Bitcoin FALLING After The Breakout! $7,200 Support? [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Evaluation & Bitcoin Information As we speak: The Bitcoin value is falling, and I take advantage of technical evaluation to attempt to clarify why we fell and the place we would discover assist. I additionally shortly share my view in regards to the Asian whale and the potential for that being a cause for this dip. What’s going on with the Bitcoin value, and the place is Bitcoin going subsequent? Effectively, my Bitcoin evaluation tells all of it, so watch the video!

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  1. Bitcoin price will break that triangle to reach $4000 or even $2000 support this year before shooting up next year

  2. I guess i was the only one correctly counting elliot waves. Saw this move coming and made 200%. What everyone was calling a breakout is actually wave 4 of a large C wave. This drop is the bottom of the 3 wave of the 5 wave so expect it to go up a little bit(wave 4 of wave 5 is forming) before wave 5 finishes and comes down to the 7k range. That will complete a very large abc correction and all the indicators will be alligned for a mega bull run. Hope that helps some people. EW theory rocks!

  3. the odds of a bullrun increases everyday thats controlled by bears. no way we're dropping below $6000.

  4. Lemme tell ya: "The bitcoin this year won't make many X-es! It will maximally grow up by 2-3 times". It is better to invest in such perspective coin as Odyssey! It has a great potential growth! Now there is an airdrop

  5. Fiat currencies last time I checked were in the process of collapsing rapidly. It would be prudent to diversify some of your fiat denominated assets into assets without counterpart party risk. Another words, physical precious metals and high end crypto coins will see increased demand due to smart investors seeking haven (past 5 years); and then the general market demand due increased desire to speculate in new asset classes as the dollar and stock market under perform commodities and cryptos going forward. We could even see the collapse scenario unfold where there is an abrupt rush into crypto or gold if the dollar sees a rapid decline in the demand of its use on an international level or from increasing inflation that eventually forces people into said markets.

  6. They are watching the charts and dumping at the right time to push markets.

  7. This is clear. This is manipulation.

  8. Look at the transfer of bitcoin to the exchanges.!!!!!!!!##! They are waiting for the charts .

  9. Selling whales drain the rising tide.

  10. 14:15 OMG Bitcoin has no competition, Bitcoin is the only coin ready, is a father xD All of this is so biased xD

  11. Manipulation, makes the Bitcoin Bubble. Maybe it is not for late comers.

  12. The more price hits a support line the higher the chances for it to break through it, but if it bounces back with a high volume find yourself in a fomo if it goes in opposite direction then brace for impect, there's no top nor a bottom in the crypto space

  13. Congrats on 10k subscribers. Wish I could remember how many you had when I started watching.

  14. Bitcoin will be number one , behind the scenes there are a lot of things going on. Golden man Sachs are about to trade bitcoin. Just understand guys that the rich do not buy when the price is high. They will manipulate the market to drive that price down, the weak hands will fold and sell off. The rich will buy them all up , so every time the price dips be excited because this is your chance to buy. Bitcoin goes up a few days out of the year and it’s usually near the end of the year. So just understand this price dip is just manipulation for the rich to buy cheap

  15. look at the charts :), and remember what I said :[… bad to be right…

  16. Possible going to breakdown to $5800 / BTC?

  17. Hey, we're both ranked #1 and #2 for "Bitcoin"! Our videos sadly didn't age terribly well though did they?…

  18. Broke lol. We're screwed!

  19. 6700 already what is happening to the market ?

  20. Wow, seems like no one saw this coming, the drop in the last few hours. One of the biggest 1-hour bear-candles in Bitcoins recent history + crazy volume. I'd suspect a big whale is causing this. Possibly the "mysterious asian whale" that we have been talking about. If you have any further information or links, please submit below! ??

  21. What's the software you are using here?

  22. thats why its so difficult 🙂 7k is resistance now! nothing special almost x6.7 from last year

  23. BTC at 6,700. Do you think there will be a dead cat bounce and then drop further? This feels like old times. Like it will be low for a while then a slow crawl up. Not seeing 25K BTC by the end of the year anymore.

  24. Remember when Bitcoin took a steep dive and stayed low for a long time in 2015? This article describes it exactly and how it goes back up. Written Jan 2015 before the big dive. Google it. When will the price of bitcoin bottom out by George Samman.

  25. I told you yesterday there was No volume! And you kept to the moon narrative. Please follow Tone Vays; he called this for weeks now

  26. I wanted to pointed out to you something that I notice with Bitcoin, Bitcoin is really having monthly cycles and respect this monthly cycles really correctly : beginning of january –> beginning of february = Down , beginning of february –> beginning of march = UP , beginning of march —> beginning of April = DOWN , beginning of April to beginning of May : Up, Beginning of May —> Beginning of June Down , you know what is next : with the triple bottom , beginning of a BULL market

  27. This garbage is definitely manipulated. Pissed off.

  28. bro I like what u share, but dont take us personal, all analyst is bullshit, every one, every one, you ppl have said exactly differend thing from april until now, not just you, every analyst, hahah

  29. I will buy at 6,400 USD DIP! waiting for it! then sure booost!

  30. Great works, best technical analysis I have seen. However, regarding fundamentals, I wonder if the bankers have defensive staying power, as in trillion$ of dollars for selling short. Any thoughts on how low could they short BTC, and for how long?

  31. Yup – the Subscriber title says it all really doesn’t it ???

  32. Ok look at the deposits before sale.Hint Huobi.

  33. What's the point to go mining? It is possible just to buy the necessary coin in advance and wait)) I have received free coins from Zilliqa It is said to be a very perspective coin; it can repeat the NEO's fate and make 100 X-es. Could it be that you will earn so much in mining?

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  35. increased regulation is always going to be double edged sword for bitcoin, with increased government regulation, and especially recognition, of cryptos, comes the inclusion of crypto assets in assessable income by governments (tax, and welfare means tests) thus, more and more people are faced with having to convert back to their resident fiat in order to pay their tax owed or live off the capital made (if any, or mitigate how much theyve lost), so – a lot of crypto ends up being sold (converted back to fiat) because holders are being given no choice as a consequence of more government involvement …

  36. We just need some more fools. Greater fools please buy so I can sell high

  37. Don't worry everthing will be fine after 14

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  39. le mec y croit y va faire du fric en regardant des courbes