Hidden Secret Behind Bitcoin’s Recent Crash

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  2. Could you please cover LTC and XRP next? Love your work!

  3. How many of the top 100 do you think are scams?

  4. Can you please cover DGB coin

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  6. Congrats Steve!you are great teacher

  7. Can you cover BNB please! Thank U

  8. You can make profits in cryptos down market without shorting (so hurting your long positions) with Spectre digital options on cryptos : http://bit.ly/2IEkmaRK Good for hedging strategy too.

  9. Thanks for this video! I was eyeing ELA Elastos partnering with NEO and ONT and was rated high in China. Thank you!

  10. Fantastic education you are giving to me and others.

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  12. It was $2000 last june it's no secret its overvalued.

  13. so being a risk-taker isn't a good strategy?

  14. Thanks Steve… appreciate you very much!

  15. Always stay positive! Right now I'm just looking at new projects called Deedcoin and Muirfield IP for Real estate and Airstayz for travel and Holo thats an alt but looks interesting.

  16. technically the bear market lasted from 2013 to 2017 when we broke $1000 again, so I think we've still got some years in a bull market and this is more of a dip, the volume is much greater these days.

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  18. doing a fantastic job of educating the new and enthusiastic crypto believers

  19. An 85% BTC worst case scenario is $3,000. Now that is scary ?. Although it will only be at that price briefly. While you are not at a computer or asleep lol ?

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  21. Thanks. Appreciate your no nonsense analysis.

  22. Why do you say we haven't seen a bear market for nine years? How about 2013-2014?Everybody is comparing this year's bear market to 2013.The charts look spot on.