3 Things NOT To Do When Bitcoin is Dropping

What are the 3 issues which each and every investor ought to know earlier than they purchase right into a market? What 3 errors can we keep away from? We reveal within the video.

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  1. Not sure when u hit 100k but congrats on the milestone brother πŸ‘ŒπŸ™

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  5. Well, financial markets are no different from grocery markets.
    Just because the tomatoes are cheaper, it doesn't mean that each of them are of better quality. It's all about knowing what recipe you are going to make with the tomatoes and decide how much you are willing to spend for the success of that recipe.
    It's common sense + intuition + decisiveness, no more, no less.

    Also, the difference between a gambler and an investor: a gambler is a hedonist (right here, right now, no goal or real objective for his/her actions but the pleasure of bragging s/he is splurging), an investor is a realist (ups and downs, a goal and a planned objective for his/her actions beyond the day to day management of the capital).
    These are two worlds completely apart. πŸ™‚

  6. Looking forward to your video on timeing. Pls make it perfect and release on sunday. Love your work, have a good weekend

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  8. Perspective people, BTC was at 1800$ only 1 year and 2 months ago!! Now is your chance to get super cheap BTC, if you dont buy now you simply deserve nothing in the future. For all of you who said il buy when its cheaper now is your chance. This is were 1 desicion can change your life, do you have the guts?

  9. Time in the market is better than timing the market – I would buy this dip 100% and hold until it up-trends. Horrible advice when you tell people to try and time a small and heavily manipulated market.

  10. True. Good wisdom. Though we are aware of this, you have put this into words to remind ourselves.

  11. Thank you alessio, i already contrarian, but i think it's not enough to survive in the market, now i get number 3, timing. Happy to subscrine your channel, can't wait for your new video about market timing strategies πŸ˜€

  12. Awesome video. I just subscribed based on your solid analysis. BRAVO!

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  14. Subbed and Notification Squad! I love the no nonsense straight to the point content!

  15. great for you my friend….

  16. watched ur video 1st time
    Learned alot dear thanks πŸ™‚

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    Check ETC price and Coinbase Twitter!

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  19. So when will be the good timing ? When the price increases back a lot ? That doesnt make any sens, you need to give more details please of your theory than repeting for 8 min that the timing is the key. Why the time wouldnt be great when the price is at its lowest ?

  20. well if someone bought bitcoin for 20k or 10k and now it goes below 5k, why would he think to sell? the loss downsize is limited to 5k. The basic question is; do you believe in bitcoin or crypto in general long term? if yes, no problem, buy more when price declines. This is actually what I am doing.

    Bitcoin is not comparable to stocks; If stocks decline, this may be due to declining profits and even increased risk of default. With regard to bitcoin, there is no default risk. If bitcoin was deemed riskier than other coins, would they correlate that much? Of course not, therefore you can ask yourself, if you believe in crypto or not or if you believe in blockchain or not, if the answer yes, buy in, if not do not touch them.

  21. "Only the best investors know this secret and now so will you!!"
    Yeh right.

  22. This book Market wizards is this about Crypto or Stock trading ?

  23. It's also next to impossible to catch the bottom especially in crypto, even tho the timing might seem right it could plummet the next day especially being paired to BTC. The thing about altcoins​ is you have to be right and on time with 2 coins…

  24. Hmm this is trading not investing. Too close to gambling for me. Too many smart people with lots of money play these games all day.

  25. Hi Alessio, could you make a video about major currencies (not crypto) and which setups seem to have most potential atm? appreciated !

  26. Another word for timing is luck.

  27. Sunday is almost over. Waiting for your video which explains timing your entry in a trade. Cheers

  28. @5:37 Investment is gambling. The only difference is the approach.

  29. What not to do when bitcoin is dropping: panic. Just wait. A bitcoin will be worth US$1M one day.

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  31. Thank you Sir for sharing you valuable knowledge. Not anyone did that. You explained it clear and simple. I love your chanel

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  34. BTC…2200-2800.00 BE PATIENT…IT'LL PAY OFF!

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  36. Why don't you teach us how to trade instead of this timing n contrarian bullshit stop beating around the bush fuck.

  37. Summary of video: Do better

  38. what a bunch of bullshit meaningless babble

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