We Don’t Even Need a Bitcoin ETF

? We Don’t Even Need a Bitcoin ETF.
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? I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation. I am simply a humble man with a nice ardour for all issues block-chain, even tangle and block-lattice.

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  1. Could u go over how that BitCoin/Starbucks/Microsoft payment method will work again….
    It didn't sound like something average Joe/Jane would use over cashback Credit Cards.
    PundiX has a great POS crypto system but will it ever be allowed in 1st world nations? Plus they hyper-inflated the token.

  2. Love this video and I agree.

  3. Hey Cameron, Keep up the good work. I don't like Fiat, but enjoy seeing Fiat Daily on the show, would like to see him more! Also I know the owner of ICE Jeff and personally thanked him for getting into BTC. Also told him to keep an eye on TokenPay (TPAY) which is one of my favorite alts which he is now got on his radar… Would love to see you look into it and would appreciate your feedback! THANKS!

  4. No worries on China miners controlling 50+% BTC hash huh….

  5. That's the spirit bullish bro! ??

    Call yourself #MrOptimist! Because that #ICE bullish press straight from the horse's mouth of the CEO… that's #MassAdoptionEndgame stuff right there son! #ToTheMoon ?#LamboLand

  6. Bring back the hoodie, so the market can finally go higher.

  7. We need the ETF really bad! We need a lot of ETFs approved. This will open the door to whales, raise demand, raise price!

  8. Banking ban in India and Trading ban in China had reduced the trading volume of Bitcoin significantly. Remember these countries have the largest small scale retail investors in the world.

  9. ….We’ll see. That’s all I can say at this point I’m tired.

  10. The price isn’t going up because bitcoin investors are all amateurs new to investing. Instead of concerning themselves with fundamentals, they’re listening to people with fancy charts who are apparently all of a sudden professionals, or other people who are making psychic predictions (Clif High’s predictions fall under that category). This is where smart money will start coming in…

    Also I’m eating a toastie. It has ham, cheese and tomato in it. All of these are important factors to consider.

  11. i must be the 3rd girl who watches your fab videos 😀

  12. Guys! Check out CoinEx exchange. Awesome exchange! Get dividend from holding CET tokens, get free CET for signing up. Also it has a cool trade-mining concept where you earn CET for just trading! Guys this is the new Binance be quick bc token price increases every day! You will be thanking me in the future! https://www.coinex.com/account/signup?refer_code=25aeh

  13. Melodic Dubstep + Crypto = Smashed LIKE button!!

  14. brorher it is not so much about the price … sad to see you waiting every day for the price fo just go up and up .. it doesn't work that way

  15. Cheers. Keep up the good fight man!

  16. There exist no reason to buy bitcoin accept the hope that others will come and buy bitcoin. (Ponzi scheme)
    Bitcoin usage and accptance is not growing. (Fundamentals)

  17. Yes! The future is orange! I agree

  18. Cam, did you say "assumably" at 2.07 LMAO, love you man

  19. who really wants stability for btc? , Bitcoin will never be a stable coin… and that is good.

  20. Well bitcoin dropped like 10% today back under 6.5k so….. 5k seems possible and quite likely.

  21. man i love you'r videos and humor 😀 NOICE

  22. Please will you look into something for me. Protocol Ventures is the very first crypto Hedge company. The man who runs it, I can't remember his name decided to change directions to Mass adoption in payments into retail. He backed out at the peak of last year. I think that is so suspicious that they change direction at the very height of Bitcoin. They are working with bakkt I wonder if these are the Giants doing manipulation?

  23. Thank you sooooooo much your optimism is enlightening. I feel better now 🙂

  24. Ban all of them, the exchange and all their gains is in fiat, they never really hold actual btc. Meaning everytime they short they make money without actually having btc. While people like us buy real btc with hard earned cash which props up the price. What it's about is just paper shuffling which makes it easier for them to manipulate or at least suppress the market.

  25. I don´t smash lights because I agee or not. I smash up the lights because you are just awesome with your videos. One of the best of all crypto you tubers! Thanks for your efforts !