Is Bitcoin REALLY in a Bear Market?

Is Bitcoin formally in a bear market. The proof suggests an attention-grabbing conclusion. I clarify in the video.

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  1. Love your content very much, right to the point, concise and promoting thinking.

  2. I love your explanation man.. It's clear as daylight. Sharp and straight to the point. Any good trading tools?

  3. Its Pakistan Stocks ,which is either the most profitable or the most loss ,
    Cause remember its the 4 Largest country, with population of ~210 Million people.
    And more Sanctions on I.R. Pakistan are ,not very useful. It will bounce back in Pakistan's favour. Weapons & Gun Market looks very promising in Pakistan.

  4. Too much lines on a graph – your better than this

    All that energy and passion and all you have for us is “there is uncertainty here” don’t know if we are in a bear or a bull

    I could get that advice from my dog!

  5. What's the intro song? I've heard it but can't remember

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  7. Anyway we hold bitcoin. We believe it. Soon this trade will change to up.

  8. Great videos. Thanks for such a professional work

  9. Bitcoin will do whatever the ultrarich banksters who run the NSA [who created it] want it to do…. i.e. they want blockchain to be the future global currency/slavery so since all crypto still depends on Bitcoin then Bitcoin can not fail. It will go back up. You heard it here first, suckers.

  10. Hey alessio. Thanks for your input. Now BTC has broken the "foundation" again since yesterday, you think we have a reversal?

    I am very curious of your opinion cause i still read a lot of pessimistic reviews.


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  12. Excellent content – Thanks a lot Alessio

  13. which exchange you are using to do graphical analysis?

  14. Real currencies don't go up and down like yoyos

  15. LOL this video is the exact reason why BTC and crytpo will NEVER become mainstream… you openly lie and deceive without battering an eyelid

  16. Did it really go below the lows of february? Back in february i was watching the dip and the price on binance hit 5800 for 1 second with a very fast wick from 6000 to 5800 which was back then also visible on the charts. Now on the higher time frames this wick is not visible any more.

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  18. The November 2017 low (a strong test of the Sept 2017 high, which had been successfully broken on October 12 2017) and the Feb 2018 low are close to each other. Very likely BTC will now bottom BETWEEN those two lows. And we already have at least three clear pushes down in the current (from late April 2018) swing. Ripe for a swing up to 10K, 12K, 17K and a re-test of the all time high. At which point we may see something very interesting happen between BTC and BCH.

  19. Good content man! Could you do a video on gold/ silver or don't you cover metals?

  20. Hi… I love your videos.. Learning a lot from it. This one was also very good. Thanks for giving the effort and sharing all these. I have 2 questions… 1. what is the software or the platform you're using. On Binance I cannot put all those EMA21/100/200s. There they have only 7EMA, 25EMA and 99 EMA. 2. for Bitcoin I still see those EMAs pointing downtrend except that of EMA(7) but for MACD It seems that it will cross to the upper part of the graph. How can I relate MACD and EMAs?

  21. What about moving averages in a bear market. What happens when their scope passes the ATH and goes lowwer. Then there is possiblity for death crosses and also change in their alignment. Isn't it a signal we are close to a decisive moment and maybe a change of the trend also?

  22. If you draw a line from last two major highs since march this year then around 8230 is an area we need to break and hold if
    bitcoin is going to get things turned around I think.

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  24. Thank you, Alessio. Very concise, informative and always brings value to your followers. My question is if those Moving Averages are all (Simple Moving Average?) Have you already done a video on EMA/SMA/ Support/Resistance or Fib levels? Keen to learn more about your setup and how you find those levels so accurately.

  25. Hi Sir. Can you please share us which will be the best duration-chart to do TA.? Thanks in advance.

  26. Dope! From my individual perspective, you are doing fantastic work 🙂 Thank you. I am looking for analysis on Bitcoin and DeepOnion. Your video matches my expectation. Keep it up.

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  28. Thank you for making sense! Do you offer a course???? Please message me if you do.

  29. Ofcourse its in a bear market. Have I been looking at the wrong charts since 6 months? Its not even a question. No one is "assuming" its a bear market. Its a fucking bear market. Also it broke many months long sym triangle if youre looking for breaking of "market structure" . I mean yikes what a silly video.

  30. Heavy resistance at $6728 – long tail high volume node… only bullish we breakthrough with heavy volume.
    Price might go sideways or get rejected twice at $6700.
    Right now : Volume lower low – Price higher high – there is a bearish divergence…. if we don't breakthough $6700 with heavy volume… we will retrace hard. Overall still bearish.

  31. I liked this video..
    He pointed out the obvious..
    You can't "buy the dips" on the way down ?
    Someone should tell Nic M. (DataDash) this because that's all he kept spouting this year .. "Buy the dips"… ??? What a plonker; leading so many new people into wreck and ruin.

    I don't agree with everything Alessio says, but at least we know his head is screwed on the right way.

  32. Clear definition – thx!!

  33. finally got to see the whole content of this video… good stuff bud!

  34. Exit dump everything.. Its going to 1000$ probably not even that…

  35. BTC goes to 3K. Thank me later.