‘Fast Money’ trader Brian Kelly says bitcoin isn’t dead yet

“Quick Cash” trader Brian Kelly on why he is nonetheless bullish on bitcoin.

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  1. Please revisit this in a few weeks and read your comments. It will be educational.

  2. If you HODL forever, all you get out if it is an empty wallet and a fake sense of wealth.
    And if you actually try to cash in, most will get back a lot less than they put in.

  3. Bitcoin will drop until it reaches 5250 USD by the end of October 2018.
    Please learn the meaning of support and resistance lines before you comment on the future of Bitcoin.

  4. Mad money is a joke. Why do people watch this.. man I hate the human race sometimes

  5. BK, good info. You should use less cocaine before on air recording though, you're a little too hyper. LOL.

  6. It has been dead like 96 times now?

  7. The CBOT futures contract is only 1 BTC CME is only 5 BTC. Get a clue people!

  8. You cannot compare BTC's past performance with today. When BTC lost 80% of its value in 2013 or 2012 or 2011 – it had nearly 100% market share, it did not have full blocks, it had room to grow, adoption was growing, transaction fees were less than $0.02, it did not have the competition it has today from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other coins. So it recovered then multiplied in value on top. Today? The blocks are always full, businesses are dropping BTC, adoption is decreasing, we get transaction backlogs daily which increases fees to over $1-5. BTCs market share is hovering at 38%. Oh no, I would not be so confident that BTC will recover so quickly. Almost everyone in the BCH community was a HUGE bitcoin btc supporter. We put a lot of money and energy into the ecosystem. Now that we have moved to BCH – so has the money and the energy with it. BTC in my very humble opinion is actually worth very little, certainly less than $1,000 – and probably not too far from $0. What good is a currency that breaks the more you use it? Yes, a currency with $50 fees is broken.

  9. Bitcoin will continue to drop bigtime by the end of 2018!

  10. Don't listen to the hype, follow the long term trend! The future is good for bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

  11. But BK's credibility in this space probably is! BTC has broken through all technical support, no triple bottom, and headed below $5K. Maybe institutional money is actually heavily shorting the market and will resurrect it (with their own mining farms) once all the smaller retailers are shaken out? Total retail capitulation is near!

  12. And before you have Roger Ver or Charlie Lee on the show, or even let BK speak about this topic, let's have some contrarians (Peter Schiff) or bears (Tone Vays) on your show who actually know what they're talking about!

  13. bears to lion omfg cnbc.

  14. There were plenty of flash crashes like this in previous years

  15. This is a complete joke

  16. BTC coming back too 8000 and then go down too 5000 and again and again

  17. Lol. CNBC and Fundstraat shilling it since 10K. Pantera capital said it was a 'screaming buy' at 9.6K. When will they realise it's a bubble pop

  18. Take the word “Yet” out your sentence.

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  21. Omfg, do people really bealive this kind of crapy fake news. What a retards

  22. Imagine all the effort trying to make a dead horse look alive. lmao cnbc – shameless as usual

  23. always do the opposite of what media tells you to do? They're sayin Bitcoin isn't dead? Now I'm more convinced than ever it is. Just sold my remaining BTC and cashing out.

  24. lol the B.K his analysis are always rubbish…. lol from January to consensus to June

  25. Wow there's big news russian military opened blockchain research lab
    bitcoin finally going full mode bull run.. It seems price going now to 25k soon or 50k

  26. You people should be incriminated to convince people of buying xrp when it was at its top.

  27. Folks Blockchain technology is revolutionary and its changing the world.