Bitcoin to 10K – Critical Signals Emerge

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  1. Excellent video! Can’t wait for to be featured on your upcoming videos. Particl projects are certainly promising. Here are some: decentralized marketplace, cold-staking, ringct on mainnet particl community and devs interaction on telegram and more to come.. #BePART

  2. My favorite video is technical analysis.

  3. A lot of people are projecting a fall to 4500 ish levels short-term, but you seem to be more bullish. Think you're nailing it though. That was an impressive call, wish i had watched it a day earlier, would have saved me some money.

  4. My favourite videos are when you are bullish on Bitcoin, no matter how long its going to take. Id like to see videos on the use case scenario for crypto's too 🙂 I thoroughly enjoy your videos, Thank you from the U.K

  5. Spot on I’m getting closer to signing up for the classes

  6. Is there any discounts for broke crypto investors

  7. Best channel on YouTube been watching for months and believe you can actually make money from free videos so can imagine the classes must be amazing

  8. Always on the money Go Steve Go a true genuine man at last

  9. Like always, thank u for shaeing sir ❤❤!

  10. I think one of the indicators of bitcoin is the weather and the current attention of people in cryptocurrency.

    First the weather, if it's hot then bitcoin can get low because of the massive machine miners worldwide is affected by the hot weather this summer but as the winter comes the miners can overclock it. It is more complicated than that but that is my simple way of explaining it.

    The attention if people is crucial for the trend to come by, as of now compare to last year we need to have a great timing after the FIFA, FIBA and other current sports where the planet right now is on focus. So after the sports festival that shit will go up.

  11. learning video's where you explain why stuff happends up or down doesnt mather

  12. My fav video is when you teach us something new about TA, like how to use a specific indicator.

  13. Buying BTC when it is low, will sell at 9500.00 ?? Hold then rebuy when it dips. Sell high , buy low. Basically that is what your teaching? Enjoy your Energy and attitude. Thanks.

  14. Btc bull run finally started
    2018 count down to 50k started

  15. There is not a certain type of video that I like to see in particular. Exploring many channels the last year I like this one most as you're not so hyped up about a specific coin today while burning it to the ground another. Also the fact that you do not promote unless you are able to say everything you want to say, positive or negative. The helicopter view, the big picture is what helps me the most currently, furthermore looking at the indicators and your explanation behind it. I'm down way too much in my portfolio to sign up and likely the next run will get me back to zero again but I'm sure the intermediate/advance class could bring me in a better position during the next Bullrun 🙂 Signed up for mailing list, was a sub on YT almost all this year. Anyways, thanks for the free advice so far, appreciate it!

  16. Please analyze the best cryptos that you think would have the most potential, IAN KING is the crypto specialist for Banyanhill investing has some great recomendations, its a paid membership that cost quite a bit. but he has some very interesting coion recomendations.

  17. You say we have "bullish divergence" (Regular bullish=LOWER LOWS/HIGHER LOWS – price goes UP) but you are discirbing a "Hidden Bearish Divergence" (LOWER HIGHS/HIGHER HIGH = Price goes DOWN). Or am I wrong?

  18. U're a supper star in btc analises

  19. Bitcoin the new Amway haaa suckers

  20. Hey Steve, how's it going my man!!! I was just wondering, how well do you think Litecoin will do? I've been watching it and waiting for it to fall so I can buy into it as well. Do you think you can tell us how it will fair or not fair? Or don't even worry about it??? Please let me know and thanks!!