How Bitcoin Could Reach $100,000 FAST

What are a very powerful components in the case of growing the worth of Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies? What would it not take for the value to succeed in $100,000?

For my part, it would not take a lot. We simply want the very richest on this planet to shift a portion of their wealth into crypto.

That is what I focus on on this video.

DISCLAIMER: That is NOT monetary recommendation. I’m simply providing my opinions. I’m not answerable for any funding selections that you simply select to make.

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  1. Thanks for this dude! Bitcoin is definitely going up soon! Just watch. ???

  2. we really need a crash and much lower prices to dump the weak holders. everyone is way too 'bull is around the corner' at the moment.

  3. Another 17 billion stolen. Whales are pulling out before they're broke. Bitcoin being robbed 3x in under a few mths on a grand scale has just killed itself. Best to wait untill a more secure solution is in place before investing/trading.

  4. This guy getting paid to tell lies. The charts don’t lie. It’s all coming to a bitter end. Don’t be a fool. Invest in acbff in stocks. The marijuana boom is happening and it’s the only real thing here to stay. People get paid to promote this stuff. Do not believe them

  5. Bitcoin is never leaving. It’ll be $1M+ eventually. There’s $90 T on earth and 21M BTC. Do the math.

    DigiByte Developed DigiShield, which Bitcoin Cash, Z Cash, Dogecoin among about 30 others use. DigiByte is a UTXO, like Bitcoin and Litecoin

    I wouldn’t be buying tokens right now. Unless it’s pure utility (AGI Token). Wouldn’t want to be holding a bag of securities in the U.S.

    DigiByte is so undervalued it’s insane…

    It is mineable, decentralized, and launched without an ICO. It can run DApps also on its Blockchain. Transaction speeds will reach 280,000 transactions per second. Mining algorithms (5) adjust mining difficulty in real time to prevent attacks, vs bitcoin which takes weeks.

    It is aimed at cyber security, IOT, and digital currency. All of those markets will be huge.

    I talk to the Core team all the time personally, and they know what they’re doing. Our roadmap can be found at

    DigiByte is also being invited to some very large schools, most of which I’ll keep private until it’s officially announced. The founder, Jared Tate, has spoken and Harvard and MIT, and is going to NYU in the fall.

  6. I disagree. The current corrupt system works just fine for the top 1%, and they don't give a flying f*ck about BTC. In the first 8 years BTC grew like crazy even without the "help" of our rich friends; why would we bend over backwards now to invite them in? They have already rigged the fiat monopoly game to their advantage and the only thing that can spark their interest in BTC is if they feel threatened. They will feel threatened only if mass adoption grows exponentially and we rewire the economy in a better way which will leave them out of the new system. If the bottom 50% adopt BTC they will quickly move up the ladder while the "top" 50% stagnate and keep spinning in the same closed loop. BTC gives you financial freedom, and freedom gives you equal opportunity. Most revolutions come from grass roots movements, not from the top.

  7. Sucker title! I got goxed! Thumbs down 98

  8. How Thomas can learn how to suck dick? Cryptos are GAY!

  9. Will buy when is a little deeper about $3000 maybe $2700 then will sky ? #Fact and not a wishful thinking.

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  11. Guys I swear I just got free $4256_real money from this_amazing website>>>> Try once.

  12. Greetings from Tonga – Hey Louis – Not enough people think beyond their own investment so thanks for giving people some food for thought. I think that the "bottom 50%" of the global populous will benefit first from other underlying blockchain use cases before the BTC type $ benefits are felt. I think that the gateway for the "poor" will be via mobile tech and although I have been in many places where there is little to no mobile penetration it is crazy how quickly that is changing. Sadly I don't think that the top ##% of wealth could give a toss about the lower quarters and while they can keep making money of the men in the middle they will be happy enough to remain with the status quo. Anyway cheers again J

  13. we are far from mass adaptation of bitcoin & other cryptocurrency.

  14. We will see a $1000 bitcoin before we see any bull run up

  15. $100k yes – but not soon. Maybe on Lightning and on Regulations…

  16. With the new Japanese regulation, it will drop to $100.

  17. i saw bitcoin go up by 4000 dollers in ten mins anything can happen.

  18. I think the down votes are coming from the click bait title – just a thought

  19. As soon as you think about Bitcoin as digital Gold, a borderless bearer asset, rather than a crypto-currency, it has a genuine value proposition. The argument for Bitcoin being somehow virtuous distribution of wealth is intellectually dishonest. The harsh reality is, the top few hundred accounts own 20% of the supply and the fixed supply encourages hoarding and speculation, rather than spending in the economy.

  20. If you want to pump Bitcoin, appeal to ppls self-interest. Using shame and guilt makes crypto seem like a cult. The big money will be piling in regardless if Bitcoin can make it past the magic 10 year secure network. The big money will come from offshore and derivatives and commodities markets.

  21. Why you do this. We already lost our money. Should not feed the scam.

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  23. We've seen the highs for Bitcoin. It's south from here. It will take a biblical amount of new money to get back to the $20K level, let alone past it. Every single higher level will be met with a wall of sellers who are trying to breakeven after being sucked into the bubble. Regulators the world over are cracking down, and it's getting harder to advertise on social media to find new buyers. There's a lot more competition now for new buyers too because there's so many new crypto projects. The walls are closing in on Bitcoin and this generation of cryptocurrencies, and it won't be long until we have a complete crash in the crypto market. Mark my words, there will be a day of total, WWE-style smackdown capitulation whereby the market collapses 50% or more.

  24. Your voice calms me down and provides reassurance

  25. BTC will smash all of the fudders by itself and it’s good that crap (shit coins and Crap people) is getting flushed out

  26. ETF's will simply make bitcoin easier for institutional money to short. You really don't want to go there…

  27. Stop talking about the poorest people in the world you worm.
    Your pathetic little worm brain does not know or care about any of the bottom 50% of humanity's poor, you are looking to chain these monetarily independent people into a global digital ponzi scheme.
    You ignorant deluded turd… you have no idea what you are talking about, who you are referring to or about the consequences of the first world finding another avenue to enslave the third world.

  28. making mony by videos is real

  29. can anyone donate me some btc, to start my first earning 🙂

  30. Email me directly via For some tips that will take you ahead in Bitcoin Mining, I have a software that can generate over 12.8BTC every week, This software is applicable to all blockchain wallet users only

  31. Could reach 0 aswell, just like you could die tomorrow,

  32. BTC is dead!!!! No usecase

  33. You forget that BTC should fix it’s consensus model. Since it’s kind of ruining our planet?

  34. Don't forget about the untapped wealth of those that don't even get to participate in a global economy. So much wealth is going to come into this and it will surprise us once interent keeps spreading and decent smart phones falling to literally a few dollars to buy.

    Crypto just needs to prove what it preaches but it takes time. The general investor always buys high, sells low. People think you're crazy for buying all time lows. The believers will reap the rewards.

  35. Louis have you checked out the ico for tpx networks? They are trying to do exactly this totipay app to get rid of the need of banks

  36. Lets phantom the idea that the extreme poor around the world started using Bitcoins, and here I am talking about places in Africa, and in Asia. I can't see Miners accepting and allowing transactions of $0.10 US (bitcoin equivalent) going through. They wont make any money. Also for those of us that don't believe that global worming is a hoax did you know that one transaction produces enough energy to power the average home for one week? Globally its not cost effective, example: Here is my $1, that took $10 to produce. (exact mathematics not done here). This is why I have 90% of my investment in IOTA. $0 transaction fee, and very little energy, Also block chain creates a bottle neck. Can you imagine today it already takes on average of 78 minutes for a Bitcoin transaction, imagine adding another 10million transactions per minute. Would you wait for over an hour to buy grocery imagine the line at the grocery store. The world keeps getting faster, imagine, machine to machine transaction. I cant see Bitcoin surviving or any block-chain for that matter… IOTA has the potential of going at the speed of light and quantum computer adaptable. What do you guys think?

  37. Bitcoin will definitely rise again invest with me now! The market will sky rocket so high you will be upset you did not get in!

  38. What is the best buy price of bitcoin at now low ? 5700 or should we wait more to fall

  39. Gold and silver are god's money. Cryptocurrency is the people's money. Fiat money is fake money. The people's money movement is the separation of money and state. The movement does not need any participation from corporations or regulators, or government. The revolution does not need fiat currency as a measure of comparison. The revolution will go into full swing when we realize that we can trade crypto against a measure of gold, or a measure of silver, or a kilowatt of energy, or a gallon of water. Fiat has already been destroyed and the only thing that keeps it alive is the illusion that is still has a measure of value. The answer to how this revolution makes it to the end goal is so simple it is already under our noses. Start trading goods for crypto.

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