Can Bitcoin Break Through?? | ETF Update! | 1,000,000% Inflation In Venezuela

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Crypto Information Right this moment: Bitcoin has been going up recently, however the place is the resistance? I will check out some help and resistance on this video, together with some Bitcoin transferring averages. I will use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin worth to make a Bitcoin worth prediction. Additionally, I will cowl some ETF information and a few Venezuela foreign money disaster information. Watch the video to be taught extra!


zero:45 BTC Technical Evaluation
7:25 200-Day MA
12:22 Common Market Evaluation
16:05 ETF Replace
18:42 Venezuela Hyperinflation Replace

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  1. Patreon:
    0:45 BTC Technical Analysis
    7:25 200-Day MA
    12:22 General Market Analysis
    16:05 ETF Update
    18:42 Venezuela Hyperinflation Update

  2. A cross between the 200 and 100 moving average is coming soon as well! (A golden cross)

  3. So august 10th is the good news day? Someone confirm please

  4. I bought that dip lol!

  5. Hey carl. What will happen to alts if btc has a major bullrun with etf approval? Im deep in shitbags, should i sell at a btc loss to get it into btc, or should i hodl? Thx

  6. You are so knowledgeable Carl!! Thanks as always!☺

  7. BITCOIN MAXIMALIST loving your commentary here. thanks for keeping your head on your shoulders. so many people losing their heads in this space.


  9. in all of Asia, August is known as Golden Month…no one is to trade in stocks or bond, make money, turn attention to God and family…so the stock market drops dead..i wonder if crypto will,, it should…thats a lot of people NOT TRADING.

  10. Is ETF going to make bitcoin kind of like a fiat currency then? Just because people are going to have something that represents bitcoin and not the actual bitcoin?

  11. ARK will moon in some years… allready connections with bitcoin litcoin, ether, Zcash
    And latinos are pure retards, look their leaders

  12. I had no clue you were a bitcoin maximalist Carl. I think you're stance on altcoins are very "bandwagon"-ish, you should reevaluate it. Bitcoin merely has name recognition. On it's merit it's one of the worst coins for any real usage. Most of the criticism from anti-crypto groups are around the fact that the digital gold aspect of bitcoin is really one big bubble waiting to pop. There will not always be someone else trying to buy bitcoin looking for moon gainz or looking to store wealth. That's because bitcoin will never gain forever, and people who bought in and got burned will not do so again and again after awhile. Also, bitcoin is one of the worst forms of wealth storage because of the volatility. This use case will be completely wiped out when Tether, Alchemint, and other new stable/gold coins are setup and catch on. You'd have to be an idiot to put your hard earned money into bitcoin for storage in the future just because it's name is bitcoin.

    The main draw for bitcoin initially was privacy, decentralization, speed, and shortly thereafter another legitimate use case was it's potential to be used anywhere to purchase goods/services. Bitcoin is now one of the worst coins for privacy, speed, and decentralization. Scalability is massive terrible for bitcoin and fees can get up to 50$ a pop during peak usage, the government can trace your transactions with programs on the public ledger, and confirmation times during peak usage are also absolutely terrible. Not to mention it's using an antiquated proof of work algorithm which is very costly and wastes energy.

    Thinking bitcoin is forever the king is akin to thinking AOL was going to stay on top 20 years ago. The reality is, things like bitcoin which are now on the back end as far as innovation go will be replaced by something better.

    You claim these other altcoins will get replaced by new waves of other coins, that's possible, but you have to remember that these (legitimate coins) have teams of developers behind them with big investors backing them very often. As long as they have proper use cases then they will continue to advance and compete with newcomers. The real world has loads of different companies in the same sector so why should crypto be any different? Maybe you were referring to public blockchains, but even that statement isn't correct, because different blockchains offer the smart contracts and currencies running on top of them different advantages that others don't necessarily bring. There's always room for competition when it comes to business.

    Will bitcoin be a safe bet until markets and businesses mature? Sure almost undoubtedly so. However that's different from saying 95% altcoins (with an actual usage) will disappear. You might as well say that for all businesses in the stock market. Both sides produce something or offer a service.

  13. There are still important levels of resistance we need to pass such as 8800,. 9200, 10k and obv 11800. Lets see how it goes.Monthly candle is looking good though!

  14. It’s a gamble. You’re betting on whether the SEC will approve the cboe ETF or delay it or reject it in August. My guess is they will delay their decision. If so then bitcoin will take a dive and hopefully achieve a true bottom in the 4500-5500 range.

  15. Hi Carl, did you notice the gap in the BTC futures on 06-29? You said that almost always the gap get filled. If that’s the case we have a gap to fill between 5931-6060…

  16. TPS means nothing. Scalability and tech and adoption does.

  17. ?
    Now that lightening network is working and expanding quickly, very soon most of altcoins will be useless because you can add all those features that they are claiming to the bitcoin with unlimited scaling

  18. Carl, tell something about ARN coin.

  19. The ETF will not be approve while Bitcoin is in a beartrend. Maybe a year from now.
    The SEC may not want to see itself as the savior of Bitcoin.
    That could be a problem for its members if in the future it is discovered that they had bitcoin.
    Furthermore, they must give an appearance of neutrality and impartiality with respect to other assets.

  20. Carl please put links to the sites you’re looking at in the info? I don’t think they’re doing that in Venezuela because they’re stupid it’s that any stupid response is a response and the general public has to suck the days dick and deal with their stupidity. It’s adding insult to injury.

  21. 20 dislikes probably from trump

  22. People who decide the etf approval:
    we don't want btc to break 200ema, let's reject the cboe btc ETF.
    Let's let btc break through the 200 ema, let's approve it. Lol

  23. sir i need help one guy has requested blockchain wallet by knowing my email id. I have created the wallet. He wants to use it for mining. Shall I transfer my funds to if or the man is a SCAMMER?

  24. Do you really think one day we could come to the point that no fiat money is needed in this world ? What is the use for gold then? Is it possible that we come to the point that cryptos, fiat money and gold exist at the same time?

  25. Are we heading to inflation or deflation now ?

  26. Where can I short Venezuela currency? 🙂

  27. are you still in your long from 5985??

  28. I watch your vids every day. I feel like you're the only one giving your full TA and opinion on YouTube. It's like your reading my mind as I read the charts with you. Most of these youtubers rely too much on news and not TA. I'm glad you dont. TA will always win

  29. I invested in beat sports blockchain. Seems a good idea but most coins are just a copy of bitcoin that isn't as good.

  30. Great Video! Love your Intro ?

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  32. You are very intelligent and well spoken. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Bitcoin and any altcoin are useless. You cant use a currency if the value changes radically and rapidly. It doesnt work for companies. Lets say bitcoin is 10k today and I buy 10k worth of computer parts from a company then tomorrow bitcoin drops to 6k. That company just lost 4k…its ridiculous…these currencies are useless and are a cash grab

  34. Thanks I always enjoy your videos. Etf's are good for hedging your risk in holding btc. If you have a large amount of btc you want a product like an etf to hedge against large negative price swings. It takes away the affects of adverse volitility on an individual basis. Originally farmers used this financial product to protect against catastrophic negative changes like a bad season of drought or acts of god or fire. I agree I also idealogically would want Btc itself as opposed to an etf, but if we have the same manupulation and naked shorting we have seen in precious netals it will mean we can buy the real btc asset cheaper as we move to a more trustless decentralized future (pardon the pun).

  35. Nice video. It may not be understandable so I would advice you trade with my account manager Mr Jacob Lowery.

  36. Please help me get some bitcoin


  37. XRP Volume will increase in August due to the Japanese SBI group …So I have moved my remaining btc into Ripple XRP

  38. Your price prediction at the end year? ?