Rebirth of Bitcoin: Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash via Street Fighter

In case you are a fan of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and dwell within the delight of retro video games – then take pleasure in this Street Fighter gameplay unveiling of the ‘new’ Bitcoin Cash brand from The Rebirth of Bitcoin Occasion.

The battle commences between the 2 Cyrptocurrencies and Satoshi Nakamoto’s winner will prevail.

Who do you suppose would be the WINNER of this basic arcade Street Fighter recreation can be? Remark under…trolls welcome!

#Bitcoin #BitcoinRebirth #BitcoinCash

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  1. Bitcoin Core BTC is now alleged crypto store of value, this is from the horses mouth (Bitcoin Core & Blockstream themselves)
    Bitcoin Cash BCH is the upgraded original Bitcoin following Bitcoin system and Satoshi's vision of Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash

  2. This is really low quality, like bcash…

  3. But BCH sucks compared to BTC. Oh is that why this video is supposed to be funny? Because BCH won the fight? Oh i get it…it's a joke.

  4. let bcash use the Bitcoin name, exchanges will expulse it or keep the same name to avoid confusion. Also this will accelerate their imminent downfall.

  5. Awwww. Cute. Steal the code. Steal the logo. Be real!

  6. Oh wait, what exactly have you done all this time besides ruin thousands of grandmas? No one uses your coin, you have no devs and no network. You are open to 51% attack and doublespends.

    All on you roger ver, truly a scumbag supreme.

  7. rofl, we found him , the sole user of Macromedia Flash 3.0 for animations, amazing work!

  8. This is a twisted propaganda marketing scheme made by bcash idiots. "Bitcoin Cash" is NOT Bitcoin, will never be Bitcoin. Don't be fooled by these scammers, don't buy it.

  9. Will be using as intro 🙂

  10. Only forgetting about the deadly vulnerability found by a BTC developper in April and kept silence not to cause FUD and ruin BCASH.
    This developper anonimously informed BCASH team about this vulnerability. BCASH is a joke that could have brought down the whole crypto space, but once again Bitcoin team saved the day

  11. Only Bcash supporters can make so low quality products like this shit