Keiser Report: Bitcoin Black Hole (E1219)

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On this episode of the Keiser Report from Toronto, Max and Stacy focus on Jamie Dimon’s regrets and the anti-fragility of Bitcoin. Working example: authorities crackdowns on cryptocurrencies continuously make them stronger by means of innovation by necessity. Within the second half, Max interviews bitcoin dealer and analyst, Tone Vays of the World Crypto Community, concerning the newest chart evaluation and why he’s a ‘bitcoin maximalist.’ They have a look at a couple of altcoins (together with Maxcoin), some ICO scams, and the approaching second layer for bitcoin and why it can drive adoption and costs greater.

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  1. I love these guys, both Stacy and Max. But I hate the fact that they're on RT – I wish they were on some other news channel so I could see more of them. Great chemistry and great delivery of news but it had to be on RT. I also wish a had a unicorn while we're at it.

  2. Why would china want bitcoin crap, when they have gold?

  3. Stacie has some pretty blue eyes…

  4. Looks to me like Tone has been coached for this interview… No mention of S**t coins whatsoever.

  5. Lol meeting Max is the top of my bucket list you rock Max

  6. Under the antiquated securities laws ETH and other tokens are considered securities. However if you get your head out of the sand and realize that those laws are not there to protect unwitty investors. The fact is that ICOs do help legit start ups get funding and is less risky for investors than, gambling, playing the lottery, following tone vays, and penny stocks.

    your missing the point of decentralization and why crypto even exists, its about giving the power back to the people, but some folks in this space insist on trying to shove crypto currencies into government regulatory boxes (good luck with that), when they should be allowed to exist and function as a tool for economic independence for individuals or legit start ups. Sure there will be ICOs that are scams, sometimes people need to learn the hard way that they should do their research before investing and or follow youtubers that bring value to the crypto space (unlike tone vays) such as Ian Ballina, oh hey Matty, etc, etc.

    Banks are a cancer to our society and ICOs offer a way to circumvent that cancer via public funding. But you (tone vays) believe that ICOs should be left to wealthy folks as outlined by the SEC security laws. Not cool!

    Sorry for the rant but tone vays is a disappointment to the crypto community IMO. I wish he would distance himself from the crypto community. I think that the community would grow faster without him spreading his misguided views.

    BTW BTC will not be the winner long term, government is already manipulating it. You can mark it on your calender but ultimately BTC will be surpassed by something else. What? I don't know, maybe LTC.

    Fees are currently low with BTC because transaction volume is down significantly since FOMO season in December and January. I'm not sold on lightening network as the solution. Pay attention your missing the adoption rate of LTC and BCH. Head out of the sand man.

  7. Anything that can brink an end to banking, is good!

    But, the bitcoin, is not it!

    Not yet!


  8. Tone looks like he's been working out more. Good interview, @Tone Vays!

  9. The black hole analogy is the best way to describe the current financial environment. Bitcoin will swallow up everything in its path!

  10. Can i come Shoot for you guys ? i think i can improve your output X100

  11. Maybe a better analogy is genesis based genuine blockchains are like OS systems…. Dos, Linux, Android etc…. and Alts/securities are like programs or apps… e.g windows, Firefox etc etc.

  12. This guy misses the point and the power of smart contracts… otherwise I like his points. Very good.

  13. I've been on both sides of the Bitcoin argument, and in all my findings, I'm ardently convinced that Bitcoin is a fraud with potential to change the world. What is keeping it from aligning with its original intent and purpose are these exchanges. If there were no dollars relevant to exchange in real world economy and also exchange for Bitcoins, the BTC price would not be as inflated as it is. I'm serious. If you were to be compensated purely in Bitcoin and the same with anyone else, the volatility that we see current would not be there. The use case for anyone is to get in, make money, and get out. If you are a HODL'er, you're hanging on to a belief that eventually all world currency will choose to swap over specifically to bitcoin, which is a bold belief. As the block chain becomes better understood, the government will simply step in to borrow the open technology and make do with it over the US dollar with relative ease. The infrastructure is there, the cause would certainly be there, and Bitcoin would be a legend in our history. Either way, I don't believe the bear market is over for Bitcoin. I can see the price going back to $4,000 easily by the end of this wave. It's got a lot of resistance at 10,000, and maybe if it breaks that threshold, we could easily see the price climb up to 12-15k, but I don't see it as a lasting rise before it drops half and re-levels at $5-6k and support at 4500-5000.

  14. All the regulators are doing with their attacks on crypto is making crypto evolve more quickly into stronger and more robust forms.


  16. Tone Vayes is very simple minded. He calls every coin that isn't BTC as scam. Sad to see that that someone who wants to be influential in the crypto space to be so narrow and closed minded. Tone openly believes that every coin that isn't BTC will go to zero fast. Maybe Tone is the enlightened one here, but I would be willing to bet all my Crypto to his BTC that BTC will not go back over 90% of the total Crypto Marketcap by the end of 2018 if Tone is so confident that all small caps will go to zero in 2018.

  17. LOL Jamie Dimon at Burning Man

  18. You need big daddy government to maintain internet infrastructure and support net neutrality.

  19. Hey Tone, you did great! As did Max as usual… and Stacy 😉🐃

  20. there's a black bloke living on my road i think he has big black hairy hole

  21. 90% of Tone Vays trading calls are wrong, don't listen to him. He has a self serving agenda (selling his products). He says he's had some really good calls but he has had more bad.

  22. Max and Tone: "Ethereum is a security!" Oh yeah? What securities offer peer-to-peer censorship resistent Turing-complete programming of meta value? Max and Tone are stupid dinosaurs! Destined for the trash dump of history. BTC entered 2017 at 90% market dominance and is now 35%! Get ready to lose even more influence you dim-witted ittle boys!

  23. Max you have been solid preacher of Bitcoin over all these years, you are an amazing entertaining man who delivers the truth as no-one else can. !


  25. Thanks for having Tone Vays. I found his description of the situation w/ bitcoin most excellent.

  26. An American gentleman is someone who knows how to speak French, but doesn't speak French to Americans!

  27. Leaving you a tip now, do you have a tipwithcrypto link?

  28. How does this piece of shit max keiser sleep at night after luring thousands of people to invest in blockchain… Where is the 20000$/btc? More like under 7k… There you go!! Stick all dem 7000 up your gay ass

  29. McAfee is going to eat shoe , get the salt

  30. Russia scammer and Asians oh my!~

  31. Jamie demon will break you!