Bitcoin As Explained by A.I.

A really fundamental stage coaching on Bitcoin, written utilizing predictive keyboards skilled on dozens of Bitcoin explainers.

Written by: @ZackBornstein, @JamieABrew, @RobDubbin
Directed by: @Zack Bornstein, @FelipeDiPoi
Animated by: @FelipeDiPoi
Voice by: @JonathanRoumie
Music & Sound by: @KyleRodriguez.Music

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  1. "By now, you' ve heard of Bitcoin, the most valuable form of electricity": priceless definition

  2. Funniest video since time will be created!

  3. Wasaaa Wasaaa Wasaaa Wassaaaaap

  4. Letting the CIA chief of transactions into my brain
    Bioluminescent, translucent african-american members of the Central Intelligence Agency

  5. I want me some Wild Richard

  6. Bitcoin as explained by AI? That is not at all what is going on here in this video. AI is not explaining how it interprets Bitcoin. The creator of this video is. Which means the title is bullshit. Fake news

  7. Bill Rollin Bill Rollins

  8. I need to know how this is done…

  9. this is what my grandma hears when I explain to her what is bitcoin

  10. Thanks for explaining me the safest way to protect my bitcoin wallet, I'm doing this asap, brb

  11. Nudged and curated by humans for comedic effect.
    It makes about as much sense as those who believe in bitcoin though. #Hodl.

  12. finally someone has nailed my exact kind of humour.

  13. Someone I make up laws on the spot. 4 reelz!

  14. Is this a joke or something? XD

  15. So is Mark February a billionaire that kills people or is he a guy that goes around killing billionaires lol

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  17. I laughed so hard that I started to cry. I simply love this, it's gold. x'D

  18. Nice explanation….My friend told me about Contract Vault, do you know something about them to introduce us with in some of your next videos?

  19. Exploit.bin – coded by Freddy Krueger.

  20. Thanks! I never knew Exploit.bin reminded me of my nightmares.

  21. Hey, do you have a tipwithcrypto link?

  22. Do one with VSauce's videos next!

  23. THIS IS THE STUPIDEST CRAP I've seen. What is the point? FUD? DId you get scammed and decided to make a video to alleviate your troubles and feel better? How are you helping anyone? Pizza in a drawer to steal Bitcoin? Random numbers between 1 and 30K to buy bitcoin, but you buy ETH first? This is a bunch of nonsense. What the hell is wrong with you?

  24. And, 80, 000 views and only 123 comments? You're a scammer. And every comment is clever? Don't you think people can see past that? Your low IQ has made you blind to life. I'd feel sorry for you if it wasn't for your intense passive/aggressive message. So, I'm going to make sure you understand that you can't do this. YouTube will send you a message shortly.

  25. I will never get over this

  26. Thanks, this cleared a lot of thing for me.

  27. I need a botnik shirt with the saying: Hashing the code to get some of that bitcoin -Albert Plaggart, Bitcoin CEO

  28. "The last time I mined a fresh bitcoin, billionaire killer Mark February tried to patent my life."

  29. Yes, good good. This is the Botnik that I want.

  30. "First they take the dinglebop and they smooth it out with a bunch of schleem"

  31. Why does it reminds me of "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy"?