Bitcoin Crashing!! Why?? [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Evaluation & Bitcoin Information Immediately: Bitcoin is falling, and even crashing proper now. Why? I take advantage of technical evaluation to attempt to perceive what is occurring with the Bitcoin worth proper now. Are we seeing a breakout via the descending triangle, or a false breakout out of the triple backside? Was this all a part of the Bitcoin manipulation? Watch the video to study my opinion!

zero:50 Bitcoin
2:48 Manipulation?
5:32 Triple Backside Useless??
9:12 False Breakout?

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  1. 0:50 Bitcoin
    2:48 Manipulation?
    5:32 Triple Bottom Dead??
    9:12 False Breakout?

  2. Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy and “Buy when the blood is running in the streets, even if it is your own”

  3. Where is the bottom? My liquidation price is $4250.

  4. bro 90% of analyst fucked everything!

  5. u was one of them hate to say that

  6. Relax moon…please refer to wycoff accumulation.this is clearly institutional and market markers fishing for stop losses in a low volume market to load up on cheap BTC.This is how big money accumulates.we will rise soon enough

  7. with all my respect Btc analyst are LOL

  8. Here are a few fundamental reasons why BTC has been falling:
    – mtgox trustee still has over 100K BTC to liquidate
    – South Korean crackdown last year cockblocked the mania (a ton of demand came from South Korean nerds)
    – Hard forks + altcoins = inflation. Why would a conservative investor put money into BTC if it can be copied (devalued) a million times over? The investor base is inevitably restricted to young kids with more risk tolerance.
    – It is no longer the cool new thing. It has been around for over 9 years at this point.
    – BTC is not private, people are starting to figure this out.
    – BTC is not scalable, people are starting to figure this out.
    – BTC is not being used by poor migrant farmers for remittance at all, never has, never will be, and people are starting to figure this out.
    – What matters is not whether the coverage is good or bad, but coverage. BTC is being less and less covered everyday (I read numerous papers everyday including the NYT, Washington Post, and the WSJ). It definitely has been getting less coverage. This isn't a conspiracy, people are just sick of hearing about it now. It needs to be off the radar for a while before people get interested again. Think of your favorite meal. If you ate it every day for a year straight, you probably would want to eat something else for a while.

    With that being said, I do not think this was the last bubble.

  9. Cheers Carl…keep up the good work

  10. wow something interesting just happened. look at the massive green candle! It looks like the bulls have put a really hard temp stop to this down trend. I am not saying it will change the trend but it is the biggest green candle we have seen for a while and shows the bears may be losing the battle but the war is still up for grabs. this starts to make me think we WILL see a huge reversal. So technically the triple bottom is dead but as far as sentiment does it still have legs. meaning it was a clear sign of what is to come? OK i am now willing to say maybe this could be the bottom. 3k looked like a real possibility but now if we see a few more of these—-? this could be a change in wind patters. the next 24 hour will tell us so look for big ups or downs before wed morning Asian time, to give us a clearer direction. the war goes on and the bulls are not willing to give up so easy. Hey carl maybe it time for the perma-bull talk. for real!

  11. Retailers left market only traders left trading among themselves. Same money circling the wagon

  12. I think we got to agree that we are in a bear market till end of the year…

  13. You mustve put a huge leverage to get liq'd so soon. Its a shame since the green candle came right after hitting your stop loss. Dont think id ever dare putting my liq price 200 below already breaking resistance. Maybe 5500ish at highest.

  14. reason BTC is dying is because of the lightning network which is not what you think it is!

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  16. Great video. You are one of the better T/A YouTubers. Thanks

  17. Bro Japan made strict regulations with exchanges check news

  18. Many hodlers are getting rid of coins and we don't have any new investors or hodlers

  19. This technical analysis is out of touch with "reality" …

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  21. It will either go up, down or stay the same. Charts are like reading horoscopes.

  22. Don't forget about the big picture in cryptocurrency, because in the end, people accept it as money right? Then it has value, end of story.