

  21. Bitcoin is made for people, not for institutions. HODL!

  22. “Is is bearish news?” WTF!

  23. You know The Moon is bearish because the videos start getting shorter.

  24. Looks like capitulation in the altcoins. I think Alts will perform better than btc until mid of September

  25. I did not expect a bounce. I said that because the fall was 7 in a row, this means that it i likely to continue to fall, unles there is good news that stops the falling numbers

  26. Lowr highs and lower lows means more lows…. exactly… get the big picture

  27. If you were surprised that the SEC extended yesterday or were surprised by the drop in price when it happened you should seriously reevaluate whether you should be trading Bitcoin.

  28. you were bullish, and wrong about it 🙂

  29. Where did last year ATH came from? not the ETF!!! why do everyone sell now? I don't get it. but im more bullish now than ever, HODL! we got more good news than bad news:)

  30. just manipulation as usual, people with lots of money are just playin us. There must be real blood on the streets. Make no mistake, this will go lower.

  31. people where saying 6 green days in a row was to much and now no one talk about those ten days red iin a row..

  32. Boy do I look like a idiot investing in bitcoin compared to my friends

  33. No one knows shit about what is gonna happen and when it will happen..all this chart analysis hodgepodge people are claiming to know might sound like they know what they are talking about but in reality if that was the case then they would've called this out beforehand.. all these "support lines" theory is a bunch oh baloney

  34. Maybe you can short Bitcoin.
    Bitcoin will do new lower lows in its journey to the 2 k range.

  35. When you buy or sell a bitcoin, who do you send the money to or get it from? Is there an intermediate? How much does the intermediate charge?

  36. All that technical analysis and what really moved the price was the ETF news

  37. Are you still sucking your moms teets?

  38. I love it how you delusional cryptocurrency investors are coming up with excuses as to why bitcoin is going down. You guys really need to wake up to the reality that bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is doomed and a passing phase.

  39. No sensible investor would put significant money into something so volatile.

  40. Whatever is happening to bitcoin is good for its own future as its getting rid of those weak hands they don't belong to crypto anyway. Weak hands are threat to crypto world in many ways.. We want hodlers to make bitcoin what it should in future.

  41. The vast majority (and by that I mean easily >97%) of people who get involved in crypto will be consistently WIPED OUT by the rotten capitalists who so effortlessly manipulate these things up & down. ALWAYS remember that if you ever "win" in this game, it has nothing to do with these depressingly useless charts & graphs. You simply GOT LUCKY…. As long as you recognize that what you're doing in crypto is the literal equivalent of gambling in a Casino, good luck on your next roll.

  42. fucking weakhands always have to mess with ur investments fucking bastrads