Bitcoin To $50k Soon? | BIG Bitconnect NEWS!! [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Crypto Information Right this moment: Bitcoin is at present making an attempt to remain above 6,5k. Will it? I exploit technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make a Bitcoin value prediction. Additionally, Crypto Nick, Trevon James & Ryan Hildreth all made huge cash on this platform throughout the Bitconnect rip-off. HUGE developments on this space within the Bitconnect saga, and watch the video to be taught extra!

1:30 Bitcoin Technical Evaluation
5:27 Altcoin Technical Evaluation
7:25 Bitconnect Information
12:58 Bitcoin 25ok or 50ok??

Tom Lee Bitcoin prediction:
BitMex CEO Bitcoin prediction:

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  1. 1:30 Bitcoin TA
    5:27 Altcoin TA
    7:25 Bitconnect News
    12:58 Bitcoin 25k or 50k??

  2. Thank you for the video Carl. ✌?

  3. Thumbs UP just for the NEO comment !

  4. Thank you carl and see you tooommmooorrooow 🙂

  5. Well y'all people out there predict this and predict that we'll fuck my turn. Bitcoin 1073k in 2065 how bout that ?

  6. Good timely content, you rhetoric is on point as always. So to give my 2 cents. While I am all for bitcoin going sky high, I think we should all remember that the next wave of money will come either from a new level of adoption and/or institutional money flowing in. Now, both those things are contingent with the anticipated crypto regulations that are to come out (hopefully) soon. until then the highest we will go IMHO is 10-11k.

    There is great money to be made from this sheer volatility so lets drink to that. I personally couldn't care less where bitcoin goes in the future. Double digit percentage price movement is golden gravy for a swing trader like myself.

  7. as always – big thanks Carl : D

  8. How can i join the discord group? Thank you

  9. invested his last win on that jacket

  10. Bitconnect is the gift that keep on giving

  11. we are still in a bear trend no? because the short, medium and long EMA's are flipped in reverse. in a bull trend the EMA are in this order when u look at the chart:

    7 EMA
    25 EMA
    100 EMA

    but bear trend looks like this:


    (note: i'm just using these time frames randomly, u can use whatever short, medium and long time frames u want)

  12. Not even going to finish watching this!
    50 K your fucking nuts! STOP misleading everyone!!

  13. BTC goes to 60 K very soon bro just watch and learn

  14. I still maintain my position that we will see at least $4800/5000….great video Carl!!!

  15. Good stuff. Not too dramatic or flashy. Very civil. Subscribed

  16. Im so tired and sick of all those " by end of 2018…" Why not in summer, fall..why all da fucking predictions at the december??? Just because we had 2017 hype this doesnt mean it will repeat again. And those exchange people who predicting stupid price- they make money from idiots not from btc price.

  17. Lol you just drew the line out of no where
    And what if it doesn't go 6k will you stop your nonsense and stop acting like you can see future in corporate suit.. . Your forecast looks like you have some buy orders.. Or you want some money out of YouTube ads.. Give this a break and stop using your chicken brains.
    You look hired by some strange corporation just like others who want to say bitcoin this and that you are more suspicious than bitconect .. You are pulling numbers out of no where

  18. Thanks Karl good info. I like what Bitcoin stands for. A lot of retail investors have lost money and the professional investors will have to wait for cash accumulations and suspicion to balance. It will take time as you said.

  19. Invested more than they could lose. And they lost. Fucking bitches. Get over it

  20. Btc is still market cap leader. Btc owns all the other crypto. When btc drops all crypto drops. When btc rises all crypto rises

  21. Neo will continue to drop. It only went over 40 because of neo connect. That never worked out lol

  22. Since 2010, BTC been rising by ten factor

    In 2010, 0.10
    In 2011, $1
    In 2012, $10
    In 2013, $100

    By now BTC slowed down by two years ten factor

    In 2015, $1000
    In 2017, $10000
    In 2019, $100000
    In 2021, $1000000

  23. Hi Carl, Thanks for the video, do you which exchange uses fiat for trading? And why do you think it is better to trade in Btc than fiat? I remember you saying so but I cant find the video. Thanks

  24. I knew it! All Hollywood images of big cities like New York and Los Angeles are CGI. They don't exist in reality. There's only 300000 people living in small villages.


  26. The example with the volume is nice but not always true, we have seen countless times exchanges hiding their real volume stats in order we get a false opinion about it. So how we know that at the certain time that we look at a price, the volume will be untouched?


    Carl speak about the possible reversal head and shoulder pattern in ur next video. 1. shoulder from 12th june to the 20th june. Head from 20th june to 4. july and the 2. shoulder is comming up right now!

  28. Trading is a lifestyle if you understand the market movement correctly and know exactly when to call/put, risk rate and loss rate would be less. For a successful and massive profits returns with your little investment fee, contact Hurley Jordan

  29. Probably 25-30k… That's my opinion. Based on the last boom. Then back down to 9-10k. Then back to 35-40k. Normal market fluctuations for bitcoin.

  30. stupid . not possible 50k

  31. Which was your video thatbyiu predicted the uptrend of ETH. Great call, I bought back in yesterday and just seen the bounce…. You are my favourite Carl!

  32. Nice call! Do you have a course?

  33. Youtube may come down hard on the crypto community because of this.

  34. Not statistically possible

  35. Cannot see any single Fib drawing. Where did you get this 50k number from? Is this another amateur attempt to pump the price based on cristal ball? All I can see is a dozen resistance levels in the way to so called 50k, do you even have a plan when one of those levels gonna fail?