Bitcoin RSI To Predict Direction? | Big Money Moving In!

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Crypto Information At the moment: Is Bitcoin Overbought, or are we going to the resistance line of the triple backside proper now? I take advantage of technical evaluation on the Bitcoin worth to make my Bitcoin worth prediction. I check out some help and resistance and the Fibonacci software. Additionally, Charlie Lee tweets about Bitcoin, huge cash is shifting in and the US had a listening to about crypto. I am going to provide the key takeaways from the listening to!


zero:45 Bitcoin Technical Evaluation
eight:01 Up Or Down From Right here?
10:06 Charlie Lee Tweet (NEWS)
12:06 Billionaire Investing 1% (NEWS)
13:50 US Listening to (NEWS)
16:55 Patreon Introduction

Charlie Lee tweet:
CNBC Billionaire:
US Listening to:
Market Feelings (PATREON ONLY):

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  1. Patreon:
    0:45 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
    8:01 Up Or Down From Here?
    10:06 Charlie Lee Tweet (NEWS)
    12:06 Billionaire Investing 1% (NEWS)
    13:50 US Hearing (NEWS)
    16:55 Patreon Introduction

  2. Anyone whom says bitcoin is a ponzi scheme has unfortunately become severely detached from reality.

  3. The Moon: I have a question for you regarding the ETF on August 10. In the past, we have seen "buy the rumor and sell the news" scenarios.
    I am thinking that Bitcoin will rocket up to Aug 10, then do a short term crash. Maybe up to 12K then drop to $8K. I would like to know your prediction on this please.
    I also think that the ETF is a done deal.
    Thanks for your input. I like your channel.

  4. Your a good Man, watch everyday and You have been right on most of time!

  5. i wish i had enough $$ for 1 bitcoin… i could technically go for it but then i would have zero money left XD

  6. Plz Carl, if you see this, 10min videos or under is the best.

    But you are doing great either way.

  7. Thanks carl. As always, helpful and very informative. Ur predictions are very accurate.

  8. We are at the bottom, beautiful inverted crown, the reversal pattern indicates the continuation of bull run, Monthly TF .618 retracement great level!

  9. Dude…..don’t you ever change your clothes? Want me to send you some of mine???

  10. There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin chash. Not enough Bitcoin cash to go around for every millionaire in the world. Buy at least one bitcoin cash after you buy at least one bitcoin.

  11. Thank you for the great TA ??

  12. Always great information from you, It's awesome you want to keep doing it for free! I think I speak for everyone when I say that is deeply appreciated! And the longer videos aren't a problem for me, you always do the BTC TA first so if its a busy morning I just watch that and come back to the rest a little later. Keep up the good work man!

  13. Charlie calling his own coin a shitcoin… priceless.

  14. There's no volume. Get ready for the plunge.

  15. Love you men 🙂 Always giving the best info CONGRATS CARL

  16. It's laughable to hear US congressman who takes money from banks and FIAT currency apps talk from his a$$ about crypto being used for illegal activities. Should we ban the US$ then since many drug transactions occur in US$? Maybe we should ban all planes flying from S.A., since many have been found to contain drugs.

  17. Patreon website looks good , worked well.

  18. I keep telling people to buy , but many are still convinced that it's a scam , it's a ponzi scheme , it's a conspiracy etc. What can I say ? So much for some good advice.

  19. Hello Carl! Could you give your opinion about the price of alt coins? Thank you…

  20. Allot of sheep overheren. Dude is drawing lines on his screen and dont knows shit. Nobody does.

  21. Guys subscribe and hit the like button. If you are following TA daily you have to give Carl a thumbs up.Hallam from always sunny Barbados. I would like to understand why the so-called altcoins are doing poorly when Bitcoin is bullish. Whats the TA there Carl.

  22. Does ur mum dress u and why is she blind?

  23. I believe a good move would be to get some altcoins while they are at these prices. They have taken a hit in the past couple days and have not followed the BTC surge we saw recently. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has managed to maintain the 7200 line (as you said). I believe we will see a bit of a correction on BTC before moving up again. However, the RSI on BTC is still very high. The altcoins RSI is actually low (although not yet on oversold territory). What do you think, Carl? Do you think a good move? I'm still waiting on BTC before doing anything as BTC is still calling the shots in the overall market

  24. Awesome videos man! We appreciate the effort

  25. I need help can someone please help me find success? It would help me a lot

  26. Investing into cryptocurrency is a bit controversial, because people have their own opinions on the subject, some more educated than others, so it's better to just trust your gut.