Bitcoin Is Breaking BULLISH And I Called It! (Here’s How)

On this video I name a Bitcoin bullish breakout, which ended up having Bitcoin breakout just some minutes after I completed recording!
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  1. 5 to 10 years before the next major breakout happens

  2. I really can't see any breakout yet. This is purely a click bite video. It's bearish Man ?

  3. If you check Volume it looks like a couple Big shots bought alot twice. I checked at around 12-1pm my time and the first buy pushed up, then another. In between these purchases it goes sideways, has gone down a bit since. A couple whale buys doesn't give me any confidence in the market yet.

  4. Another reason why to sub to Jeb

  5. When Binance starts trading VTC & BTCP I mite use it.

  6. It was a 7 min pump only no volume follow through according to Dan from the Chart Guys

  7. Shut up it's always does this it'll fall again tomorrow
    You didn't call anything

  8. Why do traders keep messing with this thing, skimming off the top?! Are people THAT greedy that they can’t WAIT a year or so? C’mon, hold on and let MORE people benefit! Quit playing with it!

  9. You have no clue what you are talking about ???‍♂️

  10. This was manipulation you derps. It took all of 19 mins, still low volume… no takers

  11. your so good with those trend lines i literally now realize how much your drawings resemble properly holding a pair of chopsticks

  12. You should also check the trendline!

  13. Targets lock in …PS: Nice Work

  14. Big divergence this past week with bitcoin short interest way up as price went way down. Short squeeze now in play? But it's a battle, bulls vs bears….

  15. You call that a big jump? I call it a big joke.

  16. Binance is the Best!
    Yes BTC $8500 since everyone is bearish waiting for $5000!

  17. You said up and down can't be wrong of you call both ways lol

  18. soooo…. it may go up and it might go down, or it might not?
    Thankyou for wasting these precious minutes of my finite life.
    sure it isn't just a balls market?

  19. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger just bought a secret stash of BTC so they can short it when it moves to $7000.

  20. What aboul low volume? I have heard 1000 times misleading bullish predictions from bigmouth analysts!

  21. Wow, well done, you called it minutes before!

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  24. +1 SUB cause of the right prediction

  25. Your prediction worked, we are sitting at $6720.94

  26. Do a chart video on NAGA please Jebb. They are way down from all time high want to know if this is good entry point, real products in use now and a legit team worth a look.

  27. The rocket is refueling before take off to the moon

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  29. I put my faith in the Zilliqa-coin! It will repeat the Ripple's fate this year! The coins have already come from airdrop yesterday Now I'm waiting, hoping for growth in 10 X at least!!!

  30. the federal reserve banking system will not go quietly into the night.


    Try this site. Let's go mining. Let's earn Bitcoin!

  32. 2 days later lololol

  33. Bull trap let it go it will not pass 7200 and i honestly doubt it will even reach 7k we are heading to 4800 dollars soon

  34. Hahahahahahahahahahah what did you call???

  35. Thankfully the host is wrong…..again. ??? BTC heading to £4K. Buy buy buy…..bye bye✋???

  36. fuck off with bullshit predictions

  37. Please tell us again how you called bitcoin breaking bullish?

  38. Your mom is breaking bullish and has dominance.

  39. if you want to invest in LEDU token this is the minimum amount you need.

  40. Now It is no more a secret Blockchain technology is reshaping worlds future