Bitcoin Price Prediction | How likely it can hit $100K ?? (Very Likely)

Bitcoin’s worth enhance not too long ago was very intriguing, it went from $5,700 to the present worth of seven,500, that’s greater than 30% enhance. In One among my earlier video we’ve got estimated that common historic lower in bitcoin is roughly 76%. In todays video We are going to attempt to estimate what’s the common historic enhance in bitcoin’s worth and the way likely that bitcoin will hit these numbers. common historic lower

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➤ Tezos vs Ethereum:
➤ Intrinsic worth of a bitcoin:
➤ Is This a Backside for Bitcoin:
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  1. Totally possible. A million is not crazy within 10 years either. One more financial issue such as 2008 and it'll be 5 years!

  2. *scarce not scares. Otherwise, great video! Makes sense to me.

  3. It all makes makes perfect sense now!

  4. Bitcoin "scares" is an advantage? lol 7:42

  5. It was last 6 cents months before you say, October 6th. In JAN it was .30 up to .52 … need to redo this video if you got the basics wrong. The rest of the video that I haven't even watched past thirty seconds is probably all flawed because of this. Get back to the drawing boards.

  6. We will easily see BTC worth six figures, and then seven when inflation kicks in.

  7. in 2021 it will probably be 1 million per coin

  8. BitCoin is not a gamble when you are using the right strategy, i have lost a lot of money in the past but thanks to Mr Jacob Lowery for helping me with his signal, i now make more than i wish for..

  9. If you review the past couple pumps you will see we have a way to go down before any real bull run. We need to break 10k before I'll get excited. We may hit 100k in a couple years, who knows but it won't happen this year.

  10. good way for laundering money- good for the drug lords and corrupt politicians. They really need bitcoin

  11. Thanks for this video. 100k $ is definetely possible and it is my target within 3 years. 1 year after block reward halving.

  12. You can use for btc miner its paying in 6 hours with double! Its reliable!

  13. Bitcoin is so valuable that measuring it in USD is meaningless. Great video. Ppl, buy Bitcoin and wait 5 years at a minimum. Patience is key and control your consumption.