Bitcoin Is Going To $25,000 By Year End: Tom Lee | CNBC

Bitcoin bull Tom Lee, Fundstrat, nonetheless believes the cryptocurrency will hit $25Okay by the top of this yr. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Quick Cash merchants, Pete Najarian, Steve Grasso, Karen Finerman and Tim Seymour.
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Bitcoin Is Going To $25,000 By Year Finish: Tom Lee | CNBC

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  1. ODYSSEY is the most perspective coin of 2018!!! Buy it, my dear while the getting is good! If you have no money, receive them in the airdrop everyone has to have this coin! It will make 10 X-es!

  2. “Last year bitcoin was at 2000, and it went to 20,000. This year it’s 6500, so by my calculations by Christmas bitcoin will be at 65,000.” -Tommy lee

  3. Bit coin will rise to $25,000? This guy is willing to bet YOUR money that it will.

  4. I saw this last night LOL he didn’t say it will he said it could anything could you could say could reach 100,000…. his words , it’s in a special interest. Saying such a thing is just crazy we are already halfway through the year it’s not going to reach 25,000 something huge would have to happen

  5. Nobody cares about bitcoin anymore

  6. just about the most annoying broadcasters ever!..barely a full brain between either of them

  7. "the psychologically important level of 6k" omg. Humans are so irrational it's mind boggling.

  8. Trump will become president for life. Should I believe?

  9. His argument for 25K is laughable a stupid joke. He actually thinks BTC will follow historical trends when he has no idea who the buyers are. The old retail investors are not coming back, there are no new buyers coming in. Sounds like he is trying to cover his loss.

  10. the Asian chick speaks like sucking a pacifier

  11. More like: bitcoin to 1 USD by the end of the year

  12. Then why has bitcoin crashed -70% YTD? Charts look horrible.

  13. Lee needs to FIRE his current village gypsy consultant & hire a new one!

  14. We need bullishness not bearishness, I lost over $20 investing in cryptocurrency

  15. I think he must be on crystal meth lol bitcoin is going to zero. only reason it has not died yet is because drug dealers and scammers use it to clean their dirty money!

  16. In the near future only digital currencies would exist. People will live on digital currencies in their daily lives they will earn in different currencies blockchain will be our future
    It could take 5 to 10 years its very similar to a smartphone vs traditional phone
    We have to realise it but even if we realise this late still we will make money… Cuz this will forever grow like a tree..
    The future space exploration would be great with cryptos but future is dark with fiat currencies the world needed blockchain. nobody really could see the future but some individuals did and one of them was satoshi nakamoto
    We are still very early in this space but imagine how traditional phones are wiped off nobody really uses in their daily life and the one who use it chances are other recipient isn't using the same technology.
    We have to accept the brighter future the kids will have a great future the cheaper things the luxuries we wil have with little money would be much much better then life now.. The future is still hasn't come yet

  17. They guy must bought lots of Bitcoin at not that cheap prices

  18. You can't base btc value on mining cost. It just means people are wasting their money…

  19. How does someone so unintelligent get airtime??

  20. Bitcoin is a worthless pyramid scheme do not buy it!!

  21. You can’t use mining costs because it varies around the globe and, unlike oil and gold, you don’t need to mine in a specific place you can move your equipment to a cheaper power source

  22. Tom has great fundamental knowledge about crypto, but lacks knowledge about market cycles, trading and investing.

  23. I told everyone I could not invest in BTC at its current price – not that I was a hater just that I was tired of loosing, I bought at 13k at a high price and it kept on dropping, it had me regretting until someone on Altcoin Buzz channel, Recommended us to reach out to a man named Robert Wells who has made a great impact in teaching young crypto investors an Almighty Strategy to trade their Bitcoins, Its just 5months since I reached out to Him, I can Proudly boast of increasing my Portfolio from 8Btc to 43Btc . Y'all can reach out to him through His TELEGRAM +1(631)620-6929*, *HANGOUTS and Skype/Mail * *(

  24. One day, there will come a point where ur average Joe will not be able to afford a full BTC.

    Don't be that average Joe.

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  26. The only thing that's going to flip this bear into a bull is LN adoption announcements. A big endorsement e.g Ebay/Steam etc integrating LN payments. What's good for 1 could be good for all.

  27. thank CNBC… i will put all my saving to buy bitcoin…end of year will get rich ^^

  28. fake money , good to dream.

  29. Tom Lee is an ignorant gambler. He just pulls random Price target out of his azz. Bitcoin is a Pyramid Scheme, and this moron is trying to mislead people because he got trapped in this scam!

  30. Secret of making predictions is to make lots of them. The more bizarre the better. Bcos no one will remember how many times you got it wrong but if you get it right just once by pure luck, you can claim you foresaw the inevitable. You will write books, sell seminars, give interviews and go on CNBC to proclaim your prowess of seeing the future. Make your millions and go on to predict something else. Great upsides with little downsides. Why not?

  31. Trump's Economic War will make BTC moon again soon ! 20K+ by the end of the year , don't forget the block reward halving in ~May 2020

  32. Bitcoin and all the other Cryptos have a pattern of an upswing in November and December then going down in value in Jan, Feb March, April, May and then going up a little in the Summer months to peak again in November and December.
    As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing to worry about unless Cryptos tanks in November and December.

  33. No use in speculation, this is crypto, predictions mean nothing other than a wild desperate guess. You only really know when it happens, until then you’re just wondering in the dark with no clue whatsoever. I will enjoy coming back within a few years to mock all the people trash talking bitcoin though 🙂

  34. If mining cost (also the cost of processing transactions) is higher than the current value, it implies that Bitcoin is not efficient processing transactions. This is an argument for it to go to zero, not 20k+. What am I missing?

  35. This guy will probably go down as one of the biggest shills in history, funny how CNBC is totally in ok it too.

  36. I also like TurdCoin and CrapCoin. Both will go to 1 million in the next 6 months.

  37. I see bitcoin with an infinite eye moving up to $20000 and when it get to this price, it will act like it wanna go down , after it will move to $50000 and stay a while and move again to $100000 . this is what I saw with the infinite eye. Dont be angry !! Dont insult me!!! Just write it down keep watching , keep counting, and watching this happening ……….

  38. When btc becomes unprofitable to mine – is when the Sh*t hits the fan.