How high can Bitcoin go by the end of 2018? | Here’s my perspective

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  1. Substance unlike CCN.

  2. lol I put $100 a week into Litecoin
    Instead of getting a camaro

  3. The moment our markets shake a little people will run to crypto for. Little while at least

  4. nice video man , i like your point of view … as a EU citizen i didnt actually know about this situation EU is in .. im glad i saw ur video .. thanks man

  5. Money flees to stable markets, currencies, commodities, usually that means the Yen currency will increase in value, the value of gold generally goes up and I agree that crypto can be another hedge and that can boost the value of alt coins in general. If it's 50K at the end of the year, that's very hard to say. It will pass the 19K previous high I'm pretty sure of that.

  6. What do you think about the short-selling future contracts by CME/CBOE? Do you think they would strongly manipulate the bitcoin market in the second half year of 2018?

  7. Bitcoin is has been renamed to SHITCOIN ?

  8. Market cap too low. Insufficient investors. Insufficient cash. Insufficient velocity. Too many coins. BTC has dumped again as per my prediction in April for £5000 BTC in week 2 June. BTC will tank again by the end of June to £3500. By the end of July BTC will be £3000 followed by 3 months of purgatory. The market needs £400 billion market cap and proof of upward trend of three months before we will see a bear market early 2019.

  9. So buy buy buy…..bye bye?✋

  10. Max 15kusd by end 2018 – which is already a 100% growth

  11. Cryptocurrencies need more channels like this. Not this recurring click bait pump and dump titles from kids … liked and subscribed.

  12. It is my understanding that the ETFs are $200K each – out of reach for the common man

  13. Please share your tweeter link

  14. Worlds tallest building omen has never failed, they always open in at least a mild recession, The Sword will open in Jeddah in 2020, the next tallest is planned to be The Bride in Iraq, but no construction has even begun yet and is expected to be many years away
    I doubt a recession will begin until the US yield curve at least levels out, never has before then, I think we’re a few months away from that, possibly not until next year
    I think this next recession will be mild

  15. $50K by the end of the year? Are you kidding me. I'll see your bet and raise you that it'll hit $2K by the end of the year. Reason… less and less investors are playing in the space and the take up of BTC use is still incredibly low. This will result in a sawtooth pattern down from $6K down to $2K as more players check out.

  16. I have read books and I understand what you are talking about. But how to learn to analyse it this way? Is there any course or books you recommend? I don't think a Masters in finance or something alike will do shit where I can obtain the info for free and study on my own. ANy advice?

  17. What is his prediction for 2018 already?

  18. I'd go for EDUCATION TOKEN iI'm sure this will rise among other upcoming coins

  19. Hey guys am reviewing 3 tokens coming up: a) Appcoin: b) Ledu tokens: c) Cashaa: Have you guys reviewed any of these opportunities? Would be good to bounce ideas around.