Will Bitcoin CRASH To $1,300 And Lower In 2018?

I am going to lay out the case for the Bitcoin bear market persevering with, and clarify the place of the Bitcoin bears, and why they consider the Bitcoin crash will proceed in 2018.
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  1. Stay tuned for tomorrows video where we discuss the bullish argument for Bitcoin! CORRECTION: I'm not sure how I made this mistake, but in the video I said that a falling wedge pattern is a bearish indicator. It is actually a bullish pattern in this case as it's a trend reversal pattern. I did know this, I must have gotten mixed up while recording, my apologies!
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  2. hope it will fall back to 5 dollars so every clueless youtuber and everyone shut up forever with their lame predictions and Ill buy cheap!

  3. Hang on..Tone way's said: …"not lower then $1300" that is different to saying and I quote you ;" Tone Vays said it will fall
    to $1300 Dollars."..surely you as a native english speaker would know the difference if even us foreigner can understand the difference.

  4. Bye bye bitcoin, the whales sent new buyers to the shore to watch this thing crumble, with no new money coming in this pyramid can only fall into its own foot print

  5. If it does… Im ALL IN!!!! Ill risk a HUGE amount of $$$ if it does no doubt!

  6. To me, as someone that has little to zero technical analysis experience, just by looking at the chart.. it seems for the mountain to look right and not all goofy and weird…disproportionate if you will, clearly $4300-$4500 is clearly where we Are headed… but I think we are going up, simply cause everyone thinks we are screwed… so maybe $4300 and then UP quickly like an upside down water fall

  7. I think lowest we go hopefully 4800 but prepared to go 3800 I don't think will go lower who knows though its so bloody manipulated

  8. In order for btc to drop below 1200, every person that bought btc after the last time btc was at 1200… would have to sell. Not saying it's impossible, but unlikely that all the new ppl in crypto and old ppl that bought more will all sell down to 1200. You will need sellers. And alot of them in order to get lower than 1200

  9. Better off going to a casino

  10. Why do you use the candle body instead of wick for lower support line? I see other people seemingly arbitrarily choose wick or body. If you use wick, it is not really getting to lower lows. 5.9k then 6.4k then 6.1k.

  11. the Second New york stock crash,but at bitcoin

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  13. yes you are right BTC $1300 till dec 2018

  14. Are you fucking shorting bitcoin?

  15. If bitcoin falls to $1000 levels I honestly would buy 11 bitcoins, when it goes back up, I use 1 to pay it off

  16. Bitcoin is going to in any price direction. I have some some great TA to explain this.

  17. 1.3k ? Are you kidding lol.. Consider the diff man.. Btc without the miner is useless.

  18. I think should be less than 1000$ end of this year

  19. If stock is going well , it makes even worse for Crypto market , and more bad news about Crypto are coming on the way !

  20. Can u just like my comment for no reason