Where Will Bitcoin Bounce? My Altcoin Strategy, Using Certainty to Up Your Game – Ep202

Regulate this stage + play to win.

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  1. If it wont bounce then ill sell my kidney and soul to buy the fookin dip.

  2. You are wrong with your analysis. There will be a 6.8k bounce, then we're going to break the upper resistance and go straight to Banana Town

  3. I probably buy some EOS, but maybe I wait, if we go down further, or if not, I might buy big if we go up, but maybe we go down so maybe I wait and make a small trade, timing is everything, so I wait but if it bounces I do not wait, if that happens or whatever. It is a macro thing, not financial advice, I only want to help you make better decisions.

  4. Is there a x3 option? Its like watching the Royal wedding in slow motion

  5. Brilliant video – best yet 👍👍

  6. Rock n Roll …. as always … Thanks man.

  7. Brilliant, thanks for the insights

  8. I really liked the discussion at the end about certainty. Thanks for that.

  9. Hi Carter, I noticed that you aren’t using Brave browser anymore. What is the reason for that?

  10. Carter THANK YOU for this episode and the certainty you spread

  11. comon carter, i dont think your lines are correct, we already bounced the 1hr 4hr and the daily seems to start bouncing today, we already been trading in the support up trend line since the 23th, the price is supposed to make a higher lowe, so we wont touch your tren line this time.

  12. nice deepness carter. appreciate ya. keep up the great work.

  13. I prefer when you stick to macro, given your audience. There are trading teachers out there. You're the macro master.

  14. the federal reserve banking system will not go quietly into the night..

  15. Best ! ..the thing about belief ! 👍🏽🙏☀️

  16. ID pump half my saving into it…lol

  17. awesome info man, really aprecciate it all! lets capitaliiiize

  18. Very on point about what certainty is…Very cool I share the same vibe…Thanks!!!!!

  19. Very interesting insights into certainty and how profoundly it can affect ones approach. Love the big picture approach you have, very wise teacher.

  20. I want to leave you a tip, Have you got a tip with crypto link?

  21. Release the fund request AMA!

  22. Has somebody been watching "Billions" on showtime??? season 3 epi 6 22 min mark, come on man dont steal movie quotes ur better than that lol! i hope THE DIP is coming seth!!!!!

  23. The best cryptochannel! Tell please about arbitration of cryptocurrency, in particular I looked for service which can be trusted. The choice has fallen on Bibitbot what you will tell?

  24. Love the work you do, many thanks for sharing. I am interested in digital and advertising platform and Crest Token looks like a great project. Can you do a review?

  25. It's a wall of fingers!
    Can you find the thumb?


  26. your triangle is pointing up when it should point down. Use closing prices my friend, not extremes. We are in a slippery slide. Just needs to come to the end of the triangle and of we go to $4,500

  27. we are still making lower lows and lower highs. Closing prices amigo.