Here’s Why Bitcoin Will Rise SHARPLY In The Next Few Weeks








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  1. Just wasted 6mins of my life, faarrk

  2. Give it a rest … make the video after it happens

  3. So bitcoin will rise because it has risen in the past week? are you forgetting what the price has been doing in the past 6 months? Also, bitcoin is NOT EVEN CLOSE to assuming gold's role in the global market… what you said was pretty idiotic, sorry

  4. This is one of those guys that predicts a bullmarket with 9000 videos. And then when it finally actually happens he'll go. 'I told you so'

  5. What the hell is this bs? Clueless about why this video is recommended to me? I'm watching valuable content on YouTube about crypto, not this kind of nonsense!

  6. Let’s go BTC 6750 now ha ha up up and away

  7. Can you do a video on etn? They’re claiming a patent for all crypto

  8. After all the haters hating, you were actually correct about your predictions regardless of what everyone else said…WOW. Screw the Bears.

  9. Trading is not a bad idea or a negative choice but a regretful feeling that hurt a lot if you're on the wrong path. Be smart and choose wisely, trade with Hurley Jordan and enjoy the benefits

  10. Why is no one talking about appc

  11. The hope is real… I hope you're right my friend… but please remember. Human brains need to assign causes to effects they observe in order to feel like they have a grasp on the world. I.E.: The sun rises every day… there must be a sun god! or: That person can't stop sneezing… they must be flushing out a demon. "God Bless You"
    All the reasons you've listed are the same kind of thing. It fits your expected outcome and so the mind says, "This correlation must be causation" I know a lot of btc traders and hodlers… none of them give a flying flapjack about North Korea or China or What CNBC says about the indices. Gold is way less volatile and is strongly correlated to the strength of Fiat. Bitcoin (though I believe it to be a digital gold) has a long long way to go to get even close proving that thesis. Anyway. I enjoyed the video. Great production. Follow the charts, not the hopes and dreams. BTC >5k 2018

  12. 2:56 "Bitcoin behaves like gold???" I may be wrong here but I never heard Gold losing 70% of its value just in span of few days??? If you look at Stoch RSI for BTC …it is rather looking overbought and due for some correction soon. Besides stock market impacts crypto in a proportional way and NOT inversely

    Wikipedia definition for store of value and I have heard many expert say that BTC value could even go to near zero if not exactly zero.
    A store of value is the function of an asset that can be saved, retrieved and exchanged at a later time, and be predictably useful when retrieved. More generally, a store of value is anything that retains purchasing power into the future.

    Note that I am open minded towards BTC but the reasoning given by its proponents many times contradicts itself.

  13. It is clear for me that you have long position with loses and are desesperate that bitcoin rally.
    Bitcoin is worthless because it will never be used as a coin. It is not even an asset, is an expeculative instrument for playing in the world most risky casino.

  14. Thanks for the positive review and in a relative way your right but elliot wave theory is saying one more and final serious dip before a bull run is due. look for btc to trade near 4800 over the next two weeks and then after that and only after that will the boom days return

  15. Great video. Totally agree with you. Keep updating news ?just subscribed .

  16. a good video for beginners but very bare and lacking of TA and legit evidence to suggest a bull run. I’d consider myself a bull but didn’t find this analysis to help strengthen my beliefs at all. Honest opinion!

  17. I think we will dip down to $5000 first. Regualtions are not yet in place. The sec hasnt even determined if xrp is a security. Good video though.

  18. I think btc will continue to trade sideways or go down, hate on me all you want peeps but we will see what happens. I also enjoy watching btc suck the life out of the alts, not positive for the market.

  19. Thank you for your positivist opinion

  20. People's currency? More like people's big speculation.

  21. LOL @, "pretty good recovery…" and it's gone.

  22. When you have fallen on your sword then don’t come back.

  23. So wrong…. See you at 3800-4200 ranges. Bear market up to the end of the year. Don't lose your time with this crap

  24. There are fundamentals for valueation. Even Sornette et al. were researching this. When we model Bitcoin as what it actualy is (no company but a network) then we get a network-value which in absense of high Spekulation is correlating with market-cap. Therefore it is highly overvalued since Spring 2015. But this doesnt mean that it cant buble up.

    P.S. Mining is no universal law, like most "fundamentals" are not realy fundamental. Metcalfes-Network-Law is kind of universal and validated for the biggest social Networks out there (Tencent, Facebook,… and later it was validated for Dash, Ethereum and Bitcoin) . But MIning is of course kind of second order internal driver, because of its fundamental integration in the algorithm but people dont have to valueate it after mining-costs on the other hand network-sisze will ALWAYS be valued, there will never be any million.nodes big network without a representing market value = impossible. But there can be a highly cost-inefficient Bitcoin network with low market cap. First you have to proof that mining-economy correlates with valuation 🙂

  25. It's a good thing that you specify that it is only your opinion, because it is just that, an opinion.

    For true investors, hearing an argument like "it is the new gold" simply confirms the extent to which your product has absolutly no capacity to produce anything. You might want also to link cryptocurrency to Arts and Paintings. It is worth millions today because someone is willing to pay millions. What if nobody wants to buy your gold, paintings, cryptocurrency ? You are left with a worthless object, serving you absolutly no good.

    On the other hand, true investors understood long ago that what creates value is the capacity to create a stream of income, nevertheless how many people wants to buy it. So if we go back to our previous example, and say you own a share of Microsoft, and no body wants to buy your share, what happens ? You are left with a share paying you quaterly dividends and that can expand its revenue and thus even increase overtime that cashflow you are receiving. Same thing with real estate… If no body wants to buy your building, no issue, rent it and collect the cashflow produced by the asset you own.

    Bitcoin is not an investment. It is a piece of art you are willing to pay and hoping to seel it to someone willing to pay more. It is a pretty sad story in the end for all those naive people thinking their are cool because they own bitcoins or other useless cryptocurrencies.

  26. God, I cant tell you how tired I am hearing from you shillers how "BITCOIN will rise sharply in next few weeks." Do you know how many times I have heard this BS from you shillers?!? Like every day another of you comes out with this kind of statement, and of course nothing happens….. Please stop shilling!

  27. i think the bulls running the other direction for some time

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  30. I disagreed with your prediction when it came out. So many people called for the beginning of the bull market, but I disagreed due to the fact that we have not had a period of accumulation and consolidation first. I have never seen a bull market jump straight out of a bear slide in the history of the crypto or stock market. Are you familiar with the 4 stages of development with the markets, and do you agree with the theory of how all of these stages are necessary before a runup can occur? I would love to hear your opinion, not saying that I'm right, but just my best guess/opinion. Looking forward to your view!

  31. Overall I agree that BTC is a great investment, but I think we're looking at a continuation of the bear market right now.

  32. Using YouTube to create a podcast with random images that provide no information is not a great model.
    And the information provided is very very vague, not very useful and in some parts just wrong.
    I understand you want to be part of the crypto-hype and get views in the channel, but quality content is always better that empty hype.
    Show some charts, numbers, actual news, details…

  33. No idea why this channel still appears in my feed.

    Honestly, this channel is a complete joke. Constant bullish mode. No thought or analysis applied to the videos. It's all hype and frankly you've been wrong time and time again. Just lay low. Get it a rest. The ratio of likes to dislikes tells the story.

  34. 1 bitcoin will be Worth 30.000.000 dollar in 2020!!!!

  35. Guess we all want it to jump to $25 000 at least

  36. Yes and it did two days after the world cup

  37. boojum
    Goooooooooo to moon
    After the World Cup is just over for just 10 days