Why Is Bitcoin CRASHING Again? – What You Need To Know

Josh Sigurdson reviews on the newest dip within the cryptocurrency market as we see Bitcoin fall round 11% in 24 hours, breaking assist ranges.
After a double flat prime and better lows, many have been anticipating to see an impending rally occur, however in fact that didn’t occur. Bitcoin dragged each different crypto into the crimson at the moment.
Apparently there’s an ETF resolution arising shortly which provides it some bullish sentiment. Whereas it isn’t excellent, it is what preceded the final huge bull run.
The rationale for the newest dip? Extra media and authorities FUD in fact!
Whereas the SEC goes after most of the ICOs as if individuals cannot be accountable and care for themselves, the CFTC continues its worth manipulation probe in opposition to the web exchanges. Extra of a cause to keep away from on-line exchanges.
All of the whereas, the Canadian authorities has put in place extra ridiculous laws to cease cash laundering and financing that in actuality is greatest achieved in fiat. In fact they may use any excuse potential to go after cryptocurrencies which are actually decentralized. The laws will imply exchanges should report individuals to the CRA if they’ve greater than $10,000 Canadian or $7700 USD.
Much more proof that exchanges are horrible. Time to really decentralize people! All of this FUD is futile long run because the market continues to be in its infancy. Most of those legal guidelines are unenforceable and can result in additional curiosity.

Everybody must calm down.

Keep tuned for extra from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

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Josh Sigurdson

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  2. buy lots of btc… short btc with futures… sell lots of btc to tank the price… cash in with futures… buy some more btc on the dip with the profits of shorting btc with futures… start again from the top…
    Stop buying bitcoin until parasitic whales go away… try other cryptos until there are more cryptos/fiat pairs created on exchanges.
    The bitcoin battle is lost but the currency war is going to be won by cryptos…
    An idea of a killer app = a decentralized payment system that accepts all major cryptos and fiat…

  3. buy lots of btc… short btc with futures… sell lots of btc to tank the price… cash in with futures… buy some more btc on the dip with the profits of shorting btc with futures… start again from the top…
    Stop buying bitcoin until parasitic whales go away… try other cryptos until there are more cryptos/fiat pairs created on exchanges.
    The bitcoin battle is lost but the currency war is going to be won by cryptos…
    An idea of a killer app = a decentralized payment system that accepts all major cryptos and fiat…

  4. Fiat is used for money laundering because it can exchange hands without ever touching a bank or anything that would track it. Whereas crypto is tracked online and the Blockchain remembers everything. People who think Bitcoin is less secure than fiat simply don't know the complexities of the Blockchain and that's why we need to inform them. Their ignorance is not always their fault. /shares video

  5. If we go down a route that circumvents establishment control, we will get a bumpy ride until they have regulated structures they are confident that they have regained their grip on our lives.

  6. Bitcoin $2,018 in 2018….been saying that for months

  7. "Most terrorism funding comes from governments…" Yeah and governments aligned dark off-the-books accounts. But governments aren't frank about it and don't want you to know they finance the "enemy" to collect tax payer money to military and intelligence industry.

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  16. Explain to me how you are fighting against the central banking system and government by making gains on bitcoin – gains that you withdraw to your bank, making your bank richer, gains that you pay taxes on, helping your government

  17. High or low i am buying crypto 🙂

  18. BTC is dying a slow dead by thousands cuts…and the positive news that could pull it out of this spiral are simply not coming…face it folks

  19. Coinrail exchange just got hacked billions of crypto coins were stolen?
    Thanks, buy I will stick with my silver and gold God's money and sleep well at night!

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  21. Great video man. I think everyone just needs to keep a broader perspective on the market instead of thinking even in weekly terms. These dips are nothing in the big picture. Hey, curious, would you be into doing ICO reviews ever? Would love to hear your take on a couple projects like Muirfield IP and Fr8 Network, really interesting looking from what I've seen.

  22. What you aren't appreciating is what you don't know. Blockchain has surreptitiously been superseded… An example of this with demonstrations is contained in this article: http://voteloony.com/index.php/101

  23. If we put money into TD Waterhouse…can the bank still get a hold of that money or is it only what is in their savings or checking accounts ? Thank you. Great videos

  24. Bilderberg conference is happening now. Crypto currencies was revealed as one of their topics of discussion. Maybe there was more than just talking about bitcoin. A demonstration maybe?

  25. I have always said, the GOV would never allow any entity or type of currency to ever go above the U.S. dollar or against the banking system even if it were to help accelerate speed.

  26. What is the best decentralised exchange at the moment than?

  27. Isnt crypto for buying weed online?

  28. The problem is you folks used earned money to buy cryptoes.
    The banksters create theirs out of thin air.
    If you borrowed the money to by cryptoes, you're too stupid to talk to.

  29. It's all fixed and manipulated. I have a crypto price widget on my desktop. A separate widget for each crypto I wish to follow. This let's me see several currencies at a glance (1 hour, 1 day, 7 day).
    I always see the prices for all currencies move in the same direction all at once. So my entire desktop widget screen will either be all green, or all red.
    This is called coordination. All currencies just happen to be dropping all at once? Ya, right. Please.
    Don't fall for this scam. Stay away from crypto. It's just another government/banker created pozi scheme. A test run for them before they come out with their own "solution". And during this test run, they are taking your money.

  30. HODL crypto down. Krazy way to lose money. Way too volatile.

  31. BTC has future? So stupid. No new users to boost. No stability and fastness to consider as a transaction currency. Depends on internet and can't be used in emergencies. With BTC goes the crypto market.

  32. Josh, just some thoughts. If cryptos are the death knell for fiat currency and governmental control I do have to wonder then what entities are able to manipulate the prices. Manipulation inherently means there is no price discovery, but rather price control. If there is control, there is also a controller. The fact that the transactions are traceable also suggests that governmental influence can still be exerted. I still don’t see how cryptos can replace fiat without common consent from the general populace and an endorsement of their value. I realise this can change very quickly, but this tends to be when the institutions get behind it and that would run contrary to the crypto warriors creed. Such major shifts in public consciousness seems to me, a long way off, as most individuals do not own any cryptos and many have no knowledge of them.

    I do recognise that many individuals have made money from speculating on cryptos, but ordinary Joe public individuals like myself do not have the insider knowledge of the manipulators, and had better be very careful to only use money they can afford to lose, in my opinion. I’m interested in your thoughts.

  33. It's simple. The bitcoin bubble popped a while ago. We are now in the deflating stage back down to eventually zero. The deflation stage is only slowed by those that have not accepted that it's dead.

  34. What’s the worse FUD you guys have ever heard?

    I’m filling my bags guys!!!

  35. GOLD does not behave like that, indeed IS REAL MONEY, truly decentralized, truly anonymous if acquired in the right way.
    You hold it, you own it, no third part liabilities, indestructible, liquid, portable, and easily hidden.
    It is recognized and accepted everywhere on this planet SINCE IMMEMORIAL TIMES.
    If you put your wealth and living means entirely on digital bits running on an ultimately private network, then my friends,
    Forget that at your own, and dear ones peril.

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  37. i remember you clapping your hands telling people to buy bitcoin 6 months ago at 13K…..

  38. We all know very well that blockchain technology is revolutionary and its changing the world.

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