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  2. steve ethereum is going to pass 351 on my chart and lite coin could see 35

  3. What's up worrrrld! I'm scared 🙁

  4. Below $7400 now $7200 here we come and if you are right $6800 next.

  5. Extra….Thx . Steve is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I like your style so I decided to give you 30% discount for my crypto art,if you are interested

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  10. You are wrong you stupid fuck

  11. Thanks Steve. More great content. Greatly appreciated.

  12. If you price your course $200 instead of $2000 you will get at least 15 times more students. Price 10 times less but 15 times more demand. You win. These markets attract people who are mostly just starting and do not have the money to buy a $2000 course but still want to learn

  13. This is Steve. Let's take some reviews from some girls I've been with. Steve your junk is so huge your the best. Wish my man could do me as good as you do.

  14. Mr Steve I think your in a class of your own. Excellence

  15. Aaahhhhhh why are the altcoin fallllllllling ?????

  16. Before the video end how to give a thumb up

  17. Hey Steve,
    In 2014, it tested the previous high but it was also the 200 day moving average. Then it dropped to 50 day moving average before coming above 200 day MA. In 2018 we just touched 200 day MA and dropped down. If history repeats, I think it will test 50 day MA which now sits around 6800.
    Any thought?

  18. There's only 3 YouTube channels that been accurate on anything. You Steve, Bitraged, and I can't remember the last guy I watched. I'm waiting for $3500-5500 btc.

  19. Steve,
    For this vid you and I are seeing the market exactly the same. Exactly.
    I find this neat b/c I usually have a disagreement or two.
    Very nice TA.

    One note: If we break below 6,800 and move downward until Feb-May 2019, you'll just be able to buy more btc and alts for the same amount of fiat. It's actually a much, much better scenario.

  20. To answer your question about what I think we'll do.
    I think the ETF speculation was awkwardly too early.
    Since people knew it was coming, everyone wanted to be first to the party even if too early. (I don't like entering news into graphs, either, we have to this time, though).
    Instead of hitting 8400 around 8/10, it was awkwardly too early.
    I think we will spike up around 8/6-8/10. I don't think it will be $10K, but rather just past the 200 day MA. $7850 ish, maybe $8K.
    Then when the ETF news is "delay for 18 months," we are going to drop way under $6K. Once daily RSI hits below 30-32 for the second time (never the first, it always hits it 2-3 times), I'm buying everything I can, waiting to retest $6175, then I'll sell it all again into USDT. That's my game plan.

  21. In your videos you might want to mention that buying a class=provide for your family is not guaranteed, you should not invest more than youre willing to lose

  22. I really like your videos Steve. Good info. But hearing so much talk about courses I can't afford is kind of a bummer.

  23. Make a screenshot of my comment! ZILLIQA will make the biggest growth indicators this year! Buy it while the going is good! And for those who is a cardboard dweller there is a free airdrop

  24. Could you cover electroneum and your thoughts on it?

  25. For someone that believes in TA it’s pretty ridiculous that you’re definitive about “being the only one” to talk about or spot or call something.

    All this does is is highlight one of two things:
    1) You’re trapped in a bubble of noobs as you walk around wearing horse blinders negating others as if you’re the only one that understands TA.
    2) You know that you’re being disingenuous and are blowing hot smoke up people’s asses to sell more courses & obtain more subscribers.

    The reality is that your claims of being the first or the only one is bullshit. It would be one thing if you claimed this once in a while, but I have NEVER seen a video of yours that you didn’t say such bullshit. You doing this does not help your brand and doesn’t warrant trust. Do yourself & your brand a favor and cutout the false claims; you are FAR from the only one to.

    The times I do actually watch your videos, I tend to skip over your claims because your attitude & false claims are obnoxious.

    Just do your analysis and move on. If you’re good and provide good content, people will reach out to you…. the false claim thing just feels like hot smoke from a used car salesman.

    I’m curious if you’re able to take constructive criticism…. most can’t and few attempt to self reflect after receiving constructive criticism. Let’s see if you just do the same old, same old.

  26. u dont think etf will effect price ETF august 10 to the 16 because it probably NOT going thru and BTC will fall when this happens

  27. You explain the best Steve! You have always show us the big picture which is great. Others just talking non-sense: blah blah blah.

  28. For people getting in now , they can't get enough of these lower lows . Like me !

  29. Whats up Steve , enjoying the videos and on the reddest days , I am happy to say your getup makes me smile , I am curious what you think about ICX and the silence behind their partnerships with SAMSUNG , 16 universities that take it for tuition and books , food , therefore creating local merchants to accept it just do to the fact that the college kids have it and they will miss out on a payday if they do not accept , I cant believe it has fallen as much as it has , also working on health insurance and also with supply chain s, connecting all blockchains , and they get no love from any youtubers. Second and last project I would love your opinion on IN MY OPINION is the most CRYPTO BREED project out their , and they are also the biggest loser over the last 60 days I believe and i honestly believe Chinas government related, SKYCOIN , bittorrent , was bought by trx , and they get 50000 plus videos and they link it to an old document from satashi , but what about SKYCOIN that created a secure , decentral , encrypted , untraceable , freedom to information , SATASHIS original vision , it has the privacy stronger then monero , using OBELISK , it is using SKYMINERS their own hardware to power the network , and they pay out with premined coins , that are also distributed 5% on a 100% yes vote yeary , ( I do not understand trhis part completely ) but they also have an encrypted messamnger app , and wallets , so in other words can do walton , trx , sub , bcpt , bqx and about three others steem , qkc all in one , and because the chinease marketing team robbed SYNTH an original bitcoin DEV and they did not steal the architecture , everyone linked this to an exit scam and it fell from upper 30s to 4$ , they are live on every aspect of their roadmap and they are a true FREEDOM of information for china , no firewall , and also encrypted so no big brother , isnt this what CRYPTO started for , when did we get price predictions , IF BITCOIN HITS 100 MIL in 20 YRS IT FAILED , the point is to replace fiat and create a global economy , that way you can break it down and all countries , on a level playing field , also would lessen the gap between wealthy and not , IF HITS 1 mil 5 mil 10 mil short term great by lambos, BUT WE STARTED THIS TO ONLY HAVE CRYPTO AS FORM OF PAYMENTS, and supply , everything ITUNES can run on MTL , or other music , IPICS and what not all on BCHAIN or tangle controlling interconnected cars , with AUDI VW , VET , also doing supply chain , ICX creating the most interoperable project their is , am I living in a dream world or do you see a future where this is the case ?????? And what are your thoughts on this?

  30. Don't see it Steve, the pattern has been down, consolidation and then down. I do see 6800.00, hope that's as far as we go. Thanks

  31. $5800 is the resistance not $6800, great video tho!

  32. NOBODY TALKS ABUOT 10K RESISTANCE? really????? You should more listen then if you not hearing this on every website and video.

  33. So you're saying, it could jump way up or fall way down. I watch all of your videos but….Really??

  34. I always come back and rewatch these videos when Bitcoin is on the move. Right now, it is crashing.

  35. R we in trouble Steve "6800" 🤷‍♂️

  36. Best channel!👍🏽
    Make sure to turn on your notifications so you don’t miss out.🙌🏽

  37. Hi Steve, Your videos really help me out. I am considering taking your Intermediate class. 2 questions.
    1) With the Intermediate class what access to coinigy do I get exactly? I do not have an account there. (yet)
    2) Can you please cover ByteCoin BCN?

  38. How to set up ‘ stop loss’ for cryptos, since they can change dramatically?

  39. It's not gonna repeat 2014, it's pretty much being very unpredictable

  40. in the future, people will be remembering when bitcoin was under 10K just like now recalling when bitcoin was under 1K!

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