Bitcoin Ready For “Largest Bull Run In History”

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  1. Coinbase and rippled are in bed with all the bigs

  2. YCBCX … I get what you mean bro LOL

  3. The ETF will be approved or a positive announcement will be made by sec it’s obvious

  4. I hope bitcoin crashes back down to $5800 so i can buy , but i aint selling my alt coins yet

  5. I am new to your channel. Great content and style. I will be back. Thanks. -Joakim Holmer, australia

  6. Don't get trick whales are fishing for your money. ?

  7. Sept 21 is the day now, around there….

  8. my winning horse whill be STRATIS all the way

  9. Just a squeeze, still going to tumble to 5k folks

  10. All coins have increased in price
    lately. not just Bitcoin.

  11. 2018 is the Year that the Shitcoins will be shaken to the bottom, Bitcoin will continue to cement itself as the ANCHOR Cryptocurrency & the Top Alt Coins will enjoy massive growth at the expense of the shitcoins. 2018 is going to be an AMAZING Year for Cryptocurrency overall!

  12. You should do a live stream with Sky Talks Crypto

  13. just another pump and dump….. the bitcoin hackers have a lot of bitcoin to unload….

  14. Perfect tempo modern! Keep up the great work and don't rush. We all have plenty of time to listen. Cheers.

  15. dude talks extremely fast. slow ur roll and annunciate

  16. Another video from holder,who wish so much for BTC to explode,but that wont happend…not this year

  17. Buy, buy, buy! It will go up another 33% b4 hittin the ceiling again & goes to trough. Ticker symbol (GBTC).

  18. Dude just reads articles that we can all read ourselves.

    This is crypto bedtime stories for adults.
    I don't understand how he's got so many subscribers.
    It's like listening to someone read you the newspaper.

  19. Bitcoin is stil is my nr 1 bet

  20. No on is talking about how the cboe has insurance backed by AIG but not other ETF is.. I believe that matters.

  21. i think this is just etf fomo. if news will be positive in august this trend might continue, if not, we may go below 6k again…

  22. FIAT system is better than crypto currency. Bitcoin transactions are still slow and expensive. So no reason for a bull market now.

  23. The bull run will happen when the global economy tanks. People will rush out of the stock market into cryptos. It's a big trap. Once everyone is into cryptos they will devaluate fiat currency. Getting everyone out of fiat makes everyone easier to tax and control. Our time for making money and getting rich was last year. This economic collapse is the mother of collapses. We will be reduced to a modern form of serfdom.

  24. You're full of bitcoin baloney, sideways and down she goes!