Can Bitcoin Hit $1 Million ? – Realistically

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  1. this is like trying to predict how many horses will be needed in 2000 when you are in 1900, the new apple coin in the iphone store , google coin in the android store will change everything. people will go to the brand name

  2. buying a lambo is the #1 inside crypto joke

  3. I own 1 Bitcoin, SHOW ME THE MONEY BIATCH!

  4. 4m lost out of 21m, only 17m supply forever

  5. You should have BTC and LTC in your portfolio and Iran has stated they are considering using BTC

  6. brave browser good choice

  7. I didn't make my YouTube name just for fun LOL

  8. how much will xrp be worth in 2020? in comparison to btc it should be worth somewhere between 100-400 usd. will that actually be possible?

  9. Buying lambo came to existence from Peter dctv

  10. When the Fiat Money System goes belly up everything will go to a Million.

  11. Some Altcoins are now at a point where there is no way Bitcoin is going to eat them, infact. I think Bitcoin needs to work hard to even keep its number 1 position on the market.

  12. McCaffee actually agrees with Rick Falkvinge. He said that 1,000,0000 by 2020 is the ‘safe’ scenario. He actually thinks that 5,000,000 is more likely to happen.

  13. When Iran is buying bitcoin, very possible to have a $1m Bitcoin

  14. A met a dude last night and we were talking crypto. He said Bitcoin will be the #3 coin in 2025. He went over the ebbs and flows of the market from now till then. I thought he was just fukn crazy as he stumbled out of the bar. It wasn't until I saw him crawl into a Delorean and fly down the street leaving a streak of flames behind him that I said to myself, "Fuuucckkk…He's dead".

  15. The question is really what will stop it hitting 1m per coin. The internet is forcing people to wake up to the reality of fiat bs.

  16. I would like to see atleast 11k$ first lol

  17. Nah the first who enters the market will never be adopted maybe store of value but there are more ustd and euro pairs now at the exchanges btc will loose dominance

  18. What a wonderful video! Amazing. Very thoughtful and futuristic. Just to put my 2 cents here, I don't know if Bitcoin will ever hit $1M or not but I do know Governments will settle their debts in Bitcoin (Like Finland has already planned), Amazon will use Data stream to identify Bitcoin User address, US Govt is not stupid to hold the largest amount of Bitcoin , Japan and South Korea are not stupid to make it legal. If you look at the regulatory aspects, the countries that have problem with Bitcoin are kind of similar, either in culture(China & Russia) or in Economy (India, Bangladesh, pakistan and all the third world countries). They had always problem with innovation. The phrase "Intellectual Property" is something that does not exist in their law books.These countries have the history of stealing technology from the West or accepting the innovative technology when the technology is at least 2 decades old. By the time they will understand the value of Bitcoin, Blockchain, smart contract and decentralization west will come up with the idea of immortality and leaving the earth for another planet. .

  19. The question is: If Bitcoin hits 1 Million USD, do we still hodl? And the second question is: what can we buy with 1 Bitcoin / 1 Million USD?

  20. It only takes another credit crunch… then let see bitcoins price

  21. Bitcoin was supposed to hit 15k per coin by 2016 in addition to the prediction of hitting 75k today mentioned in the video. Way to sell worthless hype.

  22. do you need to get a large market cap for a price increase ? why wont the coin just go up with value and interest not just money volume especially with its popularity

  23. With the current technology of BITCOIN If it was $1 million per btc it would take ~two weeks and cost ~$45,000 to complete a transaction. The BTC blockchain needs to be properly upgraded so it can support the transaction speed

  24. Amazing video, you should do another video for Ripple!

  25. 6:06 yep.. I wish I bought back in 2007 😉

  26. Count me in for five of those BTC lost forever.

  27. Bitcoin to the Moon!!! Massive rally, long live consensus!!! 😀 😀

  28. MMAPGX Token is a buy!!!!!!!

  29. 21 million bitcoins ….and how many future forks ????

  30. Many countries have switched to bitcoin ? If it takes half an hour to transfer bitcoins to someone else and even then it will cost you… it's useless – when you can transfer it instantly and free then it might make sense

  31. Maybe be dollar will lose its value and that's why Bitcoin will be in millions like the Zimbabwe's currency

  32. Market cap is not the amount of money in the system, just the price of the last sale multipled by the number of coins. If I won the lottery and went mad buying BTC for 1Mill tomorrow, BTCs market cap would be 21 Trillion. To do this I'd only have to put in a few million. BTC will not have to start sucking in whole countries fiat to do this. A bitcoin will be worth 1 million when someone is willing to pay that for one Bitcoin. I think that's a bet worth taking.

  33. my system would cause it to crash

  34. I have a system that can make bit coin crash

  35. Not when it's manipulated by elites

  36. Bitcoin is sitting at $7400 on may 25, 2018 and could very well be at $7,000 in June 2018! Take bitcoin's price a month at a time!

  37. Bitcoin failed as a currency, but succeeded as a speculative Ponzi scheme.
    Only reason to buy bitcoin now, for the average (not-criminal) guy is to speculate.
    Hoping to get rich from bitcoin reaching 1 mil is like hoping smart money will become stupid money. For example you buy 1BTC (stupid money) and hope the rich/whales will put their millions/billions $ (smart money) into bitcoin pushing it to 1 million. Then you cash out, while smart money take a loss. Ha ha…

  38. Question – Which is easier,

    BTC to go to 250k, 500k or 1m per Bitcoin ❓
    BTC to have went to 1k & 10k per coin from where it started❓

    It will be very interesting to look back here 2,3,5 years from now…!?!

  39. Altucher is not a crypto expert and you are not pronouncing his name correctly.

  40. No, just saved you 12 mins

  41. No. Decentralization is too hard and slow and the nerds working on bitcoin can focus 100% on while the rest of us need a family and kids and wives. They think 10 years is not a long time. The Internet did so much in 10 years. I give up on this generation. It will in 2500 when inflation of the usd made it so by default.