Bitcoin Pattern! | Global Economic Collapse Imminent!! Debt Is Going Crazy!

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Crypto Information Immediately: Bitcoin could be occurring a small correction. I take advantage of technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make a Bitcoin value prediction. Furthermore, I discuss concerning the coming world financial collapse. Debt is rising, particularly company debt, and on this video, I discuss how this can be a massive risk to the world financial system. The debt WILL collapse, the query is WHEN. If you wish to be taught extra, watch this video!

1:10 BTC Elementary Evaluation
7:31 BTC Technical Evaluation
12:09 Global Economic Collapse

CNBC Article, Moody’s:
Company Debt FRED Graph:

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  1. 1:10 BTC Fundamental Analysis
    7:31 BTC Technical Analysis
    12:09 Global Economic Collapse

  2. Same ole same ole Bart Simpsons head. The chart I mean. Yawn.

  3. Thank you for your time and analysis

  4. I am now extremly bullish on bitcoin , And as usual, Bitcoin will rich his higher value as support, 19-20k by then end the next bullrun, and if we break we go 30-45k

  5. I am very very agreed with you, probably BTC will must to go down to 6200 (you say 6400) to gain strength and start a healthy climbing…

    i'm sorry if you see misprints, my first language is spanish!

  6. I never think that you are rambling Carl. I'm honestly here just to hear you talk about whatever you think is interesting and doesn't matter if it is bitcoin or economics/finance.

  7. “Boxes of dog shit” lmaooo

  8. Can't wait for the overpriced boxes of dog shit!

  9. you should turn on your Logarithmic Scales

  10. IMO a lot of corporations used historically low interest rates to borrow money dirt cheap. Yes there is a ton of debt but so much used by strong corporations for stock buybacks, projects, etc. I think the continued stock rally is equally as worrisome as the piles of debt. We will see what happens…

  11. Two thumbs up! Love the cohesive rambling!

  12. u are high dude lol nice

  13. That triangle is misleading everyone. There is no triangle. People keep changing the triangle as it changes. Listen to what the market is saying about others, not what others are saying about the market. Your line is also drawn wrong Carl. you have to draw from the genesis line in log scale in order to be accurate, and the line intersects at 4200

  14. Thank You for educating me!!?

  15. Hey, Carl! Great video as always! Question: Is it just me or is BTC in the 4hr chart forming a sort of Inverted H&S??? If there is a small fall, it may form the right shoulder. I hope that this is another bullish signs as the previous Inverted H&S actually led down instead of up… What do you think?

  16. so how do we short this and become wealthy???

  17. bitcoin aint worth nutthin watch my movie. I explane why it aint worth nutthin

  18. The Moon, i love the video, how is your prediction for bitcoin by the end of the year man?

  19. good work your so right!!!!

  20. Hi Carl did you study Economics?

  21. Where is the moon? Lol let’s see $5000 first!

  22. I'm sorry but what you said is truly bullshit

  23. anyone know how to short corporate debt??