Bitcoin Is Crashing Get Out While You Still Can! @kryptotwins

That is what fomo appears like! Be affected person and hodl in case you imagine within the mission and the know-how of your funding this bear market is just quick time period we gonna make allkinds of positive factors allkinds

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  1. ETH is obviously going to replace BTC

  2. Their right.why Wait by later.

  3. Market will moon as soon as these two sell lol

  4. ? Lolz…

    You guys need to be in comedy! Not crypto!
    Or start a comedycoin…
    Ps don’t give Dane Cook any! ?

  5. you guys like the worst thing happened in crypto space

  6. just wait guys, the big boys are about to jump in.. just be patient.. maybe put 20% in Tether.. you guys are hilarious

  7. The greatest crypto video ever made !

  8. this was the best financial advice we could have listened to. but once the gorilla's tired: WE GOIN TO THE MOON!

  9. 4 weeks later looks like he was right

  10. Nice humor. Haha. Hopefully itll return sooner or later. Im just over here looking at new projects like Deedcoin, Muirfield IP, and Airstayz.

  11. you dudes need a damn bitcoin donation address bruh. fuck sake what the heck. looool

  12. Hey guys am reviewing 3 tokens coming up: a) Appcoin: b) Ledu tokens: c) Cashaa: Have you guys reviewed any of these opportunities? Would be good to bounce ideas around.

  13. Thats why i dont invest these days its crazy the othere day this great bitcoin came out nowwww its she t it to unpredictable the market not my hard earned cash a aaaaaa No he'll naaaah but this is just advise you could.the what eva the fuck you wanna dooooooo

  14. Never…wtf lol! Never ever dump your btc. That's a crypto sin!

  15. soon they will manipulate bitcoin to 1800 dollar , better get your money out now you stil can, watch the news in this comming months very very bad news.

  16. Great investment advice: Buy High/ Sell Low.. 😉

  17. I have a big "Sports bet" on Bitcoin reaching $5,500 by the end of the year