Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Crypto Information Right this moment: Bitcoin is up as we speak, and I exploit technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to indicate you why Bitcoin is bullish. The Bitcoin value goes up, and we have now been anticipating this for therefore lengthy, so to see me discuss extra about Bitcoin as we speak, watch the video!

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  1. Bitcoin moving up to $7500 isn't much of an accomplishment.
    This video headline/subject title is only showing how noobs dont know how markets work.
    This only solidifies for me that prices WILL fall below $5000 and for a much longer period of time.

    Longer bear market incoming all you BULLs.

  2. buy now, trust me, this thing is going towards 25k or 30k over the next 2months 🙂 thank me later… and please just share your money with the needy:)

  3. you sound like you got a cock in your mouth

  4. Higher lows, lower highs. Higher highs, lower lows…

  5. BLESSINGS BROTHER?…MOON BABY!!!!! HERE WE GO!!!!! Your going to 100k subs by next year carl…just wait and see….awesome vids…take care..

  6. STENEUM COIN with its tiny supply will make this 10% gain look vanallia

  7. A $10,000,000 short position was liquidated on Bitmex. Whales exiting their shorts!! Good for BTC and altcoins! … repost from another group… sounds plausible but i dont know how to check it

  8. Carl I like your videos and you seem to know a bit about finance history .
    Where would you recommend that I purchased gold ?

  9. Do you have a twitter account ?

  10. carl already bought a boat on this run

  11. Love your passion carl, we need more passionate people in the world like yourself.

  12. that is one strong move up!

  13. Thanks for your video!A youtuber said it's because of the short sqeez, they foce the shorting guys to close there short!

  14. Where do you go for boating bro?

  15. Carl came back from his multi million dollar yacht to see some break outs.

  16. Do not be so happy and confident.
    Bitcoin will not pass the 7900 level.
    I and thousands of bears will defend this line.
    And the 6 k "bottom" will eventually be broken because we still have SEVERAL MONTHS of downside movement.

  17. Can you talk about ADA?

  18. Tone vays is now one of your active followers. Haha

  19. The top was exactly what you called, exactly! On Binance 7550

  20. Very good carl ??
    Hope you have made a good profit. I traded ETP/USD based on symmetric triangle pattern and it was moving faster than BTC.
    Good job

  21. hi karl, maybe the breakout was due to master card announcement to join crypto transactions.

  22. The Moon, thank you for beeing so helpfull and wanting to share your knowledge. I hope you are having a lot of fun with making video's and the 'normal' things around that, because that is very important! I'm glad to hear you went out and still want to bring this big news to us, THANK YOU!

  23. Totally agree that BTC futures gaps get back-filled. And We had a gap at 7120 and 7600 so we could have expected at some point to be in that range. There is a problem still as we have these unfilled gaps: 5915-6060 and another 6180-6320 so reason dictates that are are still going to dip below 6k (Likely if ETF is denied)…

  24. Great info as always Carl, , I am new to crypto and you word it and explain a lot in your videos.??

  25. it's easy and very fast to buy BTC on linkkoin using card

  26. No news, mainly just shorts getting squeezed.

  27. This kid came literally straight off a boat into his office with a three piece suit on. 😀

  28. I feel like everyone at the exchanges just watch his videos, and base their prices on his guesses, like really, this is some insane accuracy

  29. Great video but I know so many people have loosed interest in trading due to scammers pretending to be pro traders

  30. Great video as always.
    In need of a Sound Account Manager or an Expert who would help me with strategies and predictions during this morning period.

  31. Yesssss BTC
    Goooooooooo to moon
    after the World Cup is over for just 10 days
    at the rate surprising everyone