The Bitcoin Bear Market Is Almost Over (Here’s Why)

I clarify why the Bitcoin bear market is nearly over, and why I feel the Bitcoin bears are useless WRONG. Bitcoin is VERY near its backside, and on this video, I am going to clarify why a Bitcoin bull run is within the playing cards. – – – In case you loved the video, please depart a like, and subscribe! – – –

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*I’m not a monetary adviser, this isn’t monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and many others. ought to be made at your personal threat with your personal capital.*

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  1. What's your take on the market, has the bear market concluded? Is Bitcoin about to begin it's slow reversal? Let me know, down below! Join the Discord!
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  2. Bitcoin ETF August decision may have positive effect! Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin mining reward 'halvings' begins in 2019 and continues into 2020! Less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the markets tends towards a higher price! Last 'round' of 'halvings' starting 2015 signified beginnings of the last bull run!

  3. I hope you are wrong Crypto Jebb. If I can't reach my target within 3 months I may have to sell my car!

  4. 18 miserable people disliked this video. this is also a good index without paying fundstrat actual fees! lols

  5. many blabbing that ETF here or there is good for BTC's August prices etc. ..hello BTC is where it is based on technicals!lets stick to those and those other stuff is gravy going forward. this BTC is a correction it happens after any parabolic rise

  6. Couldn't break 6800 after multiple attempts, back to the low 6k's again. If it were such a steal, we would've bounced by now. Bulls are getting tired of false hope and holding bags. We need a real capitulation event to get a bull market going again. So low that everyone agrees, bears and bulls alike, that this has to be the bottom. Bear markets have typically found their bottom much close to the previous all time high, around 3k in this case. I still see a big dip is imminent before any significant reversal. 11.5 k support will confirm the end of the bear cycle.

  7. I feel from the watching the last few months we are now starting to see patterns for the first time and we are nearing another record huge up, I don't understand much thought lol

  8. Dude loves his adderol lol

  9. Buying the dip, over and over and over.

  10. Its literally 95 if not 99% done. Historically BITCOIN does better at the end of the year plus, these ETFs that should be coming in around Aug 16th, will cause a massive spike.

  11. Would be great if you could share more content ike this for good ALTCOIN setups you spot!!
    I think this would really help to understand why you
    like a certain coin and for what you are looking for it to happen
    in order to even think about taking a position…
    I think a lot of people could really benefit and learn a lot
    from something like that!!!
    Would be great!!!

  12. Take a peek at the 2Week chart. Look at the Stochastic. It’s only been this low 2 other times in bitcoin’s history — right before massive bull runs.

  13. You realize that you're just talking nonsense in this video repeating yourself. You keep saying it goes up and down, it will never go below… it's a big deal… keep saying this each time. I'm not blind, i see lines and when it goes up and down… but WHY IT GOES UP AND DOWN….

  14. TA is irrelevant in an artificial Market. Quit your channel. Tom lee is saying since January that the btc price will go up.


  16. I loaded the boat today on EOS at 7 dollars per coin

  17. I have read that estimates are that BTC has "lost" as much as 20% of the coins in circulation. Of course it is impossible to know what the true number is, but we do know that a good chunk is lost forever. If BTC is destined to be a successful currency going forward, how does it hold up a market if it perpetually loses coins through years. Eventually there would be not enough liquidity such that the price could just crash. People will keep dying, and people will lose their coins so I do not see this trend ending at all. At least with cash, people eventually find the cash and use it. Does anybody have some explanation how BTC can survive this?

  18. but the mainstream sentiment is that bitcoin will moon to 25k, 50k, even 100k by the end of this year…

  19. I havent seen you once being right.

  20. I feel like its doing well lately cause everyone is so bearish… don't get bullish cause it'll crash to shit… lol

  21. Bitcoin to 700$ then I buy back again. I see under 1000$ in september and 185k$ december 2018 when ETF is released. After that drops to 3000$ and moons to 1,22m$ just before halving 2020.

  22. I thought I still had speed at 1,25 but I was wrong xD

  23. I dont have much to invest but I buy what I can, and I think this is definately a good time to buy

  24. Crypto Jebb is the micro machines guy from the 80s commercials!? ???

  25. I'm buying. I wish I had more money to buy more

  26. this isn't the bottom. Weekly RSI shows it can go much lower.

  27. Not over yet. It will touch the 3000-5000 zone.

  28. Brilliant insights. Congratulations.

  29. Everyone was right in a bull market and everyone is wrong in a bear market

  30. best explanation i have heard yet. thanx

  31. They don't want to D list the new etf's 😛 Peace

  32. You even sound like a shill.

  33. You didn't mention the death cross

  34. The death cross is almost inevitable so that tells me possibly highly probable more bears

  35. Nope. The head and shoulders you see being formed now are legit. Neckline break will be around $6650 with accelerated dumpage thereafter. 'Econopatrick' found onTwitter

  36. I agree, nice to see your take on this…

  37. some of the worst analysis I've ever seen

  38. You nailed it. Subscribed.

  39. That green candle yesterday said everything I need to know. Bye, bye bears.

  40. Getting into cryptocurrency is exciting, because there are big opportunities in neat packages that are virtual and still very valuable.