One key level bitcoin needs for a comeback to happen: Technician

Is bitcoin in a no-man’s land? What is the breaking level? With Robert Sluymer, Fundstrat World Advisors, CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Quick Cash merchants, Pete Najarian, Tim Seymour, David Seaburg and Man Adami.

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  1. The big banks will go under when all the people don't pay back the loans they took to buy crypto. So keep it up banksters, it's your funeral. Can't fight the future.

  2. I think I got all that….but just in case……….I wasn't listening. Can you repeat everything all over again??

  3. Only way to beat the whales is to HOLD!!

  4. LTC looking like a good steak


  6. just Hodl people and you get rewarded 🙂

  7. big media spread fud before they buy, giving good news after bought coins

  8. what a bunch of douchebags

  9. CNBC fake news,hodlers keep your crypto equity !

  10. Tone Vays blows these guys away. They don’t know squat.

  11. we r still up 3x from last year.which stock market gives that much return?long term hodlers always win

  12. So funny people getting worried. Is not if bull market happens with Bitcoin and other good ALt cryptos, it is when. By end of 2018 will be a least between $10k to $15k.

  13. Mainstream news is reporting it??? Time to do the opposite!!!

  14. WHAT I'VE NOTICED: When Bitcoin goes down, she gains pounds.

  15. Who are these noname Television puppets 😂

  16. 0xBitcoin is the implementation of Bitcoin in Solidity and is the first decentralized ERC20 token for Ethereum. It is an open source community project, not led by an official team or corporation, and therefore does not have ICO capital or other vast amounts of currency/capital that a centralized token project would have. We believe as a community that decentralization is the true flavor of the blockchain and that is the architecture that provides open and transparent trust for users. We also believe that Ethereum and ERC20 tokens are a significant segment of the future of blockchain technology.

  17. 6600 on July 30th candle stick to brake the downtrend channel. Please tell the people to not buy fraudulent ICOs. Look if there is an ICO telling people to buy because it will go up. And I isn't true. Everything is going down with BTC so it is fraud right f on its conception. And if people are buying and busy trading this other NEW coins then they are not buying BTC those the price is going down. NEO is okay ETH XRP TRON XLM and a bunch of relatively already stabling coins but everyday we get a new coin that ends up being for the most part a scam. LTC is okay.

  18. Can I guess, can I guess, can I!!!!? Please!!! It’s all these people seem to be doing, and the one that is closest to their 'guess' is invited back on the show at a later date. I say $1k by the end of the year. Please let me know if I won come 1/1/2019. And I’ll give you my next prediction at that time. Now, someone else guess $10K by year end. One of us is sure to be on the news telling people how to invest their own money.

  19. These people don't even know what Bitcoin is. Get your news on industry from those that know. This isn't a stock. It's not in their wheelhouse.

  20. I wrote a blog 6 months ago predicting that crypto would fall because of the lack of security against hackers. I got hacked myself and decided to not buy any more until I felt it was safe to own it. I still do not feel safe buying it. Until crypto is fully secure against hackers then it will not be adopted by the mainstream. Banks are hacked daily but the have insurance to claim it back. Crypto does not.

  21. Bitcoin old technology, IOTA is the futur. He he he!!

  22. hi am we are freelance team and we build ctypto exchange sites connect me for more info

  23. If it's low, buy more. If it's going up… buy more… dollar cost average and these numbers won't matter 10 years from now.

  24. If the USDT manipulation was true, it would have surged on the 250m issue

  25. Oh my god now the talking heads are crypto experts lol. Well tell them to look at what happened in 2011 and 2014. They said the sky was falling then also.