Bitcoin READY TO MOVE!! Hinted By The RSI | Global Real-Estate Bubble [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Crypto Information As we speak: Is the Bitcoin value going to maneuver now? We now have been going sideways for just a few days within the Bitcoin value. I exploit technical evaluation within the Bitcoin chart to point out you ways the RSI may inform us that Bitcoin may transfer quickly. Additionally, we’re going to discuss in regards to the German real-estate bubble, and the rents in Berlin. Furthermore, we’ll discuss in regards to the Swiss Inventory Alternate going crypto with a brand new large crypto change for institutional buyers. Wish to be taught extra? Watch the video!


zero:55 Bitcoin Technical Evaluation
eight:30 Crypto Information (Switzerland)
12:03 German Real-Estate Bubble

Swiss inventory change:
Berlin Real-Estate Bubble:
Berlin lease enhance:
Base cash:
Intrest charges US:
Intrest charges EU:

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    0:55 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
    8:30 Crypto News (Switzerland)
    12:03 German Real-Estate Bubble

  2. It could potentially reach between $25k-$50k by year end!

  3. Can you please do a video on all the major indices? Would be awesome ?

  4. Can’t use regular stock market technical analysis in this market because the market cap is too low and a few big players can manipulate it. The only type of technical analysis you can try is an analysis of whale psychology(not literal whales, but big players). Analyzing their tendencies and patterns is probably a more fruitful endeavor than applying typical stock market techniques.

  5. I am really learning a lot from your videos…thank you

  6. thanks, great video as always!

  7. Btc +600-800$ next hours inchallah

  8. You always give us good overview of what's going on!

  9. Really Helps Alot Thank You.. But d Problem is the Red Cloud at The Daily Chart..cross finger hope Not..???

  10. Great topic. Unless you own a home paid in full the rest of us are feeling the doubly inflated costs of living.

  11. Thank you Carl. The British government is also threatening this by saying they want to enforce long leases, to "protect" tenants…of course we know they are behaving the same way as Germany!

  12. what the hell is happening with digibyte?? Its mooning like crazy!!

  13. If someone names himself "The Moon" and talks about BTC. Delete, burn. And never use this website again

  14. good load of rambling bro! spot on with the housing bubble! london has been inflated by government policy since 2010!

  15. You can never ramble on too much about the corrupt leftist banking system and failed government overreach and intervention. Glad to see our views of the subject of the role of the governments in western societies allign so well 🙂 Keep up the good work. see you on discord 🙂

  16. I like your videos, but I do not know English and use subtitles) I'm from Russia, please do always with subtitles. Thank you!
    Google translate

  17. valuable information thanks.

  18. I watched this 3 times through out the day. You have a big fan in a small town in the middle of nowhere (halhul city)

  19. Thank you for your TA, and report on the real estate bubble, feeling it in in U.S.

  20. ""Now I've been rambling on to much about it". Keep on rambling Carl, excellent macro analysis.

  21. good discussion! thanks for you hard work!

  22. German real estate had 1 million new people, bringing extra demand last year, as Merkel welcomed approx that many migrants from ME/Africa

  23. German restrictions may seem a bit 'crazy' but out of control housing costs are very damaging to the economy too. high housing costs prevent people moving into an area that's booming to take the jobs that are being created. it prices out essential service workers on (govt) static pay (teachers, fire, nurse, cleaners etc etc) it obviously leaves masses of people with less to spend in the real economy. (and then there;s the debt when buying, ridiculous amounts have been lent…which will be a massive problem when interest rates go back up) Rentiers in that sector are the same as rentiers everywhere; they avoid taxation, and in housing, they use the higher rents/profits to buy more housing, which pushes costs up (and out of reach) even further. Housing costs need controlling, 'free market' does not work unless supply of new housing matches population growth. housing is a necessity, a home, not a speculative instrument ( in uk, to cover GFC pension fund losses and zero interest on retirees pension pot. the retirees use "buy to let" property..they rent it out to their children's generation who have no chance of buying ! it's a real mess)

  24. All the good news are coming out from now
    Once the World Cup is over
    Btc will charge to Moon at the rate surprising everyone

  25. That moon reminds me of the symbol of ISlam..

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  27. You are not rambling on Carl. You are telling us really important and interesting things. Thank you

  28. You are very smart. I see a lot of nights spend on analysis's.

  29. Unlucky on Sweden losing yesterday ? Love your videos man, keep them coming.

  30. You are the master of cryptos! ; )