These Charts Show Why Bitcoin Is Headed To The Moon | CNBC

Checking the charts on bitcoin. Is a increase on the way in which? With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Quick Cash merchants.
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These Charts Show Why Bitcoin Is Headed To The Moon | CNBC

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  1. You dont need to be an expert to start on ExpertOption, good for even beginner traders like myself

  2. bitcoin titanic Zane's gain

    bitcoin hai to Bharat hai


  4. It's too much work to actually say "February"

  5. So much hubub about bitcoin. I bought a couple bitcoins 2 years ago fro $600 each. I am not buying more and I am not selling. Just holding to see what happens. If it goes to zero, then I lost $1200 if it goes to $100K, then I have $200k. The same goes for ethereum, I bought 30 tokens 2 years ago for $300 and plan to do the same. Buy low sell high.

  6. What is if it does go to the moon in future and you want to cash in, and your bank Santander says, nope, we don't accept bitcoin money

  7. I'm gonna short it hard. Guys, if you follow the exact opposite of CNBC you could precisely hit the top and bottom of Ripple. Also my dog could have done a better TA

  8. Ripple and tron all the way


  10. lol look the time still going down that my forcast good luck ill glady buy it at .10 low

  11. you people are a bunch of idiots and once buffet told you stop talking about bitcoin you did…… yeah the guy who missed amazon is somehow going to understand Tech… No mention on Bitcoin uses or any news at all .. this analysis was clearly wrong…… better off asking a hobo to go long or short judging from these "charts" that are so technical ….This is misleading at best and just plain stupid at face value……

  12. His analysis is pretty decent and does make sense.. but be very weary of American mainstream media being bullish on crypto, always dangerous

  13. The technologists are laughing at these 'chart analysts' trying to speculate on bitcoin. Does not matter if bitcoin goes up or down. The applications of BTC and other cryptos will eventually dismantle and weaken the 'central banking' monopoly. Innovate without permission and unnecessary regulations.

  14. litterally sitting here watching a group of people who are actual idiots

  15. CNBC is infamous for saying the opposite of the market. If they say BTC is going to the moon then we are heading for an even more bearish market.

  16. finally a channel where presentators and invitees speak freely and uncontrolled

  17. Bitcoin/Crypto is the biggest scam. Invest in Stocks or Forex. Crypto is Gambling not Trading….–!

  18. carter worth just schooled them

  19. I’d like to see the crowd that clapped like that at 2:05 ?

  20. So who of the elites pays the news to try bringing the bitcoin up while it's dying?

  21. This is totally some persons fantasy that sounds so good, others are going to la la land too. Reality check soon.

  22. Hmmm so it is time to sell then?

  23. this is not the CBOE chart … CBOE strated long after 2015 !!! Also you need more supports and resitances to make it clear …

  24. Media used to tell btc is a bubble now it is heading to the moon?Wtf

  25. I just sold my bitcoin so now i know its getting ready to sky rocket!!

  26. Just trying to pacify all those buyers in bitcoin at 20k.

  27. Bitcoin is down over 15% since this video. Lol

  28. Bitcoin will give you descent return by years end but Apollo foundation will provide biggest gains when it hits the exchanges in June!

  29. when btc first started to crash, from 19k to 15k, one of cnbc videos, he said this is just corrections and buy btc. i cant believe cnbc still has this guy

  30. Bitcoin will have an interesting year no doubt. I wish CNBC went over ICOs occasionally, some great projects i've been really eyeing are Fr8 Network and Muirfield IP, i definitely recommend checking them out. Major risk taking will begin eventually.

  31. bill gates said he would short bitcoin if he could get the liquidity. you don't realize how bold statement that is. he literaly looked into the camera and said he would short bitcoin. I myself am staying on the sidelines