$60k Soon? | Bitcoin ETF’s To Push BTC Towards $60,000 According To These Charts

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Crypto Information At present: Bitcoin exchange-traded funds or ETF’s may quickly be a actuality with the CBOE. On this video, I clarify every thing in regards to the ETF’s it’s essential to know, together with the definition of an ETF merely defined. Is Bitcoin this bullish? Institutional traders will transfer in if the ETF’s get authorised by the SEC. However, is Bitcoin manipulated like Gold? I’ll present you the way gold futures and ETF’s perhaps manipulated the gold worth. Watch the video to study extra about this Bitcoin information story!

1:26 ETF Information
2:28 What Is An ETF?
5:37 The Proof
10:50 Why Manipulate?
17:46 Common Ideas
20:14 BTC Triple Backside


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  1. 1:26 ETF News
    2:28 What Is An ETF?
    5:37 The Evidence
    10:50 Why Manipulate?
    17:46 General Thoughts
    20:14 BTC Triple Bottom

  2. carl give us a song the guitar some time bro. looks like you shred.


  4. Had to google if they still make PEZ dispensers ?

  5. "This video is complete and utter speculation" Glad you said it yourself. Ridiculous comparisons. There is much more to it than just Etf's and futures.

  6. What a silly arguement, people also decide gold is worth nothing. At least you have a central body looking after fiat. If something decentrailised dies then your fucked

  7. Nonono. How many times I told you, we are in Death cross. Why?Only 60k and Bitcoin will go down?I will wait the golden cross and after will I buy. Thanx the video. ?

  8. Any good books you recommend to learn more about the fucked fiat system? gold? investing in general? Awesome video as per usual man.

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  10. This is all bullshit. These people want to sell a fantasy. The reality of the ETF's is that they will push NOTHING, except for the profit of the banks. Most likely they will be constructed as derivatives, so the banks can get the most profit out of it and not the consumer. That is how it has always been and always will be, but ofcourse the banks do not want you to know that and you have to believe, as a consumer, that "Bitcoin will go up as long as you keep buying our ETF's".

  11. hi Moon ! Great content. Do you have a discord channel or telegram ?

  12. Do you actually live on the moon?

  13. if this happens im rich baby !

  14. I'm buying shares in PEZ dispensers. When moon?

  15. Any top alt predictions if Bitcoin goes to 60k???

  16. Great explanation about ETF, I always learn something new with you. Thanks Carl!!

  17. I herd September time bull run could be sooner though.

  18. So bitcoin is based on mathematics how on earth can they push it down in to the dirt. To me that means the charts are utter bull shit.we need a decentralised crypto exchange, there worried they’ll loose control.

  19. Funny how everyone talks about etfs but a few months ago they didnt even know what they wefe

  20. Christ, Carl. This video is doing really well! Good job 🙂

  21. I love your channel Carl, but you are on a different level today! Just killing it!
    Thank you for videos. Very very interesting with the ETFs and futures comparisons. And I am dying to know the story on the 4 guitars behind your right shoulder. Maybe do a short bit at the end of one of your videos sometime. LOL Keep it up!

  22. if it hits 50k from institution $, we won't see 70%+ correction anymore because most inst are holders for 2+ years. blackrock 10% of their $ is 600 bil alone.

  23. ofcourse this etf is future. But launching ETF now is to push bitcoin down. First increat at 10K and coreect it to 84% correction then it bullish

  24. You get more subscribers a day than I have in total! Do you have any tips on how to promote YouTube videos? I see you upload them to Vinawap and some other sites. Is that a strategy you can share please? I feel like I put so many hours into making videos and am getting virtually nowhere!

  25. what bullish? what bearish? it is just octopish, when you can't get out of this manipulated market.

  26. Oh I recall when you said we never will see BTC lower than $9000 lol right before it crashed to 5780$

  27. I do believe there is price manipulation at some point. We have seen many times that bullish patterns go south or bearish patters going north, extremely low volumes creating big swings in just a few minutes. However, I do believe that this may be the start of the uptrend, confirming the triple bottom. The bear market has been going on for almost 8 months and the correction has already reached a giant level (70-75%). So, if you can buy something at 25% its price and you can manipulate it to make it go lower, it's obvious they will try that. Thanks for the video, Carl. Great stuff as always 😀

  28. How certain party/parties can predict the tops and bottoms so accurately – because they make them.

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  30. Great and I am going to make a lot of trading so I have enough bitcoin,so happy

  31. Why does everyone keep bashing Tether? I don't think it matters if they have 100% USD backing. If Tether helped pump BTC to 20k, do you really believe that BTC can hit new ATH without them? I think that a strong Tether is healthy for crypto, long live Tether!!!

  32. Thank you My Brother !! I'm pickin' up what ur layin' down !!

  33. Did they call the bottom or create the bottom ???

  34. I don't think it's going through in August. Banker lobbyists are trying to stop it by having fund raisers for these politicians at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). But…… Coinbase is forming a "Political Action Committee" amid uncertain regulatory climate. So whoever hands over the bigger check at future fund raisers will win. Now the playing field is even with corruption. Politicians are all for sale. Fund raisers for politicians is = legal bribing. Bitcoin will no doubt have a ETF. Just a matter of time.

  35. and ETF will allow mass manipulation due to shorting and margin plays. NOT GOOD FOR THE MARKET. When derivatives are introduced into a commodity the investment bankers make the money. BAD BAD BAD. IT WILL GIVE THE INVESTMENT BANKERS HAVE DESTROYED GOLD WHICH SHOULD BE AROUND 5000.

  36. Okay and what about the altcoins now? There bleeding out…hodl or trade for bitcoin?

  37. Actually your best video.

  38. ETF will not come. I think your an amateur for thinking they will approve it.

  39. you're forgetting one thing about gold that pushed it further, the 2008 financial crisis

    so bitcoin will go up because of the etf, but won't go as far as gold went at the time
    unless financial crisis

  40. Carl I think you are really hitting the nail in the head with your perception of the market history tends to repeat it self very sketchy…but I think we all now the influence of the people in charge is used to benefit the established financial system lords but o well nothing last for ever not even them…thank you so much you are an example to me….Do you think the altcoins will see something similar? Creating a more accessible point for retail investors ? Perhaps in Ripple or Dogecoin?

  41. Bank of America did not allow my Coin Base transactions.

  42. great video! lets destroy the $20.000

  43. That was just another Whale trap . they made rise the price b4 the ETF and make so people think to jump in and all of a sudden they cheered and popped bottles to party at all the fools that entered the bullrun.