BREAKOUT Before End Of June?! | Financial Collapse Coming [Bitcoin Today]

Bitcoin Evaluation & Bitcoin-Crypto Information At this time: On this video, I am going to present you why the breakout may occur earlier than the top of June. I take advantage of technical evaluation to point out you my Bitcoin value prediction. Additionally, we check out some graphs indicating that there shall be a monetary collapse quickly. The inventory markets, the true property markets and the remainder of the financial system will enter a recession quickly, and on this video, I am going to speak about how unhealthy it may get. So, watch the video to study extra!

1:10 Bitcoin TA
6:55 Bitcoin & Crypto Information
9:25 Financial Collapse

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  1. 1:10 Bitcoin TA
    6:55 Bitcoin & Crypto News
    9:25 Financial Collapse

  2. "The Big Short" a good must watch movie for those who haven't.

  3. i do believe bitcoin and even the word bitcoin is under an open source License. so anyone can use the word bitcoin freely

  4. just found your vids man. excellent work for the community. keep it up! i like your editing, content, and the pinned index.

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  7. When ThE Lighting network will be completed? Thank You The Moon

  8. Bitcion will hit $4000 support level this year trust me

  9. Oyster pearl revieuw please

  10. if the economy crashes as you predict cryptos will crash too! they are a speculative investment at best(and yes I own some) I truly doubt the economy will crash – we MIGHT have a recession as one is due but the economy will recover

  11. Mike Maloney made a vid too bout financial collapse coming

  12. good content at always, thank you Carl.

  13. anyone able to predict what will happen to BTC when the recession hits? will it drop like the rest?

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    youtubers vlgos bitcoins

  15. The 12/04 huge candel was Mt.Gox?

  16. I oved the part about the most probable crash that is incoming. I thought you saw the Dow pattern I mentioned several days ago. It has been delayed a bit, but if a drop follows, the stage has been set and the collapse may start sooner than expected. Great stuff, Carl! Loved the vid!

  17. Dr. Carl . . . still has the Best BITCOIN Show on the Planet.

  18. Carl check out on the fall of Deutsche Bank and manipulation. 10,000 employees fired 10 hrs ago. Financial collapse.

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  20. By the way to answer your question from before, I like the way you tell the minutes when things happen(example: Bitcoin TA at 1.10) as it s handy to pick what we want when we dont have time to watch the whole vid, and I also like your discussions about the next financial crash. Thanks

  21. can i ask how old you are? you are not doing this bad dude

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  24. Talk about T-shirts (LOL)
    BTW … rumor about bull-run

  25. If you would control the money and power of the world, why let it go????

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  27. Just keep buying btc, always a good time more than ever…

  28. wow.. really interesting stuff.. in australia i live here houses are crazy expensive too. so much so the govenment puts out (get this) 1st home buyer SCEAMS.. they even call it sceams.. to help young people buy into over inflated houseing .
    kind of like you pay of a home with 2 incomes for 30 years of labor.. but house takes 1 year to build but not 30 people build it.
    not 60 years of labour.. weird huh

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  35. I love you wow! awesome detailed video! subscribed ! Bro so we are in financial crysis in future! national debt