FORBES: The Bitcoin Price Is Tanking — HERE’S WHY!? [Cryptocurrency Daily News]

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Immediately I need to discuss:
Cryptocurrency Alternate Binance Buys Ethereum Pockets Service in First-Ever Acquisition

Thailand’s Largest Film Theater Chain Will Settle for Cryptocurrency
And The Market!

Kroger grocery unit to ban Visa bank cards

Ripple Faucets Invoice Clinton to Give Keynote at Upcoming Convention

The place OmiseGo Founder Sees Huge Ethereum Scaling and Adoption by 2020

The Bitcoin Price Is Tanking — Here is Why

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  1. I think the opposite, the whales would want the market to go up first before the ETF announcement to make more money, and drop the market first before good news announcement

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  3. Great info. Hoping BTC rallies soon. I'm also a bit disappointed projects like VITE a DAG with smart contracts, which is inspired off Nano recieves zero attention. I'm sure it all comes around though.

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  9. I have some intressting stuff you might want to look into.
    Coinbase custodian program points us to where the big money is going. few big marketcap projects, and a few companies that are not even public yet but have huge venture backing. And one odd duck: Tokencard. Tokencard has a very low marketcap compared to the other projects on the list, only 17 million. Why is this there with the big boys? Do your own research, but i will give you some pointers.

    1. accepted into a fintech sandbox program by the UK goverment.
    2. they build a high secure smartphone wallet based on a smartcontract (cutting edge work here)
    3. lots of development money in the bank (50 million+ and only a 17 million marketcap you see where i'm going).
    4. they own the domain (euhm exchange).
    5. They are fully decentralized! should be something decentralized tv can appreciate
    6. compaired to other simailar companies like tenX en MCO it's totally undervalued.
    7. They dont hype, because of strict regulation laws and demands from partners (so that's where we come in)

    Getting in a the bottom of such a high potential is quite rare! you don't have to believe me, i'm just chilling my bag. But what if I'm right? The little time you have to invest to do some research on it is very low compared with the potential profits. You could be one of the first to make a video about this gem, or not.

    But anyway, thanks for reading.

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  16. Enigma(ENG) is definitely Ethereum's missing part to solve problems of scalability and privacy.
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