Roger Ver Interview – Bitcoin, Hate, Jesus to Judas? Forks, Future

Roger Ver is guesting us, which is superior! Love him or hate him, the person has completed loads of good for bitcoin within the early days, nonetheless not too long ago the Bitcoin neighborhood feels sturdy negativity in the direction of Roger. Particularly after the Bitcoin Money fork. Why is it so? How does it really feel? Is BTC crew evil? Is Bitcoin Money complicated new comers by pretending to be Bitcoin? Why did Craig Wright lie about being Satoshi?

My objective is to get to know Roger on a deeper stage. Hope you’re as excited as I’m!

This video will most likely get disliked rather a lot, however who cares.

Movies Roger referred to:
“Why I believe BCH is Bitcoin”:
“The consequences of censorship upon the Bitcoin neighborhood”:

Rogers Channel:

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  1. Full time stamps. Thank you Ivan and Roger!
    what brought you to Bitcoin? (1:35)
    what was your epiphany buying moment? (2:35)
    what exactly did you invest in at the beginning? (3:57)
    how were you involved in Bitcoin development? (6:00)
    at one point did you notice Bitcoin needed to fork? (7:25)
    when did you feel sentiment towards you changed? (10:00)
    what is an example of censorship? (12:00)
    who is censoring posts? (13:00)
    what is the incentive for Bitcoin Core? Why are they against your mission? (13:40)
    what kind of action do/did you take to try to make changes for Bitcoin? (15:50)
    What other actions did you take to make your Bitcoin visions come true? was there anything else besides Bitcoin Cash? (18:00)
    misconceptions about Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash (21:3023:20)
    why do miners want bigger blocks and not segwit? (confusing question) (23:45)
    How come Bitcoin Core followers are good at spreading their message and convincing people? (27:00)
    What is your vision? why are you doing this? (29:20)
    why do you think people are negative towards Bitmain? What can they do better to improve their image? (30:10)
    where can you draw the line to use the Bitcoin name? (31:35)
    is it hurting the ecosystem that Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash use similar names? (33:55)
    How is the adoption for Bitcoin Cash? (35:38)
    Is Dogecoin more adopted than Bitcoin Cash? (36:27)
    How is the Bitcoin Cash community going? How do you prevent what happened to Bitcoin Core to happen to Bitcoin Cash? (39:00)
    Roger offers $250,000 worth of Bitcoin Cash to charity if Reddit offers free speech on /r/Bitcoin ! (40:50)
    Where we will we see Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin Core in a year? (42:13)
    Ethereum could be the #1 currency (43:40)
    Why did Bitcoin Core remove opcodes? (44:20)
    Why are you so passionate about the name Bitcoin Cash instead of BCash? (46:00)
    Is Craig Wright Satoshi? (49:00)
    what are your thoughts on Vitalik's thoughts on Craig Wright not being Satoshi?(49:45)
    what is your relationship with Craig? (50:40)
    Is Bitcoin Cash centralized? Why are there so few people (developers) engaged with Bitcoin Cash? (52:23)
    Are hard forks a bad solution for updates? (54:45)
    Is there a risk with hard forks to split the community? (57:30)
    Are users actually forced to follow hard forks? (58:15)
    Rogers demonstration for Bitcoin Cash giveaway (1:01:00)
    what do you think about the future of tokens and having millions of different tokens? (1:04:00)
    When is the bull run? (1:05:30)
    Do you see the need for turing completeness for Bitcoin Cash? (1:06:05)
    last words (1:08:19)

  2. So you call BCH creator for an interview and his spends most of the time talking about BTC…hmmm, i guess he really showed us which is the real Bitcoin and which is the copycat.

  3. "Peer to peer electronic cash", relates to private key ownership (sovereignty) and the manner in which UTXO works allowing output ownership to be signed over to another party.

    The metaphor "Cash" does not relate to tnx fee, rate, or blocksize, since those are not properties which cash can apply to.

  4. After I finish Ivan's course, I will make a fork of BCH and call it BCASH!

  5. Not so sure, if this interview was a great idea… If one is constantly accusing others and can't stop calling himself "the very first.." and "very best" at everything I just zone out.
    Legit people don't do such things in public.

  6. It's clear as day that Roger makes his point but he may drag on a bit and he may repeat himself but it's the same agenda against him to discredit and smear him and the Bitcoin cash project. Congratulations to him the core trolls are just that trolls probably being paid by billionaires to keep as confused and hesitant to adopt the technology best for the masses. It's true Bitcoin core developers and the community constantly stymie progress. That in hindsight would have led to Bitcoin being the all-powerful internet money and blockchain Tech without all the useless Forks

  7. Both men respect each other and the interview was very well elaborated .I don't understand why others hate ROGER VER ? How about today TBC COIN IS THE CLOWN OF BITCOIN what are you guys going to do ?

  8. It's laughable how whenever Roger Ver makes his point, Ivan just jumps onto his next "argument" and completely disregards what he said. That's how you know Roger's winning! Keep it up Roger!

  9. Good work Ivan. Waste of time interviewing Roger Scam Ver 🙁

  10. Thanks for having the integrity to interview people like Roger. That dude has serious passion and willpower for the project. I honestly think that alone is worth holding a little BCH incase something currently unthinkable happens.. I'm sure a couple of years ago everyone would have thought BTC hitting the highs it did this December just past would have been unthinkable.

  11. Ivan, you really made a catastrophic mistake of having this pathalogical lying scammer…this liar simply using the platform to spread lies and prapaganda and NOT ANSWERING your impt questions. In case you did not know, he has already been EXPOSED in his famous middle finger YT conversation with calvalho of running bcash project as his personal profiting biz..he is simply scamming people for his selfish wealth gain in the FAKE NAME of SO-CALLED “Libertarian”.
    I am an individual, not associated with any crypto/biz party/org and i can hear, read, observed all the pretence, misdirection, diversion, twist he is trying consistently. Roger ver simply the #1 evil bad actor in the crypto space..

  12. If you just listen to your guts -> Roger = Rabbit

  13. Roger is the man. He knows what hes talking about. Screw the trolls!

  14. Roger Ver believes he has the right to use other people's platforms to express his opinion, and when/if denied calls this "censorship" and "no free speech". And he dares titulate himself a libertarian? What an offense to people living under TRUE censorship and REALLY is being denied free speech.

  15. Very civilized and informative conversation. Thank you. I agree with Roger Ver. Bitcoin, much as I love it, has been taken over by the big boys with their futures contracts and unlimited amounts of fiat currency.. James Corbett has said that Bitcoin will be forked until it's the FedCoin, but it will still be called Bitcoin.

  16. Roger ver is an ego driven slimeball.

  17. Bitcoin core people are brainwashed cultists.

  18. Why not focus the discussion on how bcash moves forward with their approach. Does it solve the longer term problem?

  19. Roger, just start saying bcore, then shorten to bore.

  20. Lets assume everything Roger believes is true… He still loses the argument because he turns every single freaking conversation he enters into a BTC vs BCH conversation! That is the number one way to lose! I mean #1!!!!! way to lose. You don't win in any market by talking about the "competition" incessantly! (much less throwing mud all the time everywhere) He should never use the words "Bitcoin core" … EVER again. It would be a really good thing for BCH. He'd have an actual chance for adoption of BCH.
    Source: Jonathan Fields: "Don't Just Build A Business, Start A Revolution" Read it Roger.

  21. Also… You NEVER EVER win in the marketplace, when you interrupt others. Look at any person of power, anyone who is liked & loved by the public on a mass scale… They never ever ever interrupt others

  22. I sold all my Bcash because of this Fa*&ing guy.

  23. Roger, you're not well. You ramble and come across like a crazy person. Please take a vacation or get some therapy.

  24. Bitcoin Core vs BCASH fork

  25. Great interview. Very good questions and answers. Great job!

  26. Ivan i think its embarressing all yr followers are calling out violence and btrash etc towards roger what a joke. Fix it up mate what an embarressment.

  27. Great questions Ivan. This is well worth listening to because of the choices you made in what to ask about.

  28. Why shows still give this moron the stage to spread lies. He is a terrible human being trying to convince people bcash is Bitcoin. Shame people listen to him. He has no integrity.

  29. I feel like all these guys are riding the wave and fighting for the big one

  30. Great video as always! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  31. Beecoin Cash Beeee Cache wuteva

  32. Roger is like the crypto version of Ajit Pai

  33. Bcash would possibly get more respect with a better spokesperson eventhough it will always be bcash

  34. absolutely incredible i love you ivan

  35. Roger accidently called it bcash himself Kek

  36. Roger is like a flat earther.

    He's not evil, just thick skulled… He can't understand why nobody agrees with his retarded opinion.

  37. Hard forks are always good. It increases options and competition. It increases the market.

    In the future we won't care which currecy we have or use, exchanges will automatically transfer to the currecy we need.

  38. Roger can't lose. I've got his back. The truth will prevail

  39. Hardforks are like a group of friends compromising or going their separate ways. That's freedom. Soft-forks are like majority rules state control.

  40. Thanks Ivan for interviewing Roger. Liked and Subscribed.

  41. Ignore all the core tards screaming "bcash", "fraud" etc. They are just butt hurt that Bitcoin Cash is doing so well, and basically prove everything they say wrong simply by operation.