Bitcoin ETF Rejected – Why is Bitcoin Price Crashing?


Cryptocurrency Information Dwell At present: Bitcoin ETFs Rejected. Winklevoss ETF rejected. Bitcoin worth under $8000. The place is Bitcoin worth going now? Bitcoin Price prediction.

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  1. No need of fucking ETF.. or any fucking permissions..

  2. why these negative thumbnail ? it will only bring it down people watch and are influenced by your channel, its like fast money cnbc or the cnn of crypto, so it was rejected to gemini not the end at all, calling btc dead like 400 times and its still on.

  3. Could you make a thumbnail of your yoga instructor?

  4. If it falls to this price then the price will go down ?

  5. FUD NEWS FUD NEWS FUD NEWS. This is not the ETF decision we were waiting for fool

  6. Nice video,but give me an opportunity to praise the best trader I have ever got an encounter with,I got to know Jeffrey Sanchez 6 months ago and since then I have been able to make $20,000 from just $1,000 in 4 weeks

  7. Quick, run for the hills don't buy anymore BTC it's all over now. And I'll never go back up. It's going to go to zero in 3 minutes and 46 seconds. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Clearly this video proves it. Sell all your BTC immediately. If you can find a buyer. The world is ending. I feel the collapse happening right now. Darn it BTC just crashed because his flight path apparently was wrong.

  8. already back again and stronger, now 8271

  9. the more you hit btc the stronger it gets, insane!!!!

  10. bitcoin is crashing because that is its style

  11. Bitcoin – needs a kick in the ass

  12. rejected again but can buy lower

  13. its the end of the world as we know it

  14. It crashed cuz of btc futures coming to an end today u cock!

  15. Another great video. Keep up the great work.

  16. Price is not crashing. Awful

  17. everybody is selling, can't believe it.

  18. How much of a "CRASH" did you see today??? Normal price day—-Click Bait—You suck!

  19. Dislike this video just for the title.

  20. Misleading thumbnail……..

  21. It will get pushed back or more likely rejected, just watch.

  22. can anyone recommend a good manager I can work with?

  23. Sonic Hurricane Boom Shakalaka! ⬅ (Hodling for at least 2 sec), ➡, ⬅, ➡, + HP

  24. Um, you CAN buy fractional shares of stocks. (But who would invest in stocks now? Crypto is the way to go)

  25. I ρε φίλε μου τα κλεψαν, σε εσένα δεν είμαι γραμμένο, γιατί με ιδοποιει ότι εκα νες βίντεο, αντε γάμισου και εσύ και η γκουγλ και τα παράθυρα 10,που με αναβαθμίσεις μου χάλασε ο υπολογιστής

  26. Up and downs, the way of the crypto world.

  27. Keep up the great videos man !!! 🙂

  28. Enjoyed the vid, Bitcoin still flirts at 10k… Gearing to the 20K road!!

  29. The agency said it would not approve the bitcoin ETF because the digital currency isn't "resistant to manipulation"

  30. Damn 😀 Check this out 🙂 What you think about Rockwall Investments??

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