Bitcoin Support Scam (crazy)

These scammers declare to supply normal “cryptocurrency assist”, and easily attempt to steal your cash. You will not consider how mad they get when being known as out, again and again as completely different folks. Request your personal prank –

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  2. lmfao "…you the scum of the earth, you are a piece of shit."

  3. I’ve got an epic setup with a friend get at me!!!

  4. That silence was so epic, Liza must hate him 🤣

  5. I like how u had to put “crazy”

  6. this is amazing LOLOLOL

  7. Lol, 😂😂😂😂
    Did I rub you the wrong way 👌

  8. Lol bitconnect is not one of the leading market place…

  9. I speak Hindi so I knew what he was saying.. some part of it that I understanded because he talked slowly was that we don't need any workers

  10. Call this dude chris senior supervison from US FEDERAL GRANT DEPARTMENT.. 3152104860

  11. Were is Abdo? He shoulda been in this lol, he would have been dope, need to see him more in your videos!!

  12. hiskeri bundi …dont talk to me like that lmao!!! I don't know who hiskeri bundi is but that name is funny as hell

  13. Hahahahaahahahahahahahaha, right.

  14. One of the best ever ever……

  15. How do you change the caller ID?

  16. 4:5 he actually said that they aren't scamming lol

  17. Canada revenue scammers. Software to change your number: (fireRTC) +1-604-449-4544. Have fun guys!

  18. wot was the number i wanna prank em

  19. the guy john ….has changed,he was into irs scam too….but after several call,he realized his mistake…i just saw him in documentary