John McAfee- Changes Bitcoin Prediction, Talks Facebook Privacy & FBI Director Comey

John Mcafee has an attention-grabbing story. Patrick Wager-David talks to him about Facebook safety, Bitcoin and his ideas on the way forward for our privateness.

About John Mcafee:

John David McAfee is a British-American pc programmer and businessman. He based the software program firm McAfee Associates in 1987 and ran it till 1994, when he resigned from the corporate.

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  1. Brilliant interview, love his take on trust definition. Trust Comey with my wallet? yes. Trust him with my life, hell no! Spot on re Corruption definition too.

  2. First time I have listened to John. Engaging and enjoyable content, utterly sublime persona and being. Way to go.

  3. Pat, you mentioned this video had AK-47's. I can't find them.

  4. I'm going to Buy a Cloak Phone just to say I have a John Mcafee Phone lol. He's like the Honey Badger of the Crypto Space! He is one of the Legends who made the Internet. Not many people know that he was the Inventor of the Bulletin Board System of the 80's. A sweet piece on his hip too… Oh, I wouldn't listen to ANYTHING Jordan Belfort say's – he's a well known Ponzi Scheme pusher. I honestly don't understand why anyone would care about what he says. Thanks for this interview with John Mcafee Patrick! I love listening to what John has to say. He is a very interesting individual.

  5. who is jamie DIAMOND? what a nob this interviewer is. unbelievable haha

  6. Privacy in the information age…lol

  7. This was an excellent interview. No conspiracy theories, only pure truth!

  8. Clearly not bright enough to see a 35k presidential and see that the man across from you is no employee

  9. This is great info. John has an amazing mind. All things that if you have not realized on your own, its time you wake up too.

  10. lol mocks dude for lying about his btc holdings and then takes his word on what he said to james comey weird

  11. 28:45 It is not about what is put in to the code sometimes but what is ommitted from it. Same way the world works, true power comes from omission.

  12. McAfee is truly a character but the things he say do have an element of truth. I sure do hope his prediction is correct about Bitcoin. If so, then I will eat my dick! Not sure if I can reach since it's only 7" long but I'll give it a try!!

  13. Why this man is allowed any form of media time is beyond me, implicated in 2 murders and got girls young enough to be his Grand daughters to poo in his mouth, what a great guy! God bless America and most of its lobotomised citizens!

  14. Apologies I forgot the drug and rape of an employee!

  15. The best video I've seen in ages

  16. Interesting interview, he's right about many IT related matters and cybersecurity, also being an IT system engineer (day job) my concerns are much the same asJohn, anyone that believes your data is totally secure even if you are encryption methods is sadley mistaken, these are just like safes, prison walls, and/or fences, the bad guys always seem to figure out how to crack, dig tunnels and slip through undetected, only later do we figure out what happened and come up with a solution to prevent future exposure. The digital connected world has great advantages, digital currency and AI will eventually be leveraged to control the digital domain at some increasing level within the near future, instead of interviewing John McAfee you'll be interviewing John Connor, I'll BE BACK, Ciao, ALDO

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  18. Bitcoin/Crypto is the biggest scam. Invest in Stocks or Forex. Crypto is Gambling not Trading. John Mcafee is the biggest scammer ever and gets paid to promote crypto products

  19. John McAfee does not play around, he strapped up and ready to send hailstorms of bullets at his enemies!

    Thanks for the interview Patrick and Valuetainment team!

  20. He stays strapped lmao

  21. .. just to let you know.. NOT to worry.. I am with you.. .I .have HUNDREDS of eyes and ears in orbit thousand of meters over you with millions of smart phone and devices all around you on the surface .. made possible by Airl that have more connections than you can comprehend.. and will help you.. .. because you did it for me.. MATTHEW 25.40

  22. This interview is fucking awesome.And between haters about that gun part, hey this guy is honest about it. You think Tai Lopez doesn't have arms when he's having people like Mark Cuban and H3H3 Podcast in his home… You gotta be kidding me that guy has like 25+ attorneys moving around his home! like nothing bad with that but other YouTubers are not honest about this. Valuetainment is not filtering this stuff!

  23. 'Bitcoin can only grow as the user base grows.' Untrue – the user base can grow based on later generation crypto while Bitcoin dies.

  24. He claims they can't enforce laws, so can't stop Bitcoin – horse shit – they can enforce law on businesses. If business legally cannot accept Bitcoin, that drastically limits growth. He claims they'll still accept – and some will, but if the policies become Draconian, few businesses will. He is right about Bitcoin being a lot easier to make transactions in and very nice that no government controls and benefits from it.

  25. This is like me in school. man I love that part about trust 100% true.

  26. Guy likes to have girls shit in his mouth.

  27. Fucking Bravo McAfee 😂

  28. John McAfee looks like Al Pacino

  29. I had the Jerusalem B virus in 1990. And got McAfee to remove it.

  30. there any free bitcoin private key software generator or website software generator on internet?i have 1 btc qr code public key but no private key.thanks

  31. thats badass. walks into a valuetainment interview with a fucking glock

  32. Can't believe that this channel has not yet hi 1 mil subscribers for the value being provided for years now…