The Case For A $35k Bitcoin / Bitconnect Wife Missing / 250 Million Tether Released / Bitmain Power

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Please watch: “💥Boooom! Coinbase Custody Launches- Markets Soar! / BTCC Chinese language Trade Reopens!”


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  1. Thanks for the mention! I truly find it easy to be bullish on BTC. More investors on a fixed asset equal higher demand and higher prices. I'm working on a follow up to the ETF article later in the week/weekend. Current article available here

  2. Did you call us SEXY….. Damn Omar feeling hot lmao, always good to see your positive energy brother. 🙂

  3. EOS is Looking SEXY…………..

  4. Omar please check my last video and why no one see how bitcoin futures play with market and you might find a way how will be in future.

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  5. John bailed with millions he probably bumped wife as divorce was on horizon

  6. Still driving in circles?

  7. Wow she’s been missing since March, hmmmm! He’s not looking good! Sorry to say it but I’m a realist and not looking good for her as well! Thx O!

  8. Bitmain wouldn’t do any harm to bitcoin, as it would damage their core business, so I see no rationale for that. Also, regarding 35k usd btc price, it is pure speculation and wishful thinking with no grounds at this moment. Like me saying if I have 1 mil usd, I would do this and this.. well, I don’t have, so why bother thinking what I would do in that case…

  9. Good content on seeing the other side of trading pairs. I think Btc has gotten invaded by Wall street, maybe the banks, and whales who like to control the market. I think Tether or any other 1$ trading pair is crucial for moving this market forward so we are not so reliable on Btc. The best projects will then win out just like amazon or apple that started small. To much in fighting cause of Btc and the average person is turned off talking about it, it almost creates a negative vibe when you hear it. I think better technologies are out there and just like new smarter computers we need them for better advancements in the world. If Btc is just for store of value I think more people will just stock pile it and hold it like some are saying it is good for and in the long run it will gradually climb. IMO its to slow and expensive for trading pairs. I want the average investors to come back and not worry about this big institutional money so much, it got this market in trouble this year already no more need for corruption. Appreciate you always man much love God bless

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  11. Hey Hey Heeeey, have you seen my wife??? not cool to rob a 1.5 million users thats for sure

  12. Bitconnect was a scam, and the consequences were coming. Ultimately, people have murdered for less.

  13. Fuck these hype Crpyto YouTubers. You are a real one. 🥊

  14. Its dangerous to drive and record a video. Impressionable Teenagers might be watching this video.

  15. It will be the husband who made her disappear – 9/10 it always is

  16. Please Donate some bitcoins please! I greatly appreciate it!

  17. Thanks for the video bro. Let me hear that sweet engine!

  18. Your right about September 👍😎

  19. clif high predicted the bitconnect news

  20. bitcoin double spend will involve the now scammy as shit bitcoin wallet EDGE

  21. Miners will just move to other bitcoin pools. We have seen this already when bitmain got close to 50% hash power. The beauty of a free market 😉


  23. ha – I made it 999 likes – thats the UK emergency services phone number… sounds about right currently… not sure which service we need tho – "fire", "ambulance", "piggy piggy, oink oink"… !?!?!? 🙂

  24. Just curious to know, what car is it that you are driving in this video ? Cheers

  25. I'll say it again – wicked vid !!! Cheers for sharing !!! 🙂


  27. Wow…this story about the Australian Bitconnect director is a DEFINITE WebBot hit…!!!

  28. You seem kind of sad, today, Omar!?

  29. Perhaps in the future, we should be able to CHOOSE who we wish to verify our btc transactions….
    Just a thought.

  30. The bitconnect debacle and all the aftermath seems like a potential documentary that will hit Netflix in a few years.

  31. any solid tether alternative that can be in cold wallet??

  32. I saw one of your posts on Steemit when I realized I haven't seen any of your Youtube videos lately. It looks like Youtube UNSUBBED ME from your channel because I sure as hell didn't. Shady shady………

  33. Awesome glitch music video about bitcoin and it’s history. Don’t give up! #HODL
    Bitcoin runs this town!!! #BTC

  34. Stop calling me "sexy", man. I'm not supposed to have these kinds of feelings for other YouTubers! Clouds my crypto judgement!!!

  35. Dude, you look like the offspring of a Mesut Ozil and David Blaine.

  36. No body deserves to die over money? Isn't this 90%of the reason crimes are committed no different than wars started over resources. To be politically correct yea you are right Omar and I guess within bitconnect fine print it probably stated one could lose all their capital even still people out their lost it all with that scam.

  37. I bet gemini will do it before coinbase.

  38. This Douche has no idea what he is talking about…

  39. He kill her for the money, i bet he got life insurance on her.

  40. Good looks for keeping the vids going Omar

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  42. Could you please give your thoughts on LEDU Token. I just heard that they have burning of tokens in July.Is this the right time to buy?

  43. bloody days but you allways motivate with your vids….smash

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  45. I told you, when you fuck with the mob's money. They going to pay big.

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  47. Crypto is dead bro. Bitcoin is never going to 20 again

  48. You know what really sucks, you are promoting a Ponzi as you make this video. What does that make you but a hypocrite scumbag. Fomo3d and the Team Just affiliate you have with them is no different then Bitconnect, shame on you and they kind of people like you, you represent what is wrong with crypto and hold back it's future.