Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett speaks to CNBC’s Becky Fast about what he thinks about bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets.
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Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC

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  1. Guys who owned bitcoined when it skyrocketed are smiling on this chitchat.

  2. Like central Banks creating money out of nothing

  3. yeah warren keep on printing dollars thanks to nixon

  4. I don't say Buffet is wrong or right. He is right that they dont produce anything only service they have is a encrypted private transaction. But blockchain technology is to stay for sure but many cryptocurrencies won't stay

  5. He's going to be eating his words when we see able yo start buying anything with bitcoin

  6. Funny the only thing producing anything in the crypto market with actual use for its coin is coin poker haha.

  7. Cryptos are currency , not assets. Fiat exchange houses make money by currency conversion, they set the price by offer/demand. The same thing happens with crypto at this moment. Crypto is like the Internet, when mass adoption happens , goverments/banks/media will want a piece of that. The real value is in the mass adoption.

  8. Warren Buffett is amazingly inspirational in his lifetime success but he is totally missing the point, bitcoin has a better use case than the US dollar but you don’t see him talking negatively about the paper it’s printed on.

  9. Warren Buffet needs to go back to his own Crypt. He has nothing to offer this world.

  10. Bitcoin allows criminals to launder money, so why hasn't it been shut down? because it allows the very rich to avoid paying tax, it will take an authoritarian government like China to stop Cryptocurrency, then it will be reborn as a product of government financial institutions.

  11. You can't talk to these guys there mr. Know-it-alls and Miss know-it-all! Don't waste your time

  12. Such a naïve approach, feels like guy came straight out of feudal age. The only importance of it being an asset is that you can use it as a guarantee. Otherwise it’s a medium of exchange that is essential for future technology as well. I also think that physical assets and medium of exchanges are much more vulnerable to theft than digital ones. Besides, how does he think paper currency work without being productive. While it may not be productive, it certainly is more liquid than other assets. Besides, it also solves the problems and delays in cross border transactions. How could he possibly talk like a 10 year old?

  13. Maybe he could talk about his old 'net worth' seminars.

  14. Trading in bitcoin is the same as trading in forex…

  15. They.do multiply and pay you to.hold forks and proof of stake don't expect senior citizens to understand blockchain it's alright they're going to hold onto the road system as long as they can but you can't stop the inevitable from happening Humanity will go forward

  16. Considering that it's wildly unstable it doesn't produce anything to replace currency or anything. It develops the technology of the block chain just like how NASA produced a lot of technologies for space that we end up using everyday, but those things NASA originally produced would be kinda useless to the normal person. Bitcoin itself is pretty useless but the blockchain isn't.

  17. leave it to get your investing advice from someone who doesnt understand blockchain tech

  18. Why does this have so many thumbs down? Bitcoin was not designed to yield profit for an investor. That is not it’s purpose. stocks, bonds and buy to rent investments are specifically designed to yield profit. That isn’t Warren’s opinion, its a fact. Bitcoin may have other uses but that isn’t the argument here.

  19. lol the dislikes are probably from bitcoin holders who bought in at the high.

  20. What produces gold? Wrong answer Mr Buffett

  21. Yes they do multiply like rabbits ??

  22. Bitcoin not a business old man take a nap

  23. Many people profited well from the sale of completely useless fake investments from Wall Street.

  24. the old guy who only invest in prime shares, never invested in the developing country's who needs the most, I respect him but giving statement beyond his reach is not respected.

  25. He say’s your buying nothing but you’re one of the first to invest in future currency, it’s like buy a kilogram of gold for $50 and finding out its worth later, but that still not all.

    It’s also about not trusting banks, owning your own currency and soo much more, do research later.

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  27. Who is that gorgeous must-have-woman at 6:05 ??
    Uncle Warren, please buy me this cute gal.

  28. I wouldn't call freedom nothing

  29. Buffet always reminds me how you don't have to be very smart to be successful

  30. It's a store of value and a currency. But not just a currency. It's also deflationary, unlike gold or fiat currency. So technically it does create value.

  31. Buffet has said nothing wrong at all, he's clearly just stating the text book definition of what bitcoin essentially is, a medium of exchange. Of course by itself it doesn't "produce" anything.
    Why are people so mad?

  32. bitcoin addict raise your hand

  33. EOS is the blockchain that produces.

  34. His comments are valid for someone who has no interest in the field. If however you are of a new world of thinking then you are looking alot further than just Bitcoin the currency.

  35. In its current state he is right. But the technology behind Bitcoin is a very important asset.

  36. Does the USD create anything? Seems like he’s talking about BTC as though it’s a security. Did he miss the currency memo?

  37. SEC just declared Bitcoin a currency. Mr.Buffett, do you feel it is still rat poison squared? Remember how you were wrong about Amazon?

  38. Bitcoin is intended to be and has functioned against the tides of regulation as a currency that increases in value as it is used commercially, not just used as a stocks, if anything stocks can learn from blockchain

  39. Warren has been critical of derivative markets in the past. Nothing new here.

  40. its true lol. and bitcoin isn't even useable in a retail transaction. why not just have feeless regular transactions? we have to get away from the banks br0 lol until the banks own all the crypto which they're already buying.

  41. What a laugh…and his flagship product Coke not only produced nothing, it produced negative balances for the rest of society. He sold addictive sugar water at huge markups, then socialized the losses in terms of all the obesity, diabetes, blindness, and limbloss. +Billions for buffet – Trillions for Society = – Trillions. No thanks, we'd rather have zero.

  42. Question: Why would you compare a crypto CURRENCY to gold, farms, rabbits, stocks, bonds, basically everything BUT other currencies?
    Answer: Because buffet is getting paid to manipulate the market.