BREAKING OUT!! Triple Bottom & The 20-Day EMA [Bitcoin Today Again]

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Crypto Information Today: We broke out above the 20-day exponential shifting common that we’ve got been speaking about SO MUCH! I exploit technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make my Bitcoin value prediction. Is the triple backside exhibiting it is energy? Or is it the falling wedge inside a falling wedge? Nicely, bullish value motion is seen within the Bitcoin chart, so to study extra, watch the video!

1:16 20-Day EMA
three:57 Triple Bottom Replace
four:50 2 Wedges
6:04 Fundamentals

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  1. 1:16 20-Day EMA!!
    3:57 Triple Bottom Update
    4:50 Falling Wedges
    6:04 Fundamentals

  2. God Job Carl! Nice to see bitcoin finally going up!

  3. Hey carl, can we say that the gap on today future chart have filled the one of june 11?

  4. Only time he is rite is when he talks about what already happened

  5. Thanks Carl! Listen everyday either to or from work. Great non-biased TA!

  6. I think BTC will go upto 8500-9000 then reversal will start. What do you think Carl? Thanks for your videos.

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  8. what about dead cross>? bro ??

  9. Please talk about neo and icx!

  10. Thanks for making a video about my 21 day EMA comment from your previous video!!! 🙂

  11. Cant wait to see you TOMORROWWW!

  12. It's gonna feel good to start buying again.

  13. so another bull trap..

  14. Thanks for the additional video he TA was appreciated although some goes over my head I think I am gathering the basics. Are we allowed to ask for an opinion on Alt coins? If yes I am interested in understanding what as happened to GAS and Lympio from their most recent high about a month or so ago. Yes I live by DYOR but what does that mean in understanding the contrasting declines of these wo. You are definitely in my top five for regular viewing and likes. Hallam in always sunny Barbados.

  15. How is that not a descending triangle? Looks to me like it broke support and it is testing old support as resistance.

  16. Technical analysis is so trash

  17. Hehehehe! Nice to see you in the afternoon. I was going to comment on your morning video.
    we closed above the 20 ema but your posted this video first. Congrats!!

  18. carl is taking the time out of his day twice to deliver this info for free. Thanks man.

  19. Nah, dead cat bounce. It’ll drop eventually down between 4500-5000 before the real bull run begins. This is just bots playing.

  20. You think these whales dont know how to pump the market on the 20 day to make people fomo in?

  21. Fake bulls. Btc will go down to 5400$ Also you have to have atleast 2 candles above 20 ema before you can even start talking about bullrun.

  22. What happened to Bart?
    The side of his face blew off

  23. I thought it was a mistake! Thanks for a double dose of Carl. Change your bloody shirt too x

  24. Two videos in one day? This is madness!! ?

  25. 80K BTC Sold this morning by 6th biggest BTC Account. Apart from that there is low volume so wreaks of a bull trap to me.

  26. Funny how all those people who just a week ago were so convinced next stop was 3k are all of a sudden completely silent…

  27. As the Gordan Ramcy of crypto i just want to say "I told you so 3 Days ago". The Bear have had the fear of loss put in them and are not wanting to test the bulls for fear of losing what they have gained. They will test again around 7.4k but i feel they will lose.

  28. iTs the bigfoots that are in control not bull or bear

  29. Wanna hear you tell everyone about the next Bigfoot run

  30. I agree ‘b’. Love your stuff. Thx

  31. Jsecoin for the best future.
    Believed or not it's ur choice :')
    why i choose ? this coin it so unique FOR ME. why ?
    u can searched on ur browser 😀

    thx 😀

  32. New Russian military research lab started
    Next stop 50k.. This gonna cross ATH

  33. you're wasting your breath my friend: I told you last week and I''m telling you again. the trend (short-term) has been confirmed and we're GOING TO $4200/BTC! no Ifs or Buts about it. We WILL skyrocket after that yes…….BUT THIS IS NOT THE BOTTOM! NOT YET

  34. We are dropping down to 5200s after 6600ish…I'm totally bearish on BTC (still)

  35. hey, great but no mention of volume.

  36. hopefully it can break the 60 weekly rsi, if not another bear short term or even breaking market structure and go down even further

  37. Wow your talking fast here

  38. Leute hier könnt ihr täglichen einen crypto coin for free abholen und diesen handeln :)Veruschen kostet nichts, viel Erfolg!

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  40. NICE!!! 😀 We are beginning to have interesting volume spikes, more often than not, and now the prices seem to have stopped bleeding. This should confirm the very possible Tripple Bottom 🙂 I'm excited! Hope thise continues!

  41. Haha what in the hell is this?

    You have no f idea what you are talking about dude, for the love of god, please stop posting videos like these, imagine if someone would be stupid enough to listen to your advice, that would be devastating!

  42. People hate big ideas, because it threatens their ego! One of the big ideas of the century! Crypto, and with it comes a big transition!