The Correction Is Happening! | CBOE Filing For Bitcoin ETF’s!

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Crypto Information Right now: Bitcoin goes via the correction that we have been anticipating and Bitcoin continues to be presumably going to kind a head and shoulders sample within the smaller timeframe. I exploit technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make a Bitcoin value prediction. Additionally, CBOE has filed for itemizing Bitcoin ETF’s, is that this very bullish for Bitcoin? Effectively, watch the video to search out out!

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zero:56 BTC Technical Evaluation
four:47 BTC Quantity
eight:30 Altcoins Technical Evaluation
12:36 BTC Dominance
13:12 Crypto Information (CBOE ETF’s)

CBOE Bitcoin ETF:

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  1. 0:56 BTC Technical Analysis
    4:47 BTC Volume
    8:30 Altcoins Technical Analysis
    12:36 BTC Dominance
    13:12 Crypto News (CBOE ETF's)

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    minimum capital is 0.2 LTC

  3. Precise judgement as we had a nice dropoff a few hours after you post this video.

  4. Good video! Not sure if ETF is all good for the crypto ecosystem, but for sure privacy coins like Dash or DeepOnion are good for people's privacy!!

  5. Broke people gives advice lol

  6. I f-'d up and sold my litecoin for ontology. Now I bought back litecoin, ugh.

  7. stop buyen bitcoin it aint worth nutthin

  8. Thanks for putting times in the box. Hate listing to all and waiting.

  9. Essentially an ETF is like gambling in Vegas. You're betting on the asset either "long" or "short". It should be illegal because it's not like it's difficult to purchase crypto's. ETF's mean even more manipulation of this market. BTC sub 5k within the month.

  10. Top show as usual! Still don't forget the 'greater fool fractional reserve theory' which warns of the dangers of being a Fiat currency 'bag holder' in any bankrupt fractional reserve banking system!

  11. can the price go below the avg mining cost ?

  12. Solid guy. Quality sutff. Keep going

  13. A well known trader speculated that the indexes in the S&P is part why the stock market will crash. Does that make sense with you?

  14. Probably the only crypto channel that isn't garbage. Thumbs up. Excellent analysis too.

  15. In 2014, people was waiting for an ETF that never came.
    And while they were waiting, the price of bitcoin was down more than 85%.
    Maybe the same thing will happen now.

  16. Still correcting. Absolutely no volume til bots buy. When it happens, volume spikes and then, no volume again. Not gonna trade this broken plane. I have some TA that drive BTC so deep. This is a crash, not a correction. The worst is about to come. But it’s just an idea. I’m not responsible of your actions, people.

  17. Regarding the sellers, we’ll, I don’t agree with you. There are holders getting really scared and it can make a lot of them sell at a specific moment and red volume can spike. The fact is that if you check weekly 50, 100, and 200 MA, they’re so far from price, and MAs act like magnets. So it points BTC very low. 50 MA was broken and it’s touched the 100 MA. That’s why it bounced. Also, it bounced because it was testing the critical resistance (previous critical support). If it breaks the resistance, people will start to trust BTC little by little, but I really doubt it by looking at the volume and momentum, to be honest.
    Monthly MACD crossed as well, so bad things still to happen.

    Thanks for your video. 🙂

  18. ETF will destroy crypto. Mark my words.

  19. carl can u tell us what you think about EOS please

  20. its not a correction. it will go dip again upto $5700

  21. Everybody talking about inverted h&s.. so what did the past tought us about events or chartformation which everybody expects? THEY WON‘T BE FULLFILLED! maybe we go back to 6.8k and break the neckline so that everybody thinks that it is happening, but then the big players will pull the trigger and sooo many of you who went long will get rekt and then 5k is coming

  22. The wick went below 6290 today but quickly recovered. This looks like more doom is coming this week.

  23. Good call Carl, good bounce off 6300

  24. Hi, Carl. Great job, as always, what do you think about a spike in internet search of " how to short BTC"? Does that hurt or help US . Bulls?

  25. hey im just wondering why you want bitcoin dominance to be at 50% ??? give me the technical breakdown and benefits please.

  26. Hello,amazing tecnical analisis,you have a new suscriber,Can you give your opinion on the ETC chart please,Thanks and congratulations!!

  27. So sad what a perma bull @ $1300 he'll still be saying were ready to go up now guys

  28. If you don't know what a retail investor is look in the mirror

  29. What are your thoughts on Ncash

  30. It's STUPID to look at charts from exchanges. Real BTC volume happens OTC.

  31. Hi Carl, With intrest i'm following your revieuws on BTC and your more global overview. I'm the "averige Joe", so not familiar with investing on markets or so ever. I try to collect some BTC, and mainly these. I have a question thats interesing me: Imagine we enter in a global crass (which might happen in de near future), is it advisable to buy some long term call opties on the American of Europe economy, and have you any sugestions in where to buy those? Greet, Ed from Holland

  32. Humans are ruined by an elementary GREED. They bought apartments bought by their parents and ran to buy a cue ball at the price of 15 thousand + commission from 7%. Listen to traders and try to understand something, although they are not traders but scalpers. Years are spent on training and a lot of money wasted. People refer to these traders (long-term investment), which you will send the schedule until 2021. And where it will be specified when to buy the cue ball. This chart will change your life and help you avoid a lot of mistakes. To whom it is interesting to write. As a person I will just help

  33. This is why I stick to trading oil futures. We are dam good at it too. 🙂

  34. en resumen si apruebanlas etf este 10 de agosto sube el bitcoin si o no???

  35. if goverment say okey eft btc in go to the moon?????

  36. just like everyone else you say it went up then it went down and it will possibly go up or possibly go down what's the point of all this effort on these types of videos when nobody knows what will happen next?