WHY BITCOIN’S PRICE COULD SURPASS ALL TIME HIGH – Will Bitcoin go back up? Bitcoin price recovery.


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Bitcoin price restoration underway? Will bitcoin go back up and pull the remainder of the cryptocurrency market with it? In at the moment’s video I am going to clarify why Bitcoin’s price may surpass all time highs of $20,000 that we noticed final 12 months and do some Bitcoin price evaluation primarily based on historic chart information. Even these of you that purchased Bitcoin on the all time excessive of $20,000 may very well be protected in the long run. For my part, we will certainly get out of the Bitcoin crash however will Bitcoin go back as much as earlier all time excessive ranges?

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  2. Been telling people this since January. Good video!

    The 2018 market is not 2014. People either don’t know or forget
    that 2014 began with the Mt.Gox disaster which handled over 70%
    of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide suspending trading, closed its
    website and exchange service, then filed for bankruptcy protection
    from creditors. Mt. Gox announced that approximately 850,000 bitcoins
    belonging to customers and the company were missing and likely
    stolen. This is how 2014 started.

    2018 is not the 2014 market as certain agenda driven people
    would like you to believe………

  3. Shit I check my crypto every day lol

  4. Great prospective on BTC!

  5. bitcoin as money is not a predictable fact will come back or not only time will tell

  6. Thank you for the macro overview for us newbies. It is very much appreciated.

  7. Don't watch this garbage! Check out The Alex Jones Show, Real News with David Knight, The War Room, and my channel for actual facts instead of lies.

  8. I think it's also important to note that although there isn't presently any major bearish news as in 2014 post mount gox, the crypto market in Dec and Jan hitting all time highs and running the price up hundreds and thousands of percents can absolutely translate into a cool down period of months, if not several years before we see solid bullish action approaching ATH territory again. Long term future of crypto looks bright to me, but the next 6 months- a few years are looking pretty bleak

  9. I think Bitcoin will stay below 10k from here on out.

  10. This is a walk in the park compared to the 2014 bear market. I'm ready to hit 8 figures on the next rally 😉

    Might take a year though

  11. It's a shame you only have 19k subscribers. Please put out some more vids. You are on point. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Bes video we have seen in the last months.
    Greetings from germany

  13. you have made it a clearer picture to see what is going on. Thank you

  14. Everyone knows that. Thousands of this kind of "analysis" are on youtube and tradingview

  15. Start buying more now every week. Bit by bit buy the bottom curve.

  16. Salomondrin where are you hiding Farzad!?. Jokes aside, interesting video 🙂

  17. I do appreciate your analysis man, thanks a lot.

  18. BUT! We need volume. Haha I love you dude. Seriously, thanks for being so transparent ALWAYS in your Videos. Success.

  19. LOL. The thumbnail is hilarious. I have ETH that I bought at the peak. My sister also sent me some BTC at peak.

  20. If you want to have a way to win bitcoin you just have to do a search for " bitcoin pranaholistico " in the search engine. My friend tried out too and he got 0.0178 BTC!!

  21. More like under $4k EOY

  22. BTC BACK TO 2K
    Let's stop dreaming, the market has not the necessary energy from far to star a bullish euphoric market
    the bubble still did not deflate completely …
    the losses were too big … still too much mistrust, there's not enough volume
    Only the very deep will detonate the next bullish explosion

  23. One of the best and logical analysis that I've seen for a while. Thanks.

  24. Well done. Talked me off the roof. Thanks! ???✨

  25. I just subscribed. Really intelligent analysis. You're my new favorite crypto channel.

  26. fucking moron. SCAM and you ass broke cracka

  27. buy cardano and eth classic and etn

  28. Awesome man, thanks for taking the time to do what you do and breaking it down for us.

  29. Well actually I bought at $757 and sold at $18,575

  30. I can guarantee Bitcoin will rise again doing great Investment deals now!! Bitcoin can reach 20 – 30 thousand by the end of this year

  31. This is just a bullshit lol. BITCOIN is going to be dead hah! Price will go down, people are scared to buy it now and it will make price drop down even more.

  32. if you have etherium now, the minimum amount of etherium you need to buy a LEDU is 0.003 ETH.

  33. reassuring! thanks boss

  34. Eyyyy Salomondrin is doing crypto now! Did cars get boring?
    Jokes aside, I like your calm voice.

  35. Bitcoin today has sunk to slightly over 6200. So maybe you can tell us why you think it will go up, even though it has been dropping for more than a few months now. You guys need to get a serious grip on reality, because bitcoin is going to drop even more as long as the banks have their way in introducing their own crypto currency, and the money to push this upon an unsuspecting populace through marketing and advertisement. Your positive thinking just doesn't add up to reality my friend.

  36. You are so right looking at this,we need to look at the bigger long term picture.Thanks for putting us at ease,roll on the next few years …..??

  37. Do not sell anything. It will skytocketing… when nobody knows but you have be focused on youf longterm plan

  38. dont get the elliot wave pattern. you skipped a bunch of movements in order to get your 5-3-5 thing

  39. You are Ignoring the data prior to August 2011 because your data source does not have the earlier data in its data base?  I don't know how you can say you are presenting the EW supercycle for Bitcoin without including the earlier data.  You left out a MUCH LOWER low q3 2010 at ~ 0.03, a rally to ~30 in q1 2011 and a big correction to ~ 2.0  in q2 2011.  To me that has to be leg I.  And you are pretending it does not exist.

  40. Great content, mate! Liked and subbed.

  41. Love the long term outlook. It's easy to get lost in the noise. Buy and HODL!