Forget Price Action – A Bitcoin Bull Run Is Coming! “Matter Of Time Before Bitcoin ETF Approved”

We focus on why the following Bitcoin bull run is coming, and why it can dwarf any Bitcoin bull run we have ever seen. We come to this conclusion via Bitcoin technical evaluation and bitcoin basic evaluation. We then cowl some information on Jamie Dimon, and focus on the query “Will the bitcoin ETF be authorized by the SEC”

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*I’m not a monetary adviser, this isn’t monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and so on. ought to be made at your individual threat with your individual capital.*

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  1. What do you guys think of my analysis? Have I overestimated how big the next full scale bull run will be? When do you think it will happen? Let me know down below!

  2. nice energy in your speech man

  3. What do you think will happen if on the 10th it gets approved? dump then pump or 2k green candle?

  4. A bull run is coming.

    The biggest issue really is that people feel more confident at buying at 12k or 15k or 18k instead of 6k. Need any bigger proof of that? look at what happened last December, the time frame from going from 5k to 6k, 6k to 7k, 8k to 9k, 9k to 10k got shorter and shorter, why ? because people feel safer and feel like they are going to make money immediately. Right now people don't feel safe, and don't feel like they will make money immediately.

    Also the other thing to consider is, there ALOT of people who have not been buying cyrpto and instead stocking up on USD, ask yourself, how much crypto have you bought this year vs 2017? I bought a lot more last year and have been hesitant to buy this year however slowly starting to buy now because I feel like these are decent prices. I remember when Ethereum was $1300, I said damn I wish I would have bought more at $420 (I had some at that price), well low and behold its at that price again so I bought more.

    The next bull run will take us passed 100k, the last two took us from $20 to $1000+, $200 to $20000, and now we could $6000 to anywhere between $100,000-$600,000, and if you know crypto its likely the latter. Just be patient. The last two bull runs were from 2011-2013, 2015-2017, so perhaps 2019-2021.

  5. Currencies beyond BTC are beta.. winning protocols and utility coin returns are alpha.. picking the winners isn’t that difficult despite what people say.. just look at partnerships.

  6. I think it all starts “tomorrow “! 😉

  7. Hey you even got me excited with all that mega bull run talk, I can't wait!!

  8. if CBOE – VanEck SolidX does not get approved, there will be a massive market outcry and it will create MORE headaches for SEC.. lets be honest, they are going to do what causes them the least amount of grief.. that’s why they want to “protect” small investors from themselves and why this ETF, along with being CBOE backed, is going to be approved and probably by EOY.

  9. Would have liked some input on Baakt,other that that great content.

  10. Great video Jebb, thanks !!

  11. Excellent job Jebb, fantastic points today!

  12. Honestly J.P Morghan are the worst criminals in history, whatever they say publicly – they do or we should do the opposite.

  13. I agree, a cheap BTC is not bad news, it is good news and the best way to kick off the next bull market, 5k welcome here!

  14. Developments? sorry but it really doesn’t matter, how many “developments” news we have seen for so long? those developments wouldn’t do shit to ordinary people’s life who ever believe news and “developments” are gonna effect btcoin’s price would get burnt eventually. Trading is just a game, you need to be smart and conscious to win instead of hoping money would just come from the sky lol

  15. I just bought more Litecoin at $74 and digibyte at .033. If you believe in Crypto's now is the time to step up and buy. The powers that be have been holding crypto's back, there are more of us than there is of them start buying crypto's with your fiat and we will break their backs

  16. so basically your hope for your anti government money to rally again is for the "government" to make a decision in your favor?? thats really funny

  17. The first and foremost priority of the SEC is to protect the public. Now if they were to approve a bitcoin ETF it would mean that anyone with a 401k/retirement account can now invest. However, Bitcoin is mostly traded overseas, unregulated, and highly manipulated. Do you honestly think the SEC would approve a Bitcoin ETF when there is little to no control over the asset? The SEC gets NOTHING if the ETF goes well and would be called in front of Congress if it goes south and Grandma loose her retirement. There's a less than 5% chance for an approval.

  18. You can say where going to get a massive bull run it could be slow and long. There's like 16 million sellers out there if your buying now

  19. I think the market will turn but not until the big money people are ready abd have scared off enough foolish investors into selling at big losses. On of my college economic teachers said you need to know one thing in the money world. — The masses are asses— That is the key to success in business tongue and cheek maybe, but where watching it happen here in the crypto world working to a tee for the rich boys

  20. check out the aug-sept last year, it's almost identical to this year's jul-aug LOL

  21. XRP at 40 cents is the buy of the year

  22. I’m from the uk ?? I like your videos
    You remind me of ned Flanders from Simpson cartoon

  23. You're saying the fundamentals of btc have so dramatically changed in the past 6 – 8 to warrant the start of a bull run…. I would love for a bull run to start again but I'm not so sure….

  24. I do see a bull run coming 2 years from now; but 2018 i can definitely see BTC going lower.

  25. Sorry Jebb, you’re mainly a hype youtuber. Good news doesn’t always mean good price action. I’ve heard from many people that actually work/worked in the financial space say that everythings not completely set up for regulated bitcoin ETFs. I really shouldn’t be giving people this advice because it will increase my competition, but if people want to see what real TA looks like check out Crypto AMD.

  26. Could you speak any faster? Jesus, what's with the fast-talking used car salesmen on these channels?

  27. Another video with absolutely zero actionable information and speculation without fact.

  28. I agree, I feel comfortable saying the next bull run will be unlike anything we've seen based on the points you highlighted. Adoption, regulation and fundamentals are constantly gaining pace and can only serve to bring the prices back to where they were previously at ATH's and higher. Exciting times ahead 🙂

  29. of all my investments STRATIS is doing it damn the work hard, nice vid !!!

  30. Can you elaborate more on what is a security token. Thank you

  31. Love the speed that you communicate out. I get bored easily and I can follow along with no problem thank you

  32. Great content, thanks.. but dude, please sit back and take a breath. Slow down bro, I'm exhausted trying to digest at high speed.

  33. Funny and pathetic how bitcoin bulls now only depend on (moron) new buyers. (No sane person would buy bitcoin)
    Bitcoin should grow on fundamentals like transaction usage and acceptance. But there is no growth on that.
    So stay bullish on newcommers like a ponzi scheme.

  34. Please take some more Adderall to overtake yourself ??

  35. yes, but done be too certain, we are currently below the 21 simple moving average, if we want a bull run we need to see the price first pump above 8000(above 21day moving average) then we r more confidence the 21ma giving us further support. remember, we are now below the 21ma

  36. The moment you said "we will see a crypto bull run within 2 years that we have never seen before" I realised that I could have wasted some more time than just writing this comment.

  37. Quite ironic the only sign of a bull run is talk based on a Government decision..Thats not what the ethos of Bitcoin/Crypto was meant to be about..Governments. But then who cares as long as we all make money…Hypocrisy of the highest order.

  38. We are going to bottom out and pull another run. ETF will take a while.

  39. So if we buy now and it goes down to 5000 then thats a good thing? How?!

  40. Ignore statisticians when they talk about cryptocurrency, there are always odds, and statistical means for value. But, the market has trended up, so if you buy and accumulate, it will work out.