BITCOIN: $9200 AND HIGHER INCOMING – Cryptocurrency/BTC Trading Analysis

Trying on the crypto forex markets for buying and selling BTC and LTC and so on. This market buying and selling evaluation applies to numerous exchanges, together with Binance and Kucoin. The stream particularly focuses on if bitcoin goes as much as 20okay once more in 2018 and if we can be seeing a crypto forex market restoration this yr. Issues just like the lightning community have supplied large enhancements for BTC and whereas it’s true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Money (bcash) could disagree, I do see these blockchain know-how improvements to be very bullish basic indicators for the area.

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  1. great day for the hodlers to laugh at the traders

  2. Ol in zcash men soon in coinbase 15x trippel

  3. Omg ppl who say if we get through this volume wall we will rocket the volume walls move as the price moves idiot… 6k volume chart is different to a 7k volume vs a 8k vs 9k sick of idoits lol at the order book volume and saying if break through the wall its a free ride when all the happens is new walls appear.

  4. All that’s happened is smart traders took the profits from the alts back to btc and a tiny amount of new money in btc so back to 8200… the top is near double tapped it now it will go to maybe 8500 then back to 7900 then up to triple top of 8700 then back down to 5000….

    Just look at the last up downs the double / tripple top is about 300 higher… we are pretty much at the top you can squeeze another 400 out of it hardly much of a bull run left.

  5. Hey Forflies. I love your videos by the way (please ignore my account name, I set this up last year).

    I’m just curious if you are aware that Tokenpay already offer ETF’s through Switzerland? They purchased 9.9% in a bank and have partnered with Litecoin.

    I’m not sure why there isn’t any buzz about this?

    Keep up the videos!

  6. where do i learn to short bitcoin or go long?,thanks

  7. Buy DENT coin it’s gonna Go..

  8. There are some really nice RSI level in the alts now. TRX for instance.

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  12. Man you pronounce here as hair ?

  13. Why does no one thank the whale who gave us cheaper bitcoin just before we skyrocket? He passed on the torch and profits to us, and we'll carry them further. Thank you whale!

  14. amazing advice at the end there!

  15. Your videos are great ??!

  16. Thanks, good video as always. Like to hear your insights. Enjoyed that nice big green Luke Skywalker light sabre!

  17. It's a gradual decline.. after big booms always there is a huge drag for a few years in stocks or coins. it will jump up a little and fall more than it rose.. jump a little and fall more. gradually it will hover between 1k-2.5k for a few years. then by about 2021 it will gradually go up and turn around for the better.

    The only way hodlers make anything is if it's super long term.. like 5+ years.. possibly a decade.

  18. Where can I get the VPVR indicator forflies? I can't find it on tradingview.

  19. The dump was due to rejection of etf… do your research if you are making a video

  20. Pullback was BTC going back to ride the 10 EMA (daily chart) which is perfectly natural after price spikes. Peoples reactions show how jittery everyone in the sector is though

  21. this thing wont even break 8300 you think the market is going to make you free money…its always gets choppy on the top …goood way to suck up all type of money from traders trading in and out

  22. I am French but I can speak small English. You are need to trade with Jacob Lowery.

  23. The reason for pull backs are to #1 give us our profits to than buy more BTC at a low price. And # 2 give us support when we fall down. It gives people a chance to put money into the market.

    I predict 23k by end of year.

  24. "I know nothing"…. the one thing Forflies said that was true. lol (and as Forflies said at the end of the video about managing emotion…. my reply to him is that it isn't just emotion that needs to be managed, it's patience that needs to be harnessed, and being able to see the charts and this vegas marketplace the way that the house who is clearing your chips off the table sees them.) for example… 25X leverage is not investing, that is gambling and that is the definition of pure emotion. So anyone who is gambling is by definition emotionally unstable about their approach to crypto. It does answer me the question about why most people are broke a year later and never build up any wealth… because we all seem to give it right back to the house.

  25. Thank you for the video, what do you think about feniks finance? I consider the most promising project in 2018.

  26. There is price suppression maybe all or some exchanges are bleeding Altcoins it looks more like theft than trading

  27. Tight Stop Loss Orders from GDAX, linked to the CME expiration futures triggered that dump/high volume. The CME shorts were hoping to drive BTC much lower but failed. Bullish Trend!!

  28. in all of Asia, August is known as Golden Month…no one is to trade in stocks or bond, make money, turn attention to God and family…so the stock market drops dead..i wonder if crypto will,, it should…thats a lot of people NOT TRADING.

  29. I see a pennant. Not seeing the falling wedge…

  30. Great channel and content mate
    Happy Birthday

  31. this guy is an imbecile

  32. dont be shortsighted right mate

  33. Thanks…..Very informative. I see the chart you are using says coinbase. Is it "the" coinbase where you can buy crypto?
    I have a coinbase account but cannot find such a chart. Yes, I am pretty new to all this

  34. the hair almost makes these videos unwatchable..and vids are way too long

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  36. This video didnt age well…

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