McAfee’s Bitcoin Prediction – $15K in June! | Market Update BTC BNB EOS ETH

The pullback has lastly paused however is the low in? Fast market replace and a few ideas on John McAfee’s newest predictions.

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  2. I've seen several bitcoin predictions of $50k to $100k by the end of 2018…for that to happen we would have to see some major moves in the next few months. After 2017 I wouldn't say never but realistically what do you think the price will be by year end?

  3. I just snored 10g coke and I think lets say……. btc 100k 16 juni!

  4. 15k btc in June, don't see it, but I don't get paid for tweets or posts.

  5. Anyone who actually listens to you is an absolute fool. All of you should donate your money instead of investing, you're better off; you're not smart enough to manage your own money and rely on pseudo-intellectuals like this one.

  6. I think early 2019 or halfway 2019 we will see a huge spike in BTC price.

    I think the economy of crypto has found "peace". I doubt it will go over 12k and below 4,5k till q1 q2 2019.

  7. Why would he ever tell anyone if that was the case

  8. Hey Node Investor, fantastic video yet again. I'm quite confident in the market right now, patient still though. I'm wondering if you'd ever be into doing an ICO review? I'd love to hear your opinions on projects like Fr8 Network and Muirfield IP.

  9. It’s definitely a possibility. Institutions can drive up the price dramatically

  10. At the moment bitcoin has gone down to $6700 in June, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.

  11. LOL. BTC heading below $5K. All these people have no idea.

  12. mc afee is a scam. get paid for FOMO predictions

  13. what wine do you sever with dick?

  14. well he still has 9 days and bitcoin has not yet touched 7k ahahah

  15. L0L0L0L0L i love how people think these videos will actually help them

  16. Bitcoin analysis at this moments is a rubbish. Bitcoin just depend on the money people put in crypto….analysis in crypto in general is rubbish

  17. buy at 4k, not before

  18. Its already a month from now
    No 15k yet

  19. Wait? What month is it? What’s the price of bitcoin?

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